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Postby bright dot-dasher » Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:55 am

Thanks for your opinion. lizardgirl! All these reviews make me feel really great. :D
thank you, little_chef_eva09![/quote]
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Postby bright dot-dasher » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:36 am

A new idea finally came to me. I've been struggling trying to write one for Kari, and I didn't like the one I wrote for Dot, so those ideas are still on hold.

This time, I've decided that the characters I use don't have to be children. Hope you enjoy!


Earth is healing better and better, and there's more and more of nature's fine beauty showing up. It's spectacular! There's still lots to learn of Earth, so I'm still asking my Computer to define things by the thousands.
Somehow, I've asked my way to the word "flower". It was part of the description of "garden".

Flower: n. 1. the blossom of a plant. 2. a plant, considered with reference to its blossom or cultivated for its floral beauty. 3..........

The only definitions that really sank in were the ones that said, "Plant". It reminds me of so much! A single plant had been our ticket back home. Of course, now, there's gotta be more than just that one. I remember going on a hike in the developing fields, and learning the hard way that not all plants are safe. Some of them seem to have mouths, and others spread a poisonous itch.

I face the Computer again. There are billions of pictures of flowers. I've seen a flower before, sure. A digital bouquet in a virtual vase, or a speck representing them in an old painting. But I've never actually sniffed or touched one. Wouldn't it be grand to find one.

Well, considering the Earth's health now, there's gotta be a few flowers here and there. I'd look for them myself, but what if I mistaken one for the
dangerous kinds?

Perhaps EVE should look for them. I don't want to put her back to work, but this is what she was built for. She can find this type of plant- the flower- without risking a rash of any kind.

Another beautiful day on Earth, in the garage home of Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class. Me, the Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, by his side. Playing with his collection of trinkets and treasures, and helping nature grow back its beauty. We don't have to work anymore, but since we were the reason that humans could return to Earth in the first place, we aren't shut off. With all the time in the world, we can take short "walks". exploring everywhere we can.

Now, the Captain has given me a new assignment: to find some endangered flowers so we can spread them in gardens. How splendid- I can do that with WALL-E. We can explore the newly refreshed forest! What fun!


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing! Well, what did I expect. In a forest half-dead and so dull, there can't be a thing of beauty there. Not a speck.
I gesture to WALL-E to leave this part of the woods. He holds up his hand as if
to say, "Hold on a minute."

He must have found something of interest. I go over and ask, "What is it?" WALL-E quietly whispers, "Shhh......" Then, I see it. It looks like a flying bunch of petals. A cockroach with much prettier wings. It's a peaceful, innocent, magnificent living thing, perhaps the most graceful of the little critters I've seen. But what is it called? Ah, yes! A butterfly. They're ever so lovely.

I remember seeing this appear on the screen of the Captain's Computer. And it must have flowers to drink nectar- whatever that is- out of. So, if this butterfly can live, there must be plenty of flowers nearby!

I reach out gently with individual fingers to pet it. Oh, how sensitive it is! It wuickly flutters away. WALL-E and I react the same. We go off, chasing it while trying to convince it to not mind us. Over gentle rolling hills and dead grass fields. Why is this insect roaming in a place so foul?

Chasing butterflies prove to be rather enjoyable.
Then, I stop suddenly. In front of me is an old house.
WALL-E and I knock politely. No answer. We enter cautiously, in case someone might live there. It's all empty. Abandoned. A wasteland between

We lost the butterfly, but then I see something through a window, on the other side. I ask WALL-E if he wants to come out with me. He promises to be out in a minute. He's interested in some leftover containers, and is supposedly building a mini obstacle course for his pet cockroach. I tell him I'll meet him outside. He nods. I go on outside.

Oh my goodness. A beach's length of dirt, but there's something right there. Sticking out of the pile.

It's so small and delicate. A butterfly lands on it shortly, then takes off again. Could it be?
I scan it just to be sure.
A flower! It's got to be! It's a plant for sure, and it must-must-must be a flower. Look how small and sweet!

"WALL-E! WALL-E!" I holler happily. I should place it in myself to protect it, but I wonder if on Earth I can do it without shutting down. I should be on the safe side. If I haven't been quite adjusted, then I'll automatically turn unconscious. I don't to put WALL-E in a fit again. Instead, I pick it up very very carefully and
hold it protectively.

Out of nowhere, I heard something crackling. It's getting closer. The trees one-by-one, two-by-two, three-by-three begin to get swallowed up in it. It spreads quickly and prances around wildly, detroying everything in its path. And it's
coming at us! It's fire!!!!!!!

We have to get out of here now! Wildfire is very very dangerous and will consume anything. This area is too dry to put it out.
Why isn't WALL-E out here yet?

"WALL-E! WALL-E!" I scream in extreme concern. Doesn't he sense the disastrous flames? If he could sense a sandstorm, surely he could know when to expect fire?

"WALL-E?!" I yelp. To my horror, the doors won't budge, and neither would the windows. The old house has so many flaws that it's no wonder it's abandoned.

"EV-A-A!" I hear him shout from the other side. I hear him stumbling around over things, and banging vigorously on the doors. He tries his laser between his eyes, according to what I hear, but strangely, it doesn't work. He screams for me again.

The fire had caught up. It's now making its way over the house. It's leaking inside, and savagely twisting its way in and out and through all things. It will be a matter of time before the whole house is burned.
I could easily blast it apart with my laser gun, and WALL-E could make his escape. But my laser gun also causes destruction, and adding more destruction to the fire won't make much better, would it? Besides, what if I accidentally blast him behind the wall?

"Hold on, WALL-E!" I plead persistantly, using one hand to protect the flower and one hand to jerk the handle on the door.
I thought robots like me couldn't choke in smoke, but I stand corrected. It's not like I inhale it like humans do, but I can feel the heat closing in, the smoke just feels terrible enough to get me as close to choking as possible.
These bits of memories speed through my head. Of WALL-E and I, spending time together. Like when we were dancing in space, him moving along with the help of a fire extinguisher....that's it!

"WALL-E!" I yell desperately. "Fire extinguisher!" Oh, please hurry....

"None!" WALL-E replies quickly.

Another thing is, where should I put the flower? The precious, delicate flower that shoud be taken to the people for help. It's in need of tender care, or it will die and its entire species may slowly wilt. I can help repopulate with this single flower. It will no longer be endangered. It is very important that I save it.
But then...WALL-E. He's more than just a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class. To me, he's a Wonderful And Lovable Loyal Enchanter. I can't leave him behind. It was because of him that I got the plant and humans could return to Earth. It was because of him that I found out there was more to life than a directive. It was him who had saved me from a sandstorm. It was him who taught me how to love.

And what's more is that is that if I perish but manage to rescue the flower, if the people find me, they can go on and save the flower from extinction. And it wouldn't really matter to them that I'm gone, would it? There are many more probes designed exactly like me. I am easily replacable. But how would WALL-E feel about that? If he loses me, there will never be another EVE that can love him for me. And if I lose him, why would they bother to reinvent another him? If I lose him, I lose him forever.

I tell myself, there will be other pretty plants. Hard to find, but there will be. But there will never be another WALL-E that's just like him. There will never be another us.

I drop the flower and rush to the side of the house and blast it rapidly. Oh, it will burn up even more, I know, but it's really fast. Then, I speed into the fire, dodging the grabby, nasty tongues of flame. Ignoring the increase in temperature. Trying not to think about if we don't make it.

"WALL-E!!!!!" I scream. Where has he gone?

Must get flower. Must get flower. I saw it in this room, I'm sure. No, maybe it's the other room. No, it's got to be this one. No. Must hurry. Must save the flower. I must save the flower. I know I saw it somewhere. I know I did!
I have to hurry, or it will be too late. I have to get the flower. For the humans. For EVE.

I love EVE more than life itself.

EVE stands for something else, I know, but I can't stop thinking that it means more than just what the people call her. It's more than Extraterrestrial
Vegetation Evaluator. She's an Extraordinary, Victiorious, and Efficient robot. That's why it's so important to do this for her. To get that flower.
That flower is very important. It must be saved. It matters so much to EVE and the people, so it should mean a lot for me, too. I have to help complete this assignment. I have to save the flower, a type of plant, as if I'm saving the world.

Because EVE means the world to me.

Oh, please don't worry about me, EVE. I'm doing this for you. I'll save the plant, that flower, once I find it. I'll find a way out. I hope.

I am trapped by the nightmarish flames, red hot and full of dark smoke. Uh-oh. I shudder in fear. Hal is scared, too. I sense it. He's right here, on me, trusting me to get us all out of here safely. I can do it. I can do it! Must hurry. Must hurry fast. Must hurry very fast. Super fast. Or else. Must get flower. Must get flower. Must get flower!!!!!!!

The flames are too close! The fire is too strong. Why does the fire hate me so?
I can't take it! I must try. Must try...


I heard it. It's WALL-E's scream. Don't worry, WALL-E! I'm coming!

I quickly slam open door after door, some of them even falling apart. The walls are caving in. The ceiling will fall on us. The walls are crumbling, the fire jumping around to make it obey its will. It's like the walls are going to bow down to the fire that destroys it.

At last, I find WALL-E. His eyes are closing just like the walls are snapping. his beloved cockroach panicking.

I quickly pick up the poor boxed-up robot, my best friend and lover, and in a lightning-strike-speed make an escape. I cough, not because I've breathed in smoke, but because smoke and fire sure hurts anyway.

I still feel like I'm burning, although we're far from the fire now. I rest by WALL-E's side.

"WALL-E," I cry. I don't know if he can hear me, or if he's even still there. I pray he's still alive. He's damaged one of his binocularlike eyes severely. There's still a spark that might guarentee a new fire on it. I can't bear to hit him at all, but I do it once to put out the little flame.

I look out at the fire. It's visible here. The black smoke is rising and the sky isn't a light baby blue anymore. There's a red-orange glare in it, like a sunset gone crazy. The smoke is bunching up. The red-orange wildfire has reached the sky, spreading its colors over the blue sky. Oh, no, don't ruin the lovely sky again! Not after it just got this way!

Could this be the same fire that I had seen with the match? I remember...lighting the little match in WALL-E's garage. The fire was so beautiful, that little flame. So flawless and pretty, expecially its warm, bright colors. Expecially the way it lit up in the dark. Is this fire made the same?
I also remember, after returning to Earth, after getting settled, a candle. Used to make wishes, used for ceremonies, used to symbolize hope. That beautiful little flame...how come now flames don't seem as great anymore?
Aren't stars made of fire, too? How can fire look so peaceful...then look so monstrous?

Lucikly, a rain shower approaches. The red-hot calms down and the fire is getting put out.

"Eva?" mumbles a voice.


I snap my attention to my companion. "WALL-E?"


"WALL-E!!" I hug him tight, spinning around with relief and a sense to celebrate. I shock-kiss him because I'm so joyful. It's a miracle!

Then, WALL-E opens up to take out something...

He presents it to me as a gift. He looks very proud.

It's a flower!

I squeal very very excitedly. My hero! "But how?" I inquire.

"No matter."

"Oh, WALL-E!" I can't get over how very very happy I am.

"Wait," he says. He reaches in and takes out...an entire bouquet!

I widen my eyes in complete surprise. "Impossible!" But there he had it. "You're incredible!" I exclaim. I take the flowers and put them inside me for protection. Then I take WALL-E up in the air in a big hug. "I love you."

"I love you, Ev-a," he answers. A little bit of stuttering, but I know exactly what he said.

Because he's injured some part of his tires, I don't think he can keep up with me. So, I hold him in my arms, flying back to report to the Captain of the discovery being a success. And how it was WALL-E's credit to take.
But on the way, he says, "No. Stop." and points "there. Go there. Please?"
I shrug and go on ahead.

And oh, how unbelievably amazing this is! For WALL-E had directed me straight to a whole meadow of flowers. A variety of bursting colors and different shapes and sizes. Each recieving its drink of water from the rain.

WALL-E may stand for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, but he'll always be a Wonderful And Lovable Loyal Enchanter who won my heart.
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thank you, little_chef_eva09![/quote]
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Postby Masterweaver » Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:40 am


Yes yes yes yes yes.
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Postby Al-Bob » Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:55 pm

Wow that was great...i really liked how the flower was another "plant specimen".

Review 9.5/10

Its a great work...probably your best yet.
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Postby bright dot-dasher » Thu May 14, 2009 5:53 am

Thank you, Al-Bob. :) I'm glad for that review.

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thank you, little_chef_eva09![/quote]
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Re: bright dot-dasher's Parallel Fanfics: Evacuation

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Re: bright dot-dasher's Parallel Fanfics: Evacuation

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