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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:58 am
by thedriveintheatre
"The Wilderness Must be Abhorred!"

Join TDIT on an adventure for the Ice Ages as he embarks on his trippiest trip-of-a-lifetime yet! When Dr Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is sucked into a space time vortex with his attractive assistant (Anna Friel) and an annoying redneck (Danny McBride), they find themselves trapped in an alternate universe of 2009. In this "Land of the Dinosaurs", they will encounter CGI raptors, two comedians dressed in caveman costumes, and a very strange bird who likes chocolates. Together, the intrepid trio must find a way out of this mysterious world, before they are doomed to critical and box-office mediocrity.

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Year of the Dinosaurs

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:14 pm
by thedriveintheatre
Hm... besides BDD's comment on the YT itself, response rate for 'Year of the Dinosaurs' has been pretty low... :? *goes in a corner and cries* :D Nah, just kiddin'. Maybe people haven't visited this board often yet.

Anyhoo, here's a fan TV spot to celebrate the return of Aussie police drama Rush tonight at 8:30. I used the theme song 'September Storm' from New Police Story, sung by none other than the awesome Mr Jackie Chan! Besides being a lot cooler than the current music they're playing (IMHO), the lyrics and vibe is also similar to Rush's theme of gritty urban law enforcement. I couldn't isolate Jackie's voice from the chorus line, but I figured, what the heck, just keep it, Jackie's a great singer anyway. Yeah, it may sound weird hearing Cantonese lyrics for a 'Stralian production, but just imagine that it got syndicated for a release in the Hong Kong market or something. I tried to edit it down to the usual 30 second spot, so I'm interested to hear how I did for this one. ;)

Rush Season 2 Fan TV Spot - "Get Ready"

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:30 pm
by thedriveintheatre
I hesitated putting this up, but I figured, what the heck, most of you would know how my voice sounds like by now. This is my attempt at singing 'karaoke' to my first LIteral Music Video. For the uninitiated a literal music video attempts to parody a song by changing its lyrics to actually describe the on-screen visuals. So the song will quite literally sing what just happens in the video! The greatest one I know (and by far the most famous) is dascottjr's Total Eclipse of the Heart, which was what actually inspired me to make this. Here's the blurb, link's provided below. Please go easy on me, I know I'm not exactly the best singer around... :P

" In commemoration of Singapore's 44th National Day, I have pulled out all the stops to deliver you my first Literal Music Video, with vocals sung by Yours Truly. You may want to plug your eardrums.

Stefanie Sun's classic NDP number takes on a whole new meaning when TDIT remixes the lyrics to describe what is actually happening in the music video. Incorporating the local pidgin English otherwise infamously known as Singlish, TDIT simultaneously questions and humiliates the seemingly disconnected visual on-screen imageries, while paying tribute to the second home he loves so much. At times, funny, sometimes outrageous, but always endearing, this LMV will warm the hearts of any Singaporean or Singaporean-at-heart (like moi).

Subtitle translations and annotations are included for those 'donch' know Singlish. Please excused my terrible singing. Rate, comment and subscribe, lah! :) "

We Will Get There - Literal Music Video

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:44 am
by Sky
Heheh. Last year you were shy about sharing your voice with the commentaries, and look at you now! :P That video was cool. Have you ever seen Pop-Up Video? It was really similar to that. I like how you made what you were singing about easy for English speakers to understand. "Kopi" - lol! It was really fun to watch and to also learn a few Singlish words to boot! The video expressed equal parts of loving derision, like I think you said one time, you like to make fun of the things you love, and that came through here. That's kinda neat how Singapore released a music video to celebrate their National Day. Your singing voice isn't too bad, either. =)

That Jack Chan song (who knew he was a singer?) matched up really well with the Rush TV spot, and I think you edited the music down to 30 secs great. And judging from your YouTube description, you've got the Aussie slang down pat, cobber! :D

Keep up those creative videos, thedriveintheatre!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:32 am
by thedriveintheatre
Oh my gosh, was my last video really back in August? Time really flies! :shock:

Have you ever seen Pop-Up Video?

Yeah, I think I have on MTV or Channel V. Neat little factoids about the singer and video appear in bumpers along the bottom. I never thought of that, interesting analogy.

The video expressed equal parts of loving derision, like I think you said one time, you like to make fun of the things you love, and that came through here
Thanks, I think I do this to disguise my fandoms in a way. Passionate enthusiasm for anything besides the popular zeitgeist in society is usually treated with disdain (and I'm not talking about weird fetishes or anything, but interests that are deemed not 'cool', like animated films, stamp collecting, or patriotism for a host country). So I guess this is my way of maintaining my 'cool quotient' while quietly sharing the stuff I admire or like. It's quite pathetic... but that's my style.

And thanks for the compliment on my singing ability. I still need work on the 'frog voice' though. :P

That Jack Chan song (who knew he was a singer?) matched up really well with the Rush TV spot, and I think you edited the music down to 30 secs great
Oh, he is. Didja know he sang the Chinese version of 'Be a Man' from the Disney film Mulan? It's one of his side gigs besides kicking *ss on-screen.

And judging from your YouTube description, you've got the Aussie slang down pat, cobber!

Thanks! Comes with the territory. :)


To celebrate the spectacular comeback of Disney and Nicholas Cage to making films that don't suck, The Drive-In Theatre returns to his traditional roots of the two-film dub-and-juxtaposition mash-up. Using the same approach he used to make his first two trailer parodies 'CJ7 & Stitch' and 'Hoodwinked Point' two years ago, he is proud to present a classic fairy tale remix that's so bad- it's good.

Nicholas Cage plays New Orleans detective Terence McDonagh, a corrupted cop who plays both sides of the law. A respected lieutenant with a badge and a crack addict with a gun, he rules the streets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, dispatching crooked criminals and imaginary amphibians in his drug-addled haze. But when he gets on the wrong side of a Cajun firefly, he must enlist the help of the very man he's suppose to apprehend: a smooth-talking witch doctor (Keith David) with his army of 'shadowmen'. Together with his frog-and-human-again girlfriend (Anita Noni Rose), Terence will descend into a world of hypocrisy, deceit, and gumbo stew. The Big Easy has never this been this funny, with TDIT at his most subversive, outrageous and laconic best.

Bad Amphibian: Princess of New Orleans mash-up trailer

I may not be making as much fan videos as in the past as I may have other commitments in the future (though I'll try my best!), and I'm very grateful for all the support from my friends and subscribers these past two years. It's been a great pleasure, indulging all the nonsensical combinations that I conjure, and reading all your awesome comments and feedbacks. They're what keeps me going, so if you liked this at all, do let me know. Drop a comment, rate, sub, tell your friends, yada yada yada. If you didn't ... well, tell me anyway. And then go kiss a frog.

Until the next video! :)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:30 am
by thedriveintheatre

Put on your helmets and ready your swords, cos' TDIT is about to take Viking jokes to new heights! Born loser Quiff always wanted to run with the 'big boys' and fight Ikrans, but it turns out he lacks some major cajones. When he brings down one of the most dreaded species of Ikrans, The Night Furry, he couldn't bring himself to kill it (again, because of the absence of cajones). So he nicknames it 'Doofus' and begins a dangerous liason, unbeknownst to his requisite love interest, Asswit. When his clan launches a 'preemptive strike' to rival Avatar's finale, Quiff has to choose between the people who have mocked him his entire life, or his newfound buddy that suspiciously sounds like a Disney character.

Well, this is my first trailer dub. I've been inspired by folks like stry0kr and LordPhillock8 (go check out those videos now!), and decided to give this a shot. I apologise for the horrible Scottish accent, but at least I tried. :)

For the record, I'm actually quite excited for HTTYD. I think it'll be Dreamworks' best since KFP, but I guess I'll find out when I eventually see it. And no, I don't advocate bestiality. :P

If you guys like this, I may try other trailers down the road. If not, well, we can arrange a meeting and fight to the death on top of dragons in aerial combat.

TDIT's Dreadful Trailer Dub - How To Drain Your Human [Rated PG for minor coarse language and adult themes]

Music used:
I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Up Is Down - Hans Zimmer
Marry Me - Hans Zimmer
Disco Inferno - The Trammps

The video footage is copyright of Chris Sanders and Dreamworks Animation, and the music is the property of the artistes listed. I only own the character audio track and sound-effects.

Interesting Fact: Other than the trailer narrator, Stoick the Vast, and the Goofy Holler, the other voices are unmodulated! And all sound effects are done by me (other than the 'whoosh' and 'boom' trailer effects).

Rate, comment, and subscribe, possums!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:56 pm
by thedriveintheatre
I seem to be getting a lot of views, but very few comments. :? Either I've got many 'lurkers', or this trailer's really a turkey!

Anyway, after an hour or two of transcribing, it now has SUBTITLES! So now you can read the cheesy script in its full glory!

And do check out my HTTYD Fan TV Spot - "Vikings Fight Dragons".

One thing I'm annoyed with Dreamworks' marketing campaign for Dragons was that they didn't emphasize the epic battle sequences enough in the previous teasers, only reserving it till the last trailer, and then releasing it only a month before its theatrical debut. So here's my effort to 'rectify' the situation, and what better way than to use the trailer soundtrack from the competition! :)

PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 9:10 am
by thedriveintheatre

The master of mangled mash-up malarkeys is proud to present you the ultimate music video of all of 2010's summer blockbuster hits coming your way. From men in iron suits to women in designer threads, secret agent animals to not-so-secret mercenaries, toys that come alive to the ogre that refuses to die, it's all here, and it's all invading your cinemas this year. So get ready the popcorn, whip out those annoying 3D glasses and sit back as TDIT takes you through all the movies you should really bother with this summer. :)

2010 Summer Movies

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:58 am
by thedriveintheatre

TDIT is very excited about the upcoming Warner Bros/Animal Logic animated motion picture 'Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole'. He has heard stories about it from animators who has visited his college, and has read the first book in anticipation and immensely enjoyed it. And now with the release of two trailers and a featurette, what better way to celebrate its impending cinematic debut in IMAX 3D than creating the first LotG fan-trailer on Youtube? And all done in one four-hour night!

Oh, and he doesn't dig the '30 Second to Mars' teenybopper-friendly song, so when he heard Brand X and X-Ray Dog's amazing orchestral music from 'The Karate Kid' trailers, he decided to use those instead. :)

Music Used:
'Hope Always' - X-Ray Dog
'Dogs of War' - Brand X Music

Video footage copyright of Warner Bros. and Animal Logic. Audio soundtrack copyright of X-Ray Dog and Brand X Music. I only own the editing style of this non-for-profit trailer, covered under the 'Fair Use' Act.

Legend of the Guardians Fan Trailer

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:39 pm
by thedriveintheatre

Inspired by the TV spot for NBC's Chase after I discovered they use the same trailer music as I did for my fan trailer:

I'm so glad to see that they've included Otulissa! And I just came back from the movie! It's so frinkin' awesome. :D

Music Used: Dogs of War - Brand X

Clips copyright of Animal Logic and Warner Bros. I do not own the video or audio, only the editing of the clips. This is legal under the Fair Use Act for educational and parody purposes.

Legend of the Guardians "Danger" Fan TV Spot

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:26 pm
by Czarine

*totally diggs this*

PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:06 pm
by thedriveintheatre
Uh... thanks, Czarine? :lol:



The master of the mangled mash-up attempts his second terrible trailer dub, and this time he's taking you to the "Cicade Maravihosa" of Rio. Neil the "legendary" macaw has lived all his life as a domesticated macaw from a less prominent animation studio. Always in the shadows of Pixar and Dreamworks, he never really believed he could fly with the big boys. Until he meets the bird of his dreams, the free-spirited and fiercely independent Anne. Together with a toucan who keeps changing his accent, Neil will discover what it takes to believe in himself, and that it doesn't matter if the story has been told before, but that you tell it with your heart.

Please forgive my poor attempts at giving George's character a Brazilian accent. And the recordings were done before I knew the characters' names, or that Jesse Eisenberg is voicing Blu. :P

I am really looking forward to this film, partly because Blu and Jewel's love-hate relationship intrigues me, and also because I'm tired of the comparisons to Newt and Alpha & Omega. It's difficult to tell an original story nowadays, especially with the pantheon of tales before you. Avatar wasn't original, but it was awesome. Inception wasn't original (watch 'The Science of Sleep' or any James Bond film), but it was awesome. Toy Story 3 wasn't original (its themes have been covered in Toy Story 2), but it was awesome. And I believe that Rio will be awesome. What matters is that you tell an old story in a different way, and with a lot of heart and soul. And from what I've seen from the trailers, Rio comes with oodles of that. Here's to the lovebirds of 2011, and what will hopefully be a surprise spring success.

Music used:
Drink Up Me Hearties - Hans Zimmer
Run Free - Hans Zimmer
This Town (Radio Express remix) - Frank Sinatra

I do not own the copyright of the video footage and musical soundtrack, only the voice dub audio.

Rate, comment and subscribe, please! Thank you very much, and look out for my next trailer dub. Believe me, it will be terrible. And a merry christmas to everyone! :)

Rio - The Terrible TDIT Trailer Dub (Watch in 720p HD!)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:14 am
by ellie-jessie-eve
I like your Rio trailer dub! The last line made me laugh, but I can't repost it here! Good job.

Re: Rio - The Terrible TDIT Trailer Dub (NEW!) ~ Off-Topic Vids

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:55 am
by thedriveintheatre
Haha, thanks EJE! ;) Was it Rafael's 'Neil, that was so...' or Blu's 'Well, you kept changing your accent...'?

Anyway, this dub was recorded back when NPH was first announced as the voice of Blu, so by the time I finally got down to editing it, the correction to Jesse Eisenberg had already been made.

Fun fact. Glad you enjoyed it! :D



Here's my first-attempt at a 5-second video, inspired by theguywithglasses. And yes, the actual summary IS 5 seconds, you don't count the opening and closing credits.

I'm really looking forward to Rio BTW! :) Rate, comment, and subscribe, please! And be sure to catch the film when it opens in Australia on April 7th and USA on April 15th!

RIO in 5 Seconds

Re: RIO in 5 Seconds (NEW!) ~ Off-Topic Vids

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:31 am
by ellie-jessie-eve
The "Neil that was so.." line! 8D

And good job with the Rio in 5 seconds! Nigel's laugh at the end made that video! And don't worry, I'll be seeing Rio the day it comes out here in the States (on my birthday actually!)