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Useful FREE tools for monitoring DD-WRT and your network

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Useful FREE tools for monitoring DD-WRT and your network

Postby Ackd » Mon Jan 04, 2021 10:33 am

Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features out of the box. All of this is wrapped in an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes sense for LAN-sized installations up to complex networks with hundreds of devices.
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Re: Useful FREE tools for monitoring DD-WRT and your network

Postby clark64 » Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:08 am

Hey Ackd, you can to monitor DD-WRT and network with the help of different tools. One of them is IPERF. It is a network testing tool that can make TCP and UDP data streams and measure the throughput of a network that is keeping them. Iperf is an advanced tool for network performance measurement that is written in C++. It lets the user to set many parameters that can be utilized for testing, optimizing or tuning a network. It also has a client and server functionality, and can measure throughput among the two ends. Check out https://appuals.com/how-to-analyze-and-monitor-memory-utilization-in-realtime-on-network-devices/ this site to find more. It can be unidirectionally or bi-directionally. It is an open source software and functions on different platforms such as Unix, Linux, and Windows. With its help you can monitor OS, apps, services, network protocols, system metrics and different elements with a single device Powerful script APIs lets effortless monitoring of in-house and custom apps, services, and systems also.
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