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Me Against The Pixar Live Action Feature Films!

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Postby Pixar Builder » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:01 pm

I just saw this post and I have to say that I agree with james&pixar over the disappointment over PIXAR making live-action films. However, my complaint comes from not the experience of live-action from CGI, but from a more thematic statute PIXAR itself made. If anyone has ever read any interviews from anyone at PIXAR regarding why their films are so good (ie, who's their target audience), they'll reply that they only make the films for themselves, and that their success can only come if they continue to make films the same way they have for the last 20 years. So, to do a live-action film, personally, feels like hypocrisy. I mean, these guys invented Computer Animation and it's the fundamental core of their studio.
So for the original inventors of computer animation to suddenly and unexpectedly do a live-action film, tells me either 1) they are too bored with computer animation and wants to extend their boundaries 2) they feel like computer animation isn't right for the film 3) they believe computer animation is limited and can't express their film in it. They had their big break with Computer Animation and to cast it aside, no matter how good the film is going to be, seems like a slap in the face.

This is just my opinion however, and I have been known to change it (Heck, I used to dislike WALL-E after thinking it was going to be a cute film).
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Postby Kashif Pasta » Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:11 am

As Ed Catmull said when confronted with this issue, Pixar is keeping the "Animation" in Pixar Animation Studios, and does not intend to change that.

So no, I don't think Pixar should be doing live action. I do, however, think that live action opportunities are one of the best things about being part of Disney. It's also why films like John Carter are being produced by Disney in the first place.

Sure, design and pre-production can totally be done at Pixar-- why, in the place of Andrew Stanton, would you walk away from that-- but Pixar is not a visual effects firm. It's a waste of their talent and resources in such a crowded and talented industry, to the extent that they didn't even do the vfx for the live action elements in WALL•E! Those were done by ILM, via a relationship made possible by the very clever hiring of ILM's Jim Morris by Pixar.

So no, not only is live action straying creatively from Pixar's strengths, but from it's business sense as well. Which is why they won't, at least for a while. No reason to expand when Disney's got it covered.

If Disney becomes a barrier, however, all bets are off. When Pixar was disappointed with Ratatouille's marketing, they went and made their own dept. And we all now how Wall•E's marketing went... (very, very well)
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Postby DPA113 » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:57 pm

I must admit, I was really disheartened to hear about a possible live action film. That should be left to the Disney company itself and let Pixar handle the computer animation that goes on.

To me, Pixar films, look better and are almost more enjoyable for me, than most live action movies. While I trust them, and am sure they know how to make it brilliant, I still don't like the idea. If they were to animate the story they wanted to make live, that's one thing, but filming isn't their thing. They're an animation company, and should stick with what they've become famous for.

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Postby Pixarinho* » Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:18 am

I hope it doesn't happen, it just doesn't seem right, as Pixar is the epitomy of modern day animation, so there's no need to make live action if they're making brilliant animated movies every year.
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