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Net's Other Fanfic!

Postby Netbug009 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:44 pm

LOL GUYS like, don't all my non-pixar art threads have the most creative titles ever? I mean, "Net's Other Fanart" and "Net's Other Graphics" and "Net's Other Fanfic"! I am clearly a creative genius.

Oh well. Anyways, I wrote some Princess and the Frog fanfic! :D

WARNING: This fic contains massive spoilers for The Princess and The Frog!

But We're Gonna Be Someday

The first thing Ray figured out was that this place was bright.

There were no shadows to confirm this, but for some reason Ray was still sure it was bright, and if anybody knew brightness when they saw it, it was a firefly. A slightly golden white caressed his eyes no matter which way Ray's head turned.

The second thing he realized, and this took a little more observation, was this place was brighter than the lights of every firefly he had ever met put together. Well, not every firefly. Every firefly but one.

Despite this, his eyes didn't ache at all, blinking normally without the tiniest squint, and the third thing Ray realized was the lack of pain throughout his entirety; a blunt difference from the throbbing torment of his crushed body only moments ago.

Wait a minute.

That one firefly... that one special firefly; where was she? He recalled that she was nearby when he'd fallen asleep after talking to Tiana and Naveen. She was often gone when he woke up, but between his new location and getting a little roughed up earlier, he couldn't help be worried. She could be so adorably timid at times; had the earlier events frightened her? He didn't like the idea of her spending the entire day worried and then not knowing where he had gone to when she came to talk to him...

Ray grew consumed by his worries and dedication to be with her tonight, as he was every night, until a change nearby became so strong he had to acknowledge it.

Warmth. Behind him.

He turned without question, the furrow on his eyebrows vanishing

He gave his warmest smile to a glow that stood out even in this place, was about the same size as him, and floated close by.

"There you at!" Ray exclaimed between chuckles, his smile somehow growing even more. "You 'ad me goin' for a second! Neva' told me you was funny!"

The warmth moved towards him, and already adjusted to the glow, Ray could make out a hand reaching to him inside of the brighter patch.

He took it, and all his thoughts focused on Evangeline, dully noting himself mixing into the lights.
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Re: Net's Other Fanfic!

Postby ObsessedWithPixar » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:26 am

Aww, Netbug... this is so sweet! Well-written and delightful as usual! And every word is just like it should be for Ray... I love! :)
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