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Toy Story 4 is happening!!

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Re: Toy Story 4 is happening!!

Postby Ballboi » Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:45 pm

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Re: Toy Story 4 is happening!!

Postby jamarmiller » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:40 pm

I think a Toy Story 4 and 5 should happen to be honest

Toy story 4 should be with Bonnie and whatever story they can come up with

But Toy Story 5 should end the series in a very special way

When I watched Toy story 3, I loved the ending, thought it was the perfect ending to the series, But then, literally just a few days ago something happened to me personally. And when it did, I thought to myself, wow, now this , this would be the perfect ending for the series

Imagine this

Bonnie grows up, she now no longer plays with toys either, so she remorselessly goes to sell them off in a yard sale. The toys have finally accepted this fact. they have had two great owners .

Suddenly you see a man who is of, married /father age ( A grown up Andy ) who sees the yard sale while he is on his way back to see his mom.

He steps out to say hi to the grown up Bonnie and her family to say hi. Notices Woody and the Gang, in the sale. Goes over, looks at them all nostalgic and smiles.

Next we see him come into his house where he meets HIS SON pulls out a bag/box and opens it to reveal Woody and the Gang. He then sits down with his son and Woody, buzz and the rest and plays with his son.

Finally the son falls asleep holding Buzz and Woody in his bed, Andy perhaps kisses him on his forward leaves the room, hugs his wife kisses her as they both look at their boy with Woody and Buzz and turns off the lights

The toys are back home. Back for many more adventures with Andy and his son.

That to me would be the perfect ending to the series and Yes that is what basically happened to me the other day.

The only thing different is, that I didn't give my toys away, LOL I packed them all up in boxes and put them in my attic and haven't looked at them in about 20 years. Until a few days ago, and when I did, I gave them to my little boy who is almost four and HE LOVES THEM, and yes I sat down and played with him and have for the last few days ( and I plan to play with him as long as he wants me to play with him LOL ). And man, wow, what a trip down memory lane it was. I see him playing with my toys, playing with them all day, falling asleep holding them I remember when I was young and did the same.

My toys were of Transformers and GI JOE and I kept most of them in great condition so he just loves them.

So this scenario is a real one

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Re: Toy Story 4 is happening!!

Postby Graeme87 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:53 am

I loved the way toy story 3 ended and always said that was the best ending where andy Goes through each toy and explains a little bit about them. But I always said they should do a film with andy has a kid. My wife does not agree but I liked ur idea of grown up bonnie etc and the whole yard sale thing.
I that's going to be the case we r going to have to wait at least another 8 years plus.

But like I said great idea and I would love that.
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