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Licence Delivery company online

Postby walker03 » Mon Jun 06, 2022 9:46 am

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Conditions to buy driving license online

Postby walker03 » Mon Jun 06, 2022 10:45 am

We automatically recomendate you to buy your driving license online.

All right, where should you buy this driving license?

When you want to buy a driving license, The most probable answer to this question is (traficopapa@gmail.com)

There are 5 simple steps to a successful delivery:

It is either "Deliver Now" or " We Schedule"
Provide Collection Information
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Find the right person.

Motorbikes are the primary modes of transport, and are fitted with an outsized delivery box and high tech smartphone featuring track and trace functionality.

All deliveries can be tracked through the app and website with electronic proof of collection and delivery occurring at each point. Payment is captured at the acceptance of the quote and the invoice is seamlessly integrated and emailed, together with the ePOD, to the registered user on completion of the delivery.

How much does it cost to buy a driver's license?

Is it legal to buy a driver's license online?

Are driving licenses purchased online authentic?

Are online driving license purchase sites credible?

Get in tpuch with Esteban Trafico also known as traficopapa
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Extra Tips for your TIE; How Do I Apply?

Postby walker03 » Tue Jun 07, 2022 10:25 am

I Already Have the Green Document; How Do I Apply?

The presence of the applicant is mandatory for the filing of the file and the withdrawal of the new Identity Card in question.

For more information on obtaining this new Identity Card within 2 days,
contact privately : ((traficopapa@gmail.com))

If you are already a green A4 residency document holder or a small green residency card, you might probably be wondering how you can get the card. As already pointed out, any holder of these green documents is not legally obligated to apply for the new card. However, as you might already know, regulations are bound to change without notice, and the card's need might become obligatory in the future.

Therefore, you must apply for the card. The process of applying for the card is quite simple. Essentially, the application is a one-time appointment. However, before you can go for the appointment, you will need to visit the Tie card Spain website and fill the data form for residents with the green residency A4 document or green residency card. In addition to filing this form, you will also be required to do the following.

Complete the 'modelo 790' form. Once you have filled this form, you will be required to print it out, pay the processing fee and get a stamp. A stamp is proof of payment and is a requirement during the appointment.
Another form you will be required to fill, and print is EX-23.
Carry your passport with you to the appointment. If the passport is lost or unavailable, get a copy of it together with the proof of submitted renewal application.
Carry the existing green document or card with you.

Extra Tips for your TIE

You might probably change your residential address after the initial green card receipt. If this is your situation and want to apply for the TIE, carry a 'padron' certificate indicating your new address. This certificate should not be older than three months. It is also essential to carry a passport photo that meets the Spanish photography standards. You can get a good passport photo taken at a photography studio or at a shop that offers photography services.

On making the final submission of the application, you will be required to wait for some time before your application can be approved. Suppose you are a holder of a temporary green certificate. In that case, your TIE will have a validity period of 5 years, while those with permanent residency will get a 10 years' validity for their TIE.

How Long Do I Have to Wait after Submitting the Application?

Typically, the approval process is not restricted to a specific time range. You will have to wait for the immigration department to call you for information and the progress of the application. However, your application should be processed within three months or less. During this time, the receipt that you got from the residency application will serve as the residency document.

However, this receipt is a temporary document and has various limitations. Once you are notified of application approval, you will have to make a formal request for the card's issuance. This part is similar for both first-time applicants and those with residency documents. You should request the card within 30 days to complete the whole process.

Do My Children Need the TIE Too?

Per a Spanish royal degree, there is no minimum age limit for TIE applicants. Therefore, everyone wishing to continue their residence in Spain after the deadline of the transition period will have to apply for the card. In essence, both adults and children will be required to have a TIE after the transition period is over if they wish to remain in Spain.

Does the Application Allow Group Applications?

Application for the TIE does not have the provision for group applications. In essence, if you have a family and are wondering whether you can have your family apply and attend a single session, you can't. Typically, the application process requires that each person - child or adult - go through their appointment.

What Is the Deadline for the Application?

If you need to make an application for the TIE, the time is now. The Spanish government has stipulated the new date 31st of December, 2022, as the final deadline. Essentially, completing the application before this time will ensure that the applicant enjoys the withdrawal agreement benefits. It is also recommended that you avoid visiting the police station for the appointment towards the last few days of the transition period since they are bound to be very busy. An extension of the application deadline has not been confirmed yet.

Where Can I Apply for the Card?

Are you ready to get started, and you don't know what to do? TIE card Spain is a website that has been offering residency document acquisition services through its wonderful website platform. With the coming of Brexit, British citizens are no longer EU citizens. Therefore, to reside in Spain, you will need to apply for a new card. TIE card Spain offers the platform and application form for both the applicants with previous residential documents and those without.

Essentially, TIE card Spain books you the appointment for both the police station and the foreigners' office. In addition, you get a step by step guidance throughout the application process to ensure that you have the best experience. TIE card Spain offers excellent benefits in terms of their booking fee. The platform offers the most discounted price in comparison to other platforms while at the same time doing all the heavy lifting.

Making an Application Through TIE card Spain

TIE card Spain is the best way to get your application rolling. The website offers you various options that will cater to your needs depending on your application type. If you are already a citizen, you can select the option for citizens where your document will be switched for a TIE. If you are not yet a citizen, the website also allows you to fill out your data and book an appointment. However, before you make the application on the platform, ensure that you are already in Spain during the time and date of your application. This is critical in ensuring that you are available for the appointments when they get booked.

Conclusion about TIE Card Spain

Are you one of the many Britons living in Spain and want to solidify your residence? If yes, get a TIE card Spain as soon as possible. This will ease your life and make sure you don't have to worry about being ejected from the beautiful country. In addition, you will get to enjoy the benefits stipulated in the withdrawal agreement.
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Driving license Based on True Stories

Postby walker03 » Wed Jun 08, 2022 11:08 pm

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.
Based on True facts

On this day, through the years, three years ago, i was stranded, and needed a job as fast as possible.
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That solution was too quick.

I decided to further my research until I came across a convincing post. You might not know about some Social Network celebrities but they do use fake but verified identities.
I contacted {vladislavs57@yandex.com} the Pioneer in driving license production. He works only with emails.
I obtained a new and registered driving license in 2 days. You wount imagine the cost for such a document. The price was lesser than the cost of a real driving license. Most surprisingly, it is obtained with registration in driving school with pass in exams.

Three days after, I went to the transport department and told them that I lost my driving license. They asked for my name and registration number. I gave them and they verified telling me to bring new photos to deposit an application for lost document. I left their office that day very convinced. But I dod not bring the photos because I was already sure that the driving license I received from vladislav was a real ans registered driving license.

That is how I added a brand new driving licence to my CV (curriculum Vitae) The one we use for job application. I can tell you, holding a driving licence can help you abtain a new employment.

Many of my relatives in terms of friends passed through my experience, and I can assure you, my next target should be a passport. I feel like my adventure on earth just began.
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Permis de conduire national (CNH) comment

Postby walker03 » Thu Jun 09, 2022 11:39 pm

Permis de conduire national (CNH)

Séjourner régulièrement au Brésil et avoir plus de 18 ans.

Le permis de conduire national (CNH), également connu sous le nom de permis de conduire, est le document officiel qui, au Brésil, atteste de la capacité d'un citoyen à conduire des véhicules à moteur terrestres. . Par conséquent, sa taille est obligatoire pour le conducteur d'un tel véhicule. Le CNH actuel contient des photographies, les numéros des principaux documents du conducteur, entre autres informations (comme la nécessité d'utiliser des verres correcteurs, par exemple), et peut être utilisé comme document d'identité au Brésil.

Après avoir terminé un an de validité du permis de conduire, le titulaire du permis doit demander le permis de conduire national (CNH). Pour avoir droit à un CNH, cependant, l'intéressé doit remplir une condition fondamentale et indispensable : dans les 12 mois de validité du Permis, il ne peut avoir commis aucune infraction grave ou très grave, ou plus d'une infraction de nature moyenne .

Achetez et/ou obtenez un permis de conduire brésilien en 4 jours, enregistré et fiable. Vous n'avez pas besoin d'écrire un test, ni d'attendre un an. Payez l'argent et obtenez le document dans les 4 jours. Enregistré et légal.

Assistance générale : (realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)
Assistance technique : 00237653397600 whatsapp

WhatsApp : https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1

Documents requis :

a) présenter le permis de conduire;

b) présenter une preuve de résidence.

Étapes du processus :

a) ouverture de la procédure en:

I- agence de la circulation ou;

II- Centre de formation des conducteurs - CFC;

III- s'il n'y a pas eu de changement d'adresse du conducteur, la demande du CNH définitif peut être faite via les canaux numériques du DMV-SC

b) collecter le taux d'émission du CNH;

c) attendre le délai fixé par l'unité pour le retrait du CNH.

Si la demande a été faite via le portail numérique, le système informera le conducteur que le CNH est disponible pour le retrait.

Note.: Le CNH définitif est une copie du permis de conduire. La date d'expiration est celle accordée au moment de l'examen médical dans le cadre du premier processus de qualification. La photo et la signature, en règle générale, resteront les mêmes.

Avec le nouveau Code national de la circulation, plusieurs modifications ont été apportées au système de qualification pour la conduite de véhicules à moteur.

Bien que la loi soit en vigueur depuis janvier 1998, de nombreux États ne se sont pas encore adaptés à la nouvelle législation. En vertu des nouvelles normes, le processus de qualification sera géré par les centres de formation des conducteurs (CFC) qui dispensent un enseignement théorique et technique et une pratique de la conduite.

Exigences pour que le conducteur ait le permis de conduire national (CNH):

  • Être criminellement attribuable (18 ans)
  • Être alphabétisé.
  • Carte d'identité propre ou équivalente
  • Réussir l'examen de condition mentale
  • Réussir l'examen de droit de la circulation (écrit)
  • Réussir l'examen First Aid Nodes
  • Réussir l'examen de direction du véhicule
  • Pour obtenir la première qualification, il est nécessaire d'apprendre les matières suivantes:

  • Formation théorique et technique (30 heures)
  • Législation sur la circulation
  • Nœuds de premiers soins
  • Direction défensive
  • Comprendre la mécanique de base des véhicules
  • Protection de l'environnement et citoyenneté
  • Formation pratique à la conduite automobile (15 heures):

  • Pratique de la conduite d'un véhicule sur la voie publique
  • Règles générales de circulation
  • Respect des panneaux de signalisation
  • Fonctionnement du véhicule
  • Utilisation de l'équipement et des accessoires.

Traitement à dispenser à l'utilisateur présent

L'utilisateur doit recevoir, selon les principes exprimés dans la loi un service basé sur les directives suivantes:

  • · Urbanité;
  • · Respect; respect,
  • · Accessibilité;
  • · Courtoisie;
  • · Présomption de bonne foi de l'utilisateur ;
  • · Égalité;
  • · Efficacité;
  • · Sécurité; e
  • · Éthique
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Un acte de naissance brésilien déclaration

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 1:39 am

Uma certidão de nascimento brasil

Un acte de naissance brésilien

Le certificat de naissance est le premier document qui contient la validité juridique d'une personne. Avec lui, il est possible de prouver votre existence, votre âge, votre nationalité, le nom de vos parents, entre autres informations importantes pour le gouvernement et la société. Sans ce titre, la personne est empêchée d'exercer ses droits civils et sociaux.

Le certificat doit être fait après la naissance du bébé.

Document avec photo valable dans tout le Brésil
Déclaration de naissance vivante de l'enfant (DNV)
le certificat de mariage?
la déclaration du père?

L'enregistrement se fait au bureau de l'état civil, l'acte de naissance reste avec la personne responsable de l'enfant

L'état civil de naissance n'est fait qu'une seule fois, l'acte de naissance est un document délivré par le notaire,

Le délai est généralement de 15 jours après la naissance de l'enfant.

De nos jours, il est très simple de délivrer une deuxième voie de ce document, soit pour l'individu lui-même, soit pour ses proches, puisqu'il s'agit d'un document public.

Vous pouvez faire la demande en personne, il suffit de se rendre au bureau d'état civil où votre certificat de naissance a été enregistré.

* Les entreprises qui génèrent des certificats par le biais de l'environnement numérique sont reconnues et le document est le même que celui requis en personne au bureau d'enregistrement.

Le seul différentiel est que vous n'avez pas besoin d'aller au bureau d'enregistrement. Une nouvelle commande pour ce document peut être achetée

si Il y a des effacements de l'acte de naissance.
En cas de perte
En cas de vol
Pour les corrections.

Avez-vous déjà pensé à changer complètement d'identité, à renaître et à avoir la possibilité d'exister différemment ? Nous offrons une large gamme de services. Vous pouvez acheter un nouveau certificat de naissance brésilien, une identité et un passeport. Il est même possible d'inclure un diplôme. Faites référence aux producteurs pionniers et les plus fiables.

Assistance générale : (realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)
Assistance technique : 00237653397600 whatsapp

WhatsApp : https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1

Les documents sont légalement enregistrés et authentiques.

Il y a une exception pour avoir droit à la deuxième voie de l'acte de naissance sans frais. Le demandeur doit signer et prouver le certificat de pauvreté, qui est fait au bureau de l'état civil lui-même. Cette déclaration peut être rédigée manuellement et doit garantir que les informations dites sont vraies.

Nous espérons qu'ils ont répondu d'une manière ou d'une autre à vos doutes sur la façon d'obtenir le certificat de naissance gratuit. Vous voulez plus d'informations? Contactez-nous, nous serons très heureux de pouvoir vous aider.

Acte de naissance avec une brève description
Il s'agit d'un certificat qui contient les principales données enregistrées. Parmi les données contenues dans l'acte de naissance figurent :

  • Nom et prénom;
  • Date de naissance;
  • Nom complet du père ;
  • Nom complet de la mère ;
  • Adresse et lieu de naissance.

Acte de naissance complet
Il s'agit d'un certificat qui contient toutes les données d'enregistrement. Il contient toutes les informations du certificat de naissance avec un bref rapport, avec l'ajout de quelques informations supplémentaires telles que :

  • heure de naissance;
  • Lieu de naissance;
  • Nom de maternité ;
  • Nom des témoins de naissance.
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Cadastro Individual Cada pessoa pode se registrar

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 3:39 am

O que é CPF?

O CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Física) é uma espécie de número social, necessário no Brasil para um grande número de procedimentos como: movimentação financeira (para abertura de conta bancária), aquisição de bens no Brasil (para compra de celular) e registro em serviços públicos e privados. Observe que não é necessário ter visto permanente no Brasil para solicitar um CPF.

O CPF vem na forma de uma folha de papel com um número de 11 dígitos que é o seu identificador.

O Cadastro Individual (CPF) é um banco de dados mantido pela Receita Federal que armazena as informações cadastrais dos contribuintes obrigados a se cadastrar no CPF, ou cidadãos que se cadastraram voluntariamente.

Não há idade mínima para registro (recém-nascidos, por exemplo, podem ser registrados) e o registro é permitido para brasileiros ou estrangeiros, residentes no Brasil ou no exterior.

Cada pessoa pode se registrar apenas uma vez, o que significa que o número do CPF é único e final para todos. Caso tenha esquecido seu número, tente encontrá-lo em outro documento, consulte por e-mail ou, por fim, procure uma de nossas unidades de atendimento.

Compre Segundo e novo CPF, RG Nova Identidade, Nova Carteira de Habilitação, Novo Passaporte, Novo Começo.

Temos agentes credenciados que podem cuidar dos cadastros no banco de dados para que seus documentos nunca sofram nenhuma disputa. Totalmente funcional e confiável, legalmente registrado e autêntico.

Contatos envolvidos: ((realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com))
: ((internationaldoks@gmail.com))
link do whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1 ((+237653397600))

O Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF) é um banco de dados gerenciado pela Receita Federal, que armazena informações cadastrais de contribuintes obrigados à inscrição no CPF, ou de cidadãos que se inscreveram voluntariamente.

Não há idade mínima para a inscrição (recém-nascidos, por exemplo, podem ser inscritos) e é permitida a inscrição de brasileiros ou estrangeiros, residentes no Brasil ou no exterior.

Cada pessoa pode se inscrever apenas uma vez, o que significa que o número do CPF é único e definitivo para cada um. Se você esqueceu o seu número, tente localizar em algum outro documento, faça a consulta por e-mail, ou, em último caso, procure uma de nossas unidades de atendimento.

Como tirar seu CPF no Brasil em meio dia?

Veremos agora como obter esse precioso gergelim.

correios (Correios) ou em banco Banco do Brasil No balcão


seu passaporte,
comprovante de endereço (se não estiver em seu nome, pode ser solicitada uma certidão do proprietário),
o nome de um de seus pais (com todos os primeiros nomes!).

o imposto de R$ 7, após o qual você receberá um recibo comprovando o pagamento do imposto e o registro do seu pedido.

lá, você tem 90 dias para concluir a segunda etapa

Com o seu recibo, irá agora dirigir-se a uma Unidade de Atendimento da Receita Federal. Sim, mas cuidado, nem todos emitem o CPF, então lembre-se de se informar antes de ir para lá. Em São Paulo, o mais conhecido fica no 2º andar do Light shopping (quase em frente ao Theatro Municipal - Metrô Anhangabaú

ser-lhe-á pedido o comprovativo de pagamento do imposto (recibo) bem como o seu passaporte. Após alguns minutos de espera, você receberá a impressão do seu CPF.

carteira de identidade brasileira

A cédula de identidade é o documento oficial de identidade nacional no Brasil. Muitas vezes é informalmente chamado de carteira de identidade. Possui foto da pessoa, impressão digital e número do RG junto com seu nome completo, data de nascimento e nome dos pais.

RG Registro Geral

RG é a abreviação de Registro Geral. Tecnicamente, é um número de registro que todos os brasileiros têm

As carteiras de identidade brasileiras podem ser usadas como documentos de viagem para entrar nos membros do Mercosul e países associados.

Registo Geral RG

RG é a abreviatura de Registro Geral. Tecnicamente, é um número de registro que todos os brasileiros possuem.

A carteira de identidade brasileira pode ser usada como documento de viagem para entrar no Mercosul e nos países associados.

Obter Certidão de Registro Geral

A Certidão Geral de Registo (RG) é um documento emitido pelo Instituto de Identificação que tem por finalidade demonstrar aos interessados ​​informações relevantes para o arquivo do estado civil da pessoa.

Carteira de Identidade ou Registro Geral (RG)

A carteira de identidade é um documento oficial de identificação que contém o nome, data de nascimento, filiação, impressão digital e foto. É válido em todo o território nacional e é emitido para brasileiros natos, naturalizados e portugueses que tenham direitos iguais. A carteira de identidade não tem prazo de validade.

A primeira emissão da carteira de identidade (Registrador Geral/RG) é gratuita em todo o território nacional, para todos os brasileiros. A emissão de duplicata, no entanto, poderá ser cobrada. A taxa será determinada pelas leis de cada estado.

Recomenda-se que o RG seja renovado a cada dez anos.

O Registro Geral é emitido pela Secretaria de Segurança Pública (SSP) em todos os estados do Brasil.

O Estado de Goiás

O Estado do Paraná

A Carteira de Identidade é um documento emitido para os cidadãos nascidos e registrados no Brasil e os nascidos no exterior, que sejam filhos de brasileiros. Este documento confirma a identidade da pessoa e deve ser apresentado ao solicitar outros documentos. O registro é válido em todo o território nacional e substitui o passaporte nas viagens à Argentina, Paraguai, Uruguai, Chile, Bolívia, Colômbia, Equador, Peru e Venezuela.
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Carteira Nacional de Habilitação retirada da CNH

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 5:39 am

Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH)

Hospede-se regularmente no Brasil e tenha mais de 18 anos.

A Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH), também conhecida como carteira de habilitação, é o documento oficial que no Brasil atesta a habilitação do cidadão para dirigir veículos automotores terrestres. . Portanto, seu tamanho é obrigatório para o motorista de tal veículo. A CNH atual contém fotografias, os números dos principais documentos do motorista, entre outras informações (como a necessidade do uso de óculos corretivos, por exemplo), e pode ser usada como documento de identidade no Brasil.

Completado um ano de validade da Permissão para dirigir, o permissionário deverá requerer a Carteira Nacional de Habilitação (CNH). Para ter direito à CNH, porém, o interessado deverá cumprir um requisito básico e indispensável: nos 12 meses de validade da Permissão, não poderá ter cometido nenhuma infração de natureza grave ou gravíssima, ou mais de uma infração de natureza média.

Compre e ou obtenha uma carteira de motorista brasileira em até 4 dias, registrada e confiável. Você não precisa escrever um teste, nem esperar um ano. Pague o dinheiro e obtenha o documento dentro de 4 dias. Registrado e legalizado.

Suporte geral: (realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)
Assistência técnica: 00237653397600 whatsapp

Whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1

Documentos exigidos :

a) apresentar a carteira de motorista;

b) apresentar comprovante de residência.

Etapas do processo:

(a) início do processo por:

I- agência de trânsito ou;

II- Centro de Formação de Condutores - CFC;

III- se não houve mudança de endereço do motorista, a solicitação da CNH definitiva poderá ser feita pelos canais digitais do Detran-SC

(b) cobrar a taxa de emissão da CNH;

c) aguardar o horário estabelecido pela unidade para a retirada da CNH.

Caso a solicitação tenha sido feita pelo portal digital, o sistema informará ao motorista que a CNH está disponível para cobrança.
Obs.: A CNH final é uma cópia da carteira de habilitação. O prazo de validade é aquele concedido no momento do exame médico como parte do primeiro processo de habilitação. A foto e a assinatura, via de regra, permanecerão as mesmas.

Com o novo Código Nacional de Trânsito, várias alterações foram feitas no sistema de habilitação para a condução de veículos automotores.

Embora a lei esteja em vigor desde janeiro de 1998, muitos estados ainda não se adaptaram à nova legislação. De acordo com as novas normas, o processo de qualificação será gerido por Centros de Formação de Condutores (CFCs) que proporcionam formação teórica e técnica e prática de condução.

Requisitos para que o condutor tenha a carteira nacional de habilitação (CNH):

  • Ser criminalmente atribuível (18 anos)
  • Ser alfabetizado.
  • Bilhete de identidade próprio ou equivalente
  • Passe no teste de aptidão mental
  • Passar no exame de direito de trânsito (escrito)
  • Passar no exame First Aid Nodes
  • Passar no exame de direção do veículo
  • Para obter a primeira qualificação, é necessário aprender as seguintes disciplinas:

  • Formação teórica e técnica (30 horas)
  • Leis de Trânsito
  • nós de primeiros socorros
  • direção defensiva
  • Entenda a mecânica básica do veículo
  • Proteção Ambiental e Cidadania
  • Formação prática de condução (15 horas):

  • Praticar a condução de um veículo em vias públicas
  • Regras gerais de trânsito
  • Observância dos sinais de trânsito
  • Operação do veículo
  • Utilização de equipamentos e acessórios.

Tratamento a ser dado ao usuário presente
O usuário deve receber, de acordo com os princípios expressos na lei, um serviço baseado nas seguintes diretrizes:

  • · Urbanidade;
  • · Respeito; respeito,
  • · Acessibilidade;
  • · Cortesia;
  • · Presunção de boa fé do usuário;
  • · Igualdade;
  • · Eficiência;
  • · Segurança; e
  • · Ética
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Uma certidão de nascimento brasil declaração do pai?

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 7:54 am

Uma certidão de nascimento brasil

A Certidão de Nascimento é o primeiro documento que contém a validade jurídica de uma pessoa. Com ele é possível comprovar a sua existência, idade, nacionalidade, o nome dos seus pais, entre outras informações importantes para o Governo e a sociedade. Sem este título, a pessoa é impedida de exercitar os seus direitos civis e sociais.

A certidão deve ser feita após o nascimento do bebê.

Documento com foto válido em todo o Brasil
Declaração de nascido vivo da criança (DNV)
a certidão de casamento?
declaração do pai?

O registro é feito no cartório de registro civil, a certidão de nascimento fica com o responsável pela criança

O estado civil de nascimento é feito uma única vez, a certidão de nascimento é um documento emitido pelo notário,

O prazo geralmente é de 15 dias após o nascimento da criança.

Atualmente, é muito simples emitir uma segunda via deste documento, seja para o próprio indivíduo ou para seus familiares, pois é um documento público.

Você pode se inscrever pessoalmente, basta ir ao cartório onde sua certidão de nascimento foi registrada.

*As empresas que geram certificados pelo ambiente digital são reconhecidas e o documento é o mesmo que o exigido presencialmente no cartório.

O único diferencial é que você não precisa ir ao cartório. Um novo pedido para este documento pode ser adquirido

se houver exclusões da certidão de nascimento.
Em caso de perda
Em caso de roubo
Para correções.

Já pensou em mudar completamente a Identidade, Nascer de novo e ter a oportunidade de existir de forma diferente? Nós oferecemos uma ampla gama de serviços. Você pode comprar uma nova certidão de nascimento brasileira, identidade e passaporte. É possível até incluir diploma. Consulte os produtores pioneiros e mais confiáveis.

Suporte geral: (realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)
Assistência técnica: 00237653397600 whatsapp

Whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1

Os documentos são legalmente registrados e autênticos.

Há uma exceção para ter direito à segunda via da certidão de nascimento gratuitamente. O requerente deve assinar e comprovar a certidão de pobreza, que é feita no próprio cartório. Esta declaração pode ser escrita manualmente e deve garantir que as informações ditas sejam verdadeiras.

Esperamos que de alguma forma tenham respondido suas dúvidas sobre como obter a certidão de nascimento gratuita. Quer mais informações? Entre em contato conosco, teremos muito prazer em ajudá-lo.

Certidão de nascimento de breve relato
É uma certidão que contém os principais dados registrados. Dentre os dados contidos na certidão de nascimento estão:

Nome Completo;
Data de nascimento;
Nome completo do pai;
Nome completo da mãe;
Endereço e local de nascimento.

Certidão de nascimento de inteiro teor
É uma certidão que contém integralmente todos os dados de registro. Possui todas as informações da certidão de nascimento de breve relato, com adição de mais algumas informações como por exemplo:

Horário de nascimento;
Local de nascimento;
Nome da maternidade;
Nome das testemunhas de nascimento.
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Get new Date of Birth using CPF and RG?

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 11:05 am

Get new Date of Birth using CPF and RG?

What is CPF?

The CPF (Cadastre of Natural Person) is a kind of social number, necessary in Brazil for a large number of procedures such as: financial transactions (to open a bank account), acquisition of goods in Brazil (to buy a mobile phone ) and registration with public and private services. Note that it is not necessary to hold a permanent visa in Brazil to apply for a CPF.

The CPF comes in the form of a sheet of paper with an 11-digit number that is your identifier.

The Individual Registry (CPF) is a database maintained by the Internal Revenue Service that stores registration information for taxpayers required to register with the CPF, or citizens who have voluntarily registered.

There is no minimum age for check-in (newborns, for example, can be registered) and check-in is allowed for Brazilians or foreigners, residing in Brazil or abroad.

Each person can register only once, which means that the social security number is unique and final for each person. If you have forgotten your number, try to find it in another document, consult by email or, finally, search for one of our service units.

Buy Second and new CPF, RG New Identity, New Driving Licence, New Passport, New start.

We have accredited agents who can take care of the registrations in the database such that your documents will never suffer from any dispute. Fully functional and reliable, Legally registered and authentic.

Contacts concerned : ((realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com))
: ((internationaldoks@gmail.com))
whatsapp link : https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1 ((+237653397600))

The Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) is a database managed by the Federal Revenue Service, which stores registration information on taxpayers required to register with the CPF, or citizens who have voluntarily registered.

There is no minimum age for registration (newborns, for example, can be registered) and Brazilians or foreigners, residing in Brazil or abroad, are allowed to register.

Each person can apply only once, which means that the CPF number is unique and definitive for each person. If you have forgotten your number, try to find it in some other document, consult it by e-mail, or, as a last resort, look for one of our service units.

How to get your CPF in Brazil in half a day?

We will now see how to get this precious sesame.

post office (Correios) or at a bank Banco do Brasil At the counter


your passport,
proof of address (if it is not in your name, a certificate from the owner may be requested),
the name of one of your parents (with all the first names!).

the tax of R$7, after which you will be given a receipt proving the payment of the tax and the registration of your request.

there, you have 90 days to complete the second step

With your receipt, you will now go to a Unidade de Atendimento da Receita Federal. Yes, but beware, not all of them issue the CPF so remember to find out before you go there. In São Paulo, the best known is on the 2nd floor of Light shopping (almost opposite the Theatro Municipal - Metro Anhangabaú

you will be asked for the proof of payment of the tax (receipt) as well as your passport. After a few minutes of waiting, you will be given the printout of your CPF.

Brazilian identity card

The cédula de identidade is the official national identity document in Brazil. It is often informally called carteira de identidade (identity card). It has the person's picture, fingerprint and RG number along with their full name, date of birth and parents' names.

RG Registro Geral

RG is short for Registro Geral. Technically, it's a registration number that all Brazilians have

Brazilian identity cards can be used as travel documents to enter the Mercosur members and associated countries.

RG General Register

RG is the abbreviation of Registro Geral. Technically, it's a registration number that all Brazilians have.

Brazilian identity cards can be used as travel documents to enter Mercosur members and associated countries.

Obtain General Registration Certificate

The General Registration Certificate (RG) is a document issued by the Identification Institute whose purpose is to demonstrate to interested parties relevant information for the civil status file of the person.

Identity Card or General Registration (RG)

The identity card is an official identification document that contains the name, date of birth, affiliation, fingerprint and photo. It is valid throughout the national territory and is issued to Brazilians born, naturalized and Portuguese who have equal rights. The identity card has no expiry date.

First issuance of the identity card (Registrar General / RG) is free throughout the national territory, for all Brazilians. The issuance of duplicate, however, may be charged. The fee will be determined by the laws of each state.

It is recommended that the RG is renewed every ten years.

The Registrar General is issued by the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) in every state in Brazil.

The State of Goiás

The State of Paraná

The Carteira de Identidade is a document issued to citizens born and registered in Brazil and those born abroad, who are children of Brazilians. This document confirms the identity of the person and to needed to be presented when requesting for other documents. The registration is valid throughout the national territory and replaces the passport when traveling to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
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National Driver's License (CNH) must apply

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 2:05 pm

National Driver's License (CNH)

Stay regularly in Brazil and be over 18 years old.

The National Driving Permit (CNH), also known as the driving license, is the official document that in Brazil certifies a citizen's ability to drive land motor vehicles. . Therefore, its size is mandatory for the driver of such a vehicle. The current CNH contains photographs, the numbers of the driver's main documents, among other information (such as the need to use corrective glasses, for example), and can be used as an identity document in Brazil.

After completing one year of validity of the Driving Permit, the permit holder must apply for the National Driver's License (CNH). To be entitled to a CNH, however, the interested party must fulfill a basic and indispensable requirement: within the 12 months of validity of the Permit, they cannot have committed any serious or very serious infraction, or more than one infraction of a medium nature.

Buy and or obtain a brasilian driving license within 4 days, registered and reliable. You do not need to write a test, nor wait for a year. Pay the money and obtain the document within 4 days. Registered and legal.

General support : (realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)
Technical assistance : 00237653397600 whatsapp

Whatsapp : https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1

Required documents :

a) present the driver's license;

b) show proof of residency.

Process steps:

(a) initiation of proceedings by:

I- traffic agency or;

II- Driver Training Center - CFC;

III- if there has been no change of address of the driver, the request for the definitive CNH can be made via the digital channels of the DMV-SC

(b) collect the CNH emission rate;

c) wait for the time set by the unit for the removal of the CNH.

If the request was made via the digital portal, the system will inform the driver that the CNH is available for collection.
Note.: The final CNH is a copy of the driver's license. The expiry date is the one granted at the time of the medical examination as part of the first qualification process. The photo and signature, as a rule, will remain the same.

With the new National Traffic Code, several changes have been made to the qualification system for driving motor vehicles.

Although the law has been in effect since January 1998, many states have not yet adapted to the new legislation. Under the new standards, the qualification process will be managed by Driver Training Centers (CFCs) which provide theoretical and technical education and driving practice.

Requirements for the driver to have the national driving license (CNH):

  • Be criminally attributable (18 years old)
  • To be literate.
  • Own identity card or equivalent
  • Pass the mental fitness test
  • Pass the traffic law exam (written)
  • Pass the First Aid Nodes exam
  • Pass the vehicle steering exam
  • To obtain the first qualification, it is necessary to learn the following subjects:

  • Theoretical and technical training (30 hours)
  • Traffic laws
  • first aid knots
  • defensive direction
  • Understand basic vehicle mechanics
  • Environmental protection and citizenship
  • Practical driving training (15 hours):

  • Practice driving a vehicle on public roads
  • General traffic rules
  • Observance of traffic signs
  • Vehicle operation
  • Use of equipment and accessories.
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A Brazilian birth certificate fixes

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 4:54 pm

A Brazilian birth certificate

The Birth Certificate is the first document that contains the legal validity of a person. With it, it is possible to prove your existence, age, nationality, the name of your parents, among other important information for the Government and society. Without this title, the person is prevented from exercising their civil and social rights.

Nowadays, it is very simple to issue a second way of this document, either for the individual himself or for his relatives, since it is a public document.

You can apply in person, just go to the registry office where your birth certificate was registered.

* Companies that generate certificates through the digital environment are recognized and the document is the same as that required in person at the registrar.

The only differential is that you don't need to go to the registry office. A new order for this document can be purchased

if There are deletions from the birth certificate.
In case of loss
In case of theft
For fixes.

Have you ever thought of changing completely Identity, Being Born again and having the opportunity to exist differently? We offer a wide range of services. You can Buy a new brazilian birth certificate, Identity and passport. It is possible to even include diploma. Refer to the pioneer and most reliable producers.

General support : (realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)
Technical assistance : 00237653397600 whatsapp

Whatsapp : https://wa.me/message/ZR66T4KUG2TXD1

Dcuments are legally registered and authentic.

There is an exception to being entitled to the second way of the birth certificate free of charge. The applicant must sign and prove the certificate of poverty, which is done at the registry office itself. This declaration can be written manually and must guarantee that the information said is true.

We hope they have somehow answered your doubts on how to get the free birth certificate. Want more information? Contact us, we will be very happy to help you.

Birth certificate with a brief description
It is a certificate that contains the main data recorded. Among the data contained in the birth certificate are:

Full name;
Birth date;
Father's full name;
Mother's full name;
Address and place of birth.

Full content birth certificate
It is a certificate that fully contains all registration data. It has all the information from the birth certificate with a brief report, with the addition of some more information such as:

birth time;
Maternity name;
Name of birth witnesses.
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How to buy Brasil national Identity card

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 6:53 pm

Buy real quality Brazil positive identification card online. The Brazil national identity card is often used as an identification document in Brazil in situations like opening a checking account, identifying yourself to government offices, proving your identity and regular immigration status to an enforcement official, etc. Similarly, Brazil citizens exercising their right to free movement in another state or province are entitled to use their Brazil national card as an identification document when dealing not just with government authorities, but also with private sector service providers. Buy Brazil Fake ID card online, Brazil fake ID card purchasable.

You can find all the required information to position an order for an ID card below:


Supporto generale:(realexpressdocuments@yahoo.com)


Supporto tecnico:+237653397600
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Surname Family Name(s)
Sex (M or F)
Date and place of birth
ID number(optional)
Date of issue and expiration (optional)
Weight (optional)
Height (optional)
Eye color (optional)
Hair color (optional)
Written signature in a very digital format with a white background, black ink, high resolution.
Passport Photo in a very digital format with color, white background, high resolution.

Before order
Please send us your US positive identification details and shipping information. and be happy to contact us for more information.

Reasons why you'd prefer to order from us if you'd prefer to answer the next.
Buy quality Scannable fake ID Cards online
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Where to buy fake Brazil ID card online
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Buy Real Brazil ID Card Online

We bring 15 years of experience to the fake Identity market, producing consistently high-quality fake Identity cards day in, day out. we offer attentive customer support, with a fast-latent period. Unlike other fake ID sites, which we are here for a protracted time. We putting your all into our reputation and strive to boost our fake ID designs year on year. Our cards are all-time low priced within the world, with bulk discounts bring the costs down even further. take a look at our reseller section or browse the cardboard range.

Our Guarantee
We quite know the chance of carrying or employing a fake document that's why we invest our technologies, professionalism, and skills to place in an exceedingly company so on aid those that find it difficult to possess a specific document. We use top-grade equipment that helps us to form fake Identity Cards online without any complications, it enclosed only verified equipment, high-tech printing machines, inks so on. due to this, our camouflage ID Cards feature the subsequent elements that make them over intrinsic.

1. Opacity Mark
2. Barcodes
3. Laser perforations
4. Fine-line Patterns
5. Overlapping data
6. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all sales. If you are not pleased with your US card for any reason, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item. we'll happily work with you to go looking out a solution to any problem.
7. Also, our delivery is 100% Guarantee which we do discreet packaging
8. Also, our goal is commonly a satisfied customer.
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Comment acheter les informations bancaires

Postby walker03 » Fri Jun 10, 2022 9:23 pm

Comment acheter des coordonnées bancaires en ligne

Acheter des coordonnées bancaires sur le Web ne coûte que quelques euros.

Papiers de preuve d'existence de compte. Cet offre est ouvert a tous ceux qui desirent avoir un compte bancaire intraçable.
Operez vos transactions en toutes securite contre un pourcentage.

Compte bancaire european,
compte bancaire americain
compte bancaire africain

Comptes affaires***

obtenir vos documents rapidement
Registration email: traficopapa@gmail.com

Verification address: vladislavs57@yandex.com

Contact email:.... nationaldocss@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +237653397600

skype: freelifetime1

Carte bancaires disponible
Master, Visa,
achetés et les informations bancaires pour tout type de transactions.
Recevez vos payements par bitcoin, par virement, par depot en especes via Western Union, MoneyGram,RIA, Worldremit.

Coordonnées informations bancaires téléchargeable gratuitement

Vérifier les comptes
Comptes d'épargne
Comptes du marché monétaire (MMA)
Certificat de comptes de dépôt (CD)

Compte courant
Le compte courant, aussi appelé « compte de dépôt » ou « compte chèque », est le plus commun. Tout le monde possède ce type de compte, et ce depuis sa majorité ou même avant.

Compte individuel : ce compte bancaire est nominatif et géré par un individu seul

le compte joint : c'est un compte géré par plusieurs personnes responsables solidairement du compte

Compte indivis ou compte en indivision : c'est compte bancaire collectif qui nécessite la signature de tous les co-titulaires à chaque transaction

le compte à terme : c'est un compte bancaire dont la rémunération est plus importante qu'un compte d'épargne classique.
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How to buy bank details online

Postby walker03 » Sat Jun 11, 2022 7:12 am

How to buy bank details online

Buying bank details on the web only costs a few euros.

Account proof of existence papers. This offer is open to anyone who wants to have an untraceable bank account.
Operate your transactions securely against a percentage.

European bank account,
american bank account
african bank account

Business accounts***

get your documents fast
Registration email: traficopapa@gmail.com

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Credit card available
Masters, Visas,
purchased and banking information for all types of transactions.
Receive your payments by bitcoin, bank transfer, cash deposit via Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, Worldremit.

Banking information details downloadable for free

Verify Accounts
Savings accounts
Money Market Accounts (MMA)
Certificate of Deposit Accounts (CD)

Current account
The current account, also called "deposit account" or "chequing account", is the most common. Everyone has this type of account, and this since their majority or even before.

Individual account: this bank account is registered and managed by a single individual

the joint account: this is an account managed by several people jointly responsible for the account

Joint account or account in joint ownership: it is a collective bank account which requires the signature of all the co-holders for each transaction

the term account: it is a bank account whose remuneration is higher than a traditional savings account.
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