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PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:34 am
by The Star Swordsman
ooooh, that looks really, Really nice.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:38 pm
by Hannahmation
It's looking good so far, emergencyexit42! Keep it up! Can't wait to see more progress.

Try Maya?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:49 pm
by Donovan
emergencyexit42 wrote:yup

Have you ever considered Maya 8.5? It is an extremely amazing program. It really helps when it comes to making textures look realistic and things like that. I have never used the program you are using so good work. But, I really recommend giving maya a try. Good work keep it up.

Andy's Room set: Toy Story 1 version... WIP

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:19 pm
by emergencyexit42
Thanks guys for the inspiring compliments! :lol: really appriciate them as always...

Hello Pixar fans! Haven't touched up on this lately but it didn't take long to make this much progress! Nuff said, here are some pics:

Image (looks kinda distorted, the camera WOULD NOT cooperate with me!)



As you can see some stuff still need a LOT of attention like the blue carpet, the bed, the doors and windows (and obviously the red desk), but as my Anim8or skills grow so will the set...

I'm still going to need a LOT OF HELP with the bed. Also, you would've seen this progree with the white underwall (the white lower portion of the wall) but Anim8or became unresponsive and it shut off on me and now I have to remake that when it was time-consuming enough to make it the first time! GRRRR!!! But I WILL have this whole set looking like the thing came straight from Pixar themselves.


PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:13 am
by Buzzlightyear3000
lizardgirl wrote:Looking good, emergencyexit42! Seems like you've got Andy's wallpaper just right. I'm looking forward to seeing this progress! :D

Anybody have a floorplan of the rooms from 1st and 2nd