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Great UK Supplements Details

Postby FrankJScott » Sat Aug 13, 2022 7:32 pm

These Five Top Supplements Can Increase The Potency Of Your Supplements!
When taking supplements regularly it is recommended to mix up the products you take. Magnesium is great when taken along with Zinc. These two assist each other in absorbing into your body. A variety of foods in your diet can also increase the diversity, which in turn, can aid in an overall healthier lifestyle! Today's blog post will look at five different supplements from the world that could add the power of your supplements. See this great uk supplement url for advice.

Ashwagandha Extract Powder - India
Ashwagandha is an Indian evergreen shrub. It is commonly found in India and also in the Middle East and some parts of Africa. Because of its sour smell, it is also known as a spicy one. The name Ashwagandha derives its name from the Sanskrit words "Ashva", meaning "Horse" as well as "Gandha" meaning "Smell". Its medicinal use dates back to 6000BC. Although certain claims about this group of techniques are outrageous, such as the 'lengthening of lifespans', it is true that it 'invigorates' the body.


Matcha Powder - Japan
It was used for many years in TCM but it was recognized as a significant part of TJM (Traditional Japanese Medicine) when a Buddhist monk named Myoan Eisai, introduced Matcha over to Japan, from China in the 12th century. In order to make Matcha into tea, he steam dried the leaves, and then ground to a fine powder. He discovered that this helped to relax because it increased his feeling of calmness. Matcha Green Tea has a long history of being used to help calm the mind and keeping alert. Matcha can be used in place of coffee by many seeking a boost in caffeine. Matcha has a significant amount of caffeine, which is why it is often used in place of coffee. However, this level is much less than the typical caffeine content of coffee (96mg/240ml). Matcha contains just the right amount caffeine to provide you with the energy boost you need, without the added baggage of jitters or a caffeine crash!

Lions Mane Extract Powder 20% - China
Lions Mane is an edible natural mushroom that grows on dead logs, wounds from dying trees and other substances across Asia, Europe, North America. The unique white spines have earned it the nickname "Lion's Mane" because they are similar to those of the Lion's Mane. It is used as a medicine to treat brain diseases. In TCM, people would add tiny pieces of Lions Mane mushrooms to their teas. It was believed that it could improve focus in memory, concentration, and focus. Similar to Matcha's use it was also popular among Buddhist monks in meditations. They discovered it to be both energizing and focused. This is why Lions Mane has been growing in popularity within Nootropics over the last 10 years. It is typically taken in capsules, liquid extracts, or powdered. It is recommended to take 500mg to 3000mg daily with a mixture of juice and water. It is also possible to make capsules and take as such.

Acai Berry Extract 8:1 - Brazil
Acai, or "Acai," is a berry type that can be harvested from the 'Acai Palm that is one of the species of trees most frequently found in the swamps and wetlands, deep in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. The name is a Portuguese adaptation of the ancient Tupian word 'iwaca'i', meaning 'The Fruit that tears' or 'expels the water'. The name is a part of a long-standing tradition in Amazonian folklore, which we won't explore in depth right now However, you can learn more about it when you click here! The Acai Berry used to be harvested by the Amazon river people (Ribeirinhos), by climbing through Acai Palm trees that could reach up to 82 feet in the height, and then cutting them with an axe. This practice is still very common amongst this minority. Acai is among the most sustainably-grown berries. Acai was a primary food source for Brazilian Tribes. It also serves as an important component in their medical systems. Acai Palm stems can yield up to 8 bunches per year. Each bunch weighs 6kg. This is why Acai is a fantastic source for sustainable food for the Amazonian people! Acai Berry has gained a huge following in Brazil as well as the rest of the world. Acai Bowls are dishes composed of frozen and mixed fruit. Our Acai Berry Extract contains all of the goodness of Acai Berry. Acai Berry in an easy-to-use powder.


Lemon Balm Extract Powder - The Middle East, The Mediterranean, and Beyond
Lemon Balm, a member of the mint family, is a herb that is typically found throughout Southern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is also grown in Central Asia. Lemon Balm is named after the subtle, but distinctive lemon-scented scent that it releases out of its leaves. It is used in cooking as an essential oil to flavor dishes. However, it has been utilized in medical practice for thousands of year. It was noted in Ancient Greece as well as Rome. It was given to patients in order to ease "Melancholy Vapors.' Modern science has discovered that this refers specifically to depression or anxiety. It wasn't introduced officially to Europe until the 7th century. However, it was popular during medieval times as a remedy for insomnia, anxiety, and for wounds. Over the years, Lemon Balm has proved to last, with it still being extensively used for medicinal purposes all over the world, particularly in Central European countries such as Germany and Austria in which it is sold in liquid form in pharmacies. It is also widely used as an additive in general products, like toothpaste, icecream and peppermint tea bags. Our Lemon Balm Extract is in a powdered form and we suggest taking between 250mg and 1000mg daily mixed into water or fruit juice, or if preferred, made into capsules.

In Conclusion
So there we have it! There are 5 distinct Ancient Supplements across 5 different continents. Who would have thought supplements have a long history that goes to the early 1900s? Supplements are a fundamental part of life for thousands and will continue to do this for many years. We hope that you have found something helpful in our blog post.
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