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Your experience with buying and owning real estate in Dubai

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Your experience with buying and owning real estate in Dubai

Postby Adamkek22 » Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:58 pm

I'm preparing to make the jump and buy a vacation home in Dubai. I hope there are some of you who have already done this and are willing to share your experience here. Stuff that I'm wondering about:

Did you find any room for negotiating the final price for your place?

Could you give any cost saving for the purchase process? It seems like you have to prepare to make a lot of additional payments to a lot of different parties involved. What is the bare minimum and what costs can be avoided?

How did you go about the process of furnishing your apartment. Any good stores or other parties you would recommend?

How are you handling the management of your property when you're not around, including maintenance?

Overall: do you regret your decision to buy a vacation home in Dubai? I've visited the UAE plenty of times, but I figure that even when I'm tired of it, I can always use my place as a cheap hub for travel to Asia, with Emirates and Etihad offering great ticket prices and rent the place out when I'm not there.

Any other tips or pointers?
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