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Schnuron's drawings

Here is the place to post any of your art work not related to Pixar, be it original or not.

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Schnuron's drawings

Postby Schnuron » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:42 am

Hello, everyone.

Here are some of my pictures I drew at the moment:

Globox hugs to Rayman.

This one I drew it for a deviantArt's artist I liked some of her drawings, it's called Retromissile.


One of my original characters, they're mostly wicked.

Admiral Razorbeard from Rayman 2.

I'd say this is my fav. antagonist of The inspector, The blotch.
this one is an old picture (2010) I did on MS paint with Corel painter x3, I used to be addictive to draw that software for 4 years. Right now I'm trying to use photoshop cs4.
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