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11;11...a Fiction Story

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:46 am
by Al-Bob
The Journal of Timothy Forthright

Any information found in this journal may not be true but should be taken literally as it is a eye-witness account. Please read with caution as it may make you think deep thoughts and contemplate many ideas that would scare your family or friends. Please read this as the rating i would give this is PG-PG 13 for some suicidal and dangerously growtesk ideas.

Dangerous Mission; Alpha Depth

December 31th 1999

The weather was bleak, It looked rainy and a ripe out storm was due. But I didn't care. Me, Timothy Forthright was a head-strong young man of 22. The world was mine at 22. I was rich, had a beautiful house, and lived a great life.

But the events that would happen to me would change my view on everything. It was a “twilight” type adventure full of questions and adventure that would have scared any man. It sure scared me because I still have nightmares about being there again.

I decided that day the 20th to take my yacht for a spin out near the coast. As I approached my boat an old man watched me from his boat. He knew what I was doing and right as I reached my boat the man yelled out at me.

“Hey you youngen'. Better not take that thing out today. The storm is comin' and I can feel it.”

Any man would have agreed with the man and being a sailor himself would have instantly known the wisdom behind the saying but all I said was.

“Go take a hike. Its not going to make a fuss while I'm out there.”

The old man simply laughed at me and talked to himself.

I started my boat and headed out towards the ocean. I had gone about 20 minutes into my ride when a slight breeze started to come across the port bow and the waves began to toss about and make quite a fuss. I instantly realized that being a good 30 minutes from land and storm that decided to attack my vessel would easily beat me back to land. I was going to have to either run for it or stay where I was and hope the storm passed by. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and decided upon a stupid idea. What if I ran into the storm? Would there be a faster storm instead of flying before the wind?

I quickly turned towards the wind and ran straight into trouble. In a matter of seconds the storm started to yell out at me and make the waves rolled with white foam. They started to threaten my vessel and soon waves were pounding over my sides. Steering the vessel in the open was a problem. All of the wind and waves was making visibility horrible and the ability to keep ones footing was also becoming harder. I was just about to wonder about my danger when a larger wave came rolling across my ship. It swept over the side and with a large roar pushed me straight into the sea. I bobbed for about a second and then something hard hit my head. I lost consciousness.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:47 am
by Al-Bob
December 31st 1999 (12;49;49 PM.)

I awoke to the sound of sea gulls and the roaring of waves against a beach. After I had coughed up a small stream I pulled myself to my feet. The sun had come out of the wait. The clouds were all gone and the sky looked as clear as glass. How could this be? The clouds were absolutely gone without a sign or trace. I turned around to the shore and looked into a deep jungle echoing with sounds that made my head spin with puzzlement. I looked up the coast for any sign of life but all that met my eyes was more and more jungle. I looked towards the other coast and in the distance I noticed something poking above the palm trees. It looked like a floating house? Could it be life? I started towards the house when suddenly out of the bushes popped a crab. I exhaled quickly. The crab seemed to dance between me and the house then slowly let me have the path. I looked at the crab curiously as I walked past him. He looked straight up at me and seemed to watch me go past him. “Strange?” I thought to myself. I started again towards the house when this time a monkey popped out the forest into my path. It looked up at me and suddenly it lost all of its joy. It stopped screeching and started to stare at me. I began to feel really uneasy when he skidded back into the forest just as quickly as he had come out.

“Well this is quite puzzling? First a crab then a monkey. What next a hippo...”

I now began to skip my way towards the house which was now quite close. I arrived there just as my breathe began to leave me. The tree-house, as it was a house in a tree, looked very old and seemed to creek just out of fun instead of pressure. The house seemed completely made out of wood but some areas were made with screws and nails.

Someone had done this all right. But where were they?

I looked around for the ladder when suddenly from my right a slow hiss caught my attention. There not 20 feet from me was a mother tree-cobra looking straight at him. I was absolutely paralyzed with fright. This cobra was huge. It seemed to just make the tree it was wrapped around twice as large. It swayed ever so slightly as if trying to hypnotize me. It slowly recoiled towards its tree as if realizing I was no threat. I happened to see where its nest was high in the branches. Up in the tree the nest seemed to be four feet wide and four feet long. It stretched across four branches and must have taken the male a week to complete. Speaking of which were was the male? I quickly scanned the area just in case. All around me the noise level had dropped to a whisper as if everyone was also trying to keep the mother snake calm. I rounded the tree and to my delight I found a small ladder that was well hidden in the tree itself. I carefully climbed up some twenty feet to the house above. Upon entering I looked around the one room house in case of predators. I glanced around and my eyes fell upon an open book on a desk in the corner of the room. It was open to a spot somewhere in the middle as if someone had read it but hadn't finished it.

“Why didn't they finish?”

My mind flashed back to the snake. A chill ran through my body. That couldn't be the case. I looked out back at the snakes nest across the trees. The mother snake was watching the ground below for prey. It seemed to have a sense of deadly silence that made it absolutely horrible. My thoughts suddenly got into action.

“What did the book say? Maybe it had a clue of what this island is?”

I closed the book and looked for a title. I found one;

“The LOST man”
by Alfred Hitchcock

“How comforting.” I said out loud.

A basket near the bed started to shake as I spoke these words. It shuddered and instantly I was on my guard. Was it the daddy cobra? Had this house been a trap for me all the time? What was in the basket?



PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:50 am
That's weird! {In a good way} I really enjoyed it. By the way did you hear about that or something? I don't understand why you said," I don't know if this is true or not?" o_0

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:03 am
by Al-Bob
TAMATER wrote: I don't understand why you said," I don't know if this is true or not?" o_0

Well i might have heard of this story from my might be true.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:14 pm
by little_chef_eva09
I'm assuming this has nothing to do with WALL•E or Shelby Forthright, correct? Because I was planning on writing the journal of a predecessor of Shelby Forthright under the Pixar Fan Fiction thread, and I just wanted to make sure that you didn't think I was taking any ideas from you. :wink:

So this is a fic based on a story your uncle told you? How cool!! :D

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:24 pm
by Al-Bob
i don't know...

i can't remember him telling me don't think he told me this story. It just seems so familier...a story that everyone dreams of metaphorically in their lives.

This is just something to let you think it's real... :wink:

But who knows...maybe it actually is real and i don't know about it... :?:

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:30 pm
by little_chef_eva09
Ahh, I see. :wink: Sounds pretty interesting, Al-Bob. :)

Did you just make up the name of the guy yourself, or was it inspired by something you remember from the story?

Haha, and it would be weird if you someday, somehow found out that it was a true story!! :lol:

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:38 pm
by Al-Bob
[spoiler]Most of it is made up...

The name is something i come up with right as i'm about to begin the story...i just think of it and write. This story is a fiction from what i know...i don't recall anything i've heard being like this althuogh it is a take off of The Swiss Family Robinson...sorta :? [/spoiler]
It is mostly made up...

Another chapter uploaded this should really take off after that.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:28 pm
by Al-Bob
December 31 (16;30 Gone)(12;05;31 PM)

The basket was rather large but as it shook it seemed to have trouble. I started to approach it ever so slowly. I carefully lifted the lid up and then with a leap backwards I let it fall off. There to my utter surprise was a dog! It was a golden lab with a large rope around its mouth and legs. It seemed to notice me just as much. It instantly began to whimper and plead with me. I felt much relieved and began to take the dog out of the basket. After I had gotten the ropes off of it the dog instantly began to sniff the ground for something. It went over to the corner and seemed to stop. It just froze looking at something. My senses started to rise as I approached what it had found. There lying on the floor was a large snake! The male python was lying belly up on the floor. I was suddenly full of joy as I realized that my great adversary was lying dead on the same floor I had gotten onto. Phew...i breathed a long sigh of relief into the humid jungle air. I looked inquisitively at the dog who was now starring at something deeper in the woods. I peered among the branches and saw it. A large scroll-like object was inside one of the branches of the nearby tree. It wasn't close enough to reach inside the tree house. I would need to climb out and up the nearby tree to get it. Suddenly I thought of a better idea. I looked around for an object and found it nearby the exit; a large rope. I tied a knot around one end and created a crude lasso out of it. I started to swing the rope round and round till with a mighty heave I swung the rope at the scroll. Perfect!! It caught onto the scroll with ease. With delicacy I started to pull it in towards the house. It looked really old and seemed to just crinkle on touch. I laid it out on the desk. It was a large riddle that seemed to have certain landmarks written on it.

When you come by pride to here.
Make sure you see why you must fear.
For by 11;11;11 cometh...
You too will goeth...

Find spike rock...

It seemed to be a strange riddle and one that puzzled me to the bone. “Goeth?”...what was that supposed to mean? I looked back at the riddle and noticed some more words...

Try to find the helper at hand.
Keep him near he knows the land.
Search and learn the land around ye'
Take it to heart it is no fee.
You must find yourself not your penny
Find yourself...don't become the enemy.

Find the waterfall...

Well what supposed to mean? Find the helper?...I looked down at the dog and instantly knew what the answer was. The dog...the dog is the helper. Well I already found him so now what? He knows the land...he better. Cuz I sure don't. Search the land around ye'...take it to heart it is no fee...What?!?! No fee??? What is that supposed to mean? Find yourself not your penny??...Don't become the enemy...

I slumped into a nearby chair. Find yourself...but I'm already here. How can I find myself?? Don't become the enemy?? What enemy...My eyes swayed over the mass of branches and hovered over the snakes nest still in the nearby tree. Don't become the enemy...Was the snake the enemy?? Why would I want to become it??

My brain was starting to hurt from all of the thoughts that pounded inside. Maybe if I search around the Island I'll find more of these scrolls?
I agreed with that idea and with a final look around the house I took the dog down the ladder and began to walk towards the beach. Unbeknown to me a figure had come from under the bed. Old and dirty it breathed heavily and slowly looking at me traveling over to the beach. It smiled wickedly and slowly got onto its feet and started down the ladder...following me.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:13 am
by Al-Bob
December 31 (36;48 Gone) (12;25;48 PM)

I had just reached the beach when I heard the rustle behind me. The dog
appeared from the jungle and bounded after me. It had its tail between its legs
and seemed to be running away from something. The rustle in the jungle
grew louder as something started to appear out of it. There to my dismay was
a large kymoto dragon! It walked lazily over to the beach as if it hadn't seen
me. It slowly started to slurp down large mouthfuls of sea water. My mind
started to kick into action. Why was I standing here like an idiot? Run!!!!
Needless to say I ran. Soon the dragon was far behind me in the distance. I
looked around for any sign of my fellow companion. I soon heard him barking in the jungle. He was getting nearer so I decided to wait for him. I began to search along the shore for anything.
Why would someone hate this place? Other then the snakes and the dragon everything here was nice and calm? How could this place be such a dangerous place? Was that scroll false and just some prank set up for me? Is there any other life on this island? If yes, where is it?
The dog just then came out of the forest with a large scroll in his mouth. Another scroll! My luck was going up. The dog could fetch all of my scrolls for me! How remarkable. I slowly undid the scroll to see what the mystery person said;

Sorry to not warn you about the dragon. He's blind but can sure smell humans from a long ways away. Hopefully he didn't tear a limb of ya'. That would be too bad. Cuz an enemy without a limb isn't an enemy. Its a dead man...
But enough chit chat you need to unlock the secret of this island. You must figure out why you are here and how you can get off. Now we'll take this one step at a time. Directly behind you is a cave leading into a hill side. There may be a dilemma once you go inside but the next scroll or clue is inside of it. If you want to figure out the island mystery by yourself you don't have to go in, but if you still need help that is where you must go. Take the rope that you have still with you and sling it around the nearest stone. That will let you “walk” into the cave unharmed. Be careful and good luck.
Now, if you want to figure out the mystery now you need to understand yourself first. That is all I can tell you right now.
Good Luck

“Well what was that all about? Another dangerous place to go? Figure yourself out? But I already knew about myself. I was handsome, strong, supportive to all and not afraid of anything. Okay forget the not afraid of everything but other then that I was the best man in the world!”
I quickly started over towards the nearby cave in search of a large rock to use as a support.
I found one and slowly began to lower myself into the cave. It was still bright mid-day outside so I didn't care about having a light with me and without a hesitation began to lower myself hand over hand down into the cave. I had just gotten half way when I heard a faint rustle above me. “Probably the dog” I said to myself. Then suddenly from above a loud snap was heard and in an instant my live went loose and I was plummeting 20 feet to the cave floor below!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:54 am
by Al-Bob
December 31 (42;00 Gone) (12;31;00 PM)

Somehow I managed to cushion the fall by landing on my back. The pain rivieted along my spine as I lay on the floor of the cave in agony. My spines were alive with fire and every twitch created a new alarm to which no support could come and put out. How long I lay there I don't know. But gradually, gradually I regained my ability to move and finding that no limbs were paralyzed I marveled to myself just how much I was lucky for not breaking any bones or suffering worse from the massive fall. I slowly stood up to my feet and breathing quickly to ease the pain I looked around the cave. The walls were full of holes and crevases. Inside of these holes were loads and loads of scrolls that someone had put inside. I started towards one of the opening when something inside of me told me to stop. I halted feet before I reached the scroll. I looked around the cave in sear4ch of any sign of life and as I was scanning noticed a larger opening that seemed to be more of a tunnel or trail rather then a scroll shelf. I started towards it and soon began to crawl along it. The space was puny for a man. About three feet by three feet I had to kneel down on the ground to get through. I started to see light at the end when suddenly the cave opened into a large cave deep inside of my cave! In the middle of the cave was a large stone table which appeared grey in the dim light of a candle that burned on it. Behind the table sat an old man or at least that was what I thought he looked like. His skin was grey from roaming the cave over and over but the most scary part was his eyes. His eyes were old but their color was dark grey. They almost looked void as if he were blind. He sat cross-legged behind the table and upon hearing my steps had turned his head to look at me. He blinked twice and nodded his head slowly. He motioned me to sit down opposite of him. His skin looked rugged and old. His hair was grey and running all the way down to the floor. Inside of his hair I could make out lice that had grown to huge proportions slowly moving around! My stomach turned inside of me as I approached him. As I began to sit down he started to talk in a voice that was barely more then a whisper.
“So, you are the new one? I've seen worse.”
“I'm sorry?”
“You are the new victim the island has specially chosen to go through the “change of your life”. The island always does this every other year to some unsuspecting person. Last year we had a lady about your age come here. She use to be a fashion model, Paw! With that he spat at the ground nearby. Thought she owned the world she did. Selfish little thing. Now i'm not saying that all fashion models are like that but this particular one was. She lasted about three minutes inside here with me and then she was out and about the island. I believe just as you arrived I heard her nearly complete her transformation into the enemy. She will be the worst enemy I have ever seen.”
I interrupted him at this point. I had loads of questions. “Sir, who is the enemy. And why did the island pick me to come here? I have everything I need and I don't have any problems. I ;live a life that is easy, normal, and decent. What does this blasted island need me?”
“My son, yo were picked because you have everything. You don't. Have you ever taken a good look at youself. This island is all about taking a good look at ones self and determining whether he is a good man...”here he paused. Or an enemy.”
“Who is the enemy?”
That is a double question that I will only answer in a philosophical way. You are the answer to the question. You are the enemy. Your selfish nature is what the enemy is. On this island there is a magical spell that was placed on here to do a very special deed. The island is allowed to select human beings from the real world and bring them here to judge them. If the person that arrives here is very much an enemy to the world and to the bases behind the chivalric code; the island will turn them into something new. This island judges beings by judging their character. If the human is sour he will turn into a green snake that will roam the jungle in search of other snakes to devour. If the human is good the island allows them two decisions. They can either go home back to the world or stay here as a dog who can be found in the treehouse to guide others in their search. The dog you have outside is a very old dog named Demetrius. He arrived here twenty years ago when I was 44. He was very smart for his age and soon discovered the secret of the island with my help and decided to help others. He is probably sitting outside the cave waiting for you. By the way, have you found Goliath yet?”
“Who is Golaith?”
“You haven't seen him. Golaith is the evil one who roams this land in search of beings who have yet to transform into snakes. His job is to seduce people into the jungle where he kills them and dispose of them into the river. Then the bodies he kills wash up on the shore and transform into dragons which is what happened to Tony who today stalks the beaches in search of beings. He was one who was talked into going with Goliath into the jungle. There he was killed and let out into the ocean. He is going blind but his senses are still as good as ever. This island is special and yet very dangerous son. You must be able to discover your worst weakness because Goliath already knows it just by looking at you. He will use that ability to kill you. You must find your greatest weakness and figure out how to control it.”
“Are you out of your mind. This island is just as normal as anything I have ever seen. I haven't seen any of the dangers you see. You look like one who is crazy and I can't get my mind into this transformation thing at all.”
“My son, This whole thing may seem ludicrous and sometimes I myself believe it to be but the truth remainds. I have seen these things and they do come true. One such student I had was so engrossed in philosophy that he transformed into a snake right before my eyes. His own weakness had been so corrupt that the island was forced to rid him before even giving him a chance. I don't want that to happen to you. Just think about what you have heard. I will return shortly.” With that the old man began to disappear into a thin cloud of dust. Just as he disappeared I heard a loud bark behind me. The dog which had followed me around now stood behind me in the opening to the cave I was in. I spoke to the dog just in case it understood me.
“Did you see that man? What was he some sort of prophet or something?”
I slowly began to process all that I had been told inside of my head. The enemy is me? Why? Is there some sort of double meaning? I can't transform into a snake or a dragon? Why does the island change things? As I neared the exit to the cave everything outside seemed more dangerous, more deadly, and more evil in nature then when I had entered the cave. I could just feel many eyes looking at me with glee and smirks.