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Suplicating All of Your Favorite Weapons in Fallout 76

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Suplicating All of Your Favorite Weapons in Fallout 76

Postby mmocs » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:10 am

Because the nerfs the Fallout 76 community is experiencing haven't been officially announced in public facing patch notes, players are banding together to test and confirm each other's suspicions. It's not clear what's leading to certain perceptions; some melee users are reporting that their damage has been nerfed, but other users are saying that the change comes from a fixed bug that caused the SPECIAL system to record a user's Strength as higher than it actually was.

Other Reddit users added their own allegations of the same issue, with one public screenshot showing multiple, confused replies to the same support-ticket thread. This public screenshot includes no personally identifying data; screenshots with other users' addresses and photos have since been taken down. We have reached out to affected Reddit users and will update this report with any responses.

Fallout 76 has seen a pretty rough launch, but one area where the game's knocked it out of the park is its setting. Dropping the the typical nuclear deserts in favour a less desolate West Virginia gives the game a big splash of life and colour, and the setting is pretty true to real-world locations rarely explored in pop culture. Photographer Alex Stead has made that comparison in the most direct way possible by shooting the real-life locales with gaming laptop in hand. Buy Cheap Fallout 76 Atoms from Mmocs.com gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

Upon taking melee damage, you have a chance to shock your attackers, dealing damage and giving you some breathing room. You also take a small amount of damage, but when you're dealing with hordes of Scorched or Ghouls, that's worth the risk. The mutation Unstable Isotope is similar to this it irradiates melee attackers and causes radiation, while also dealing damage to you. However, some enemies are immune to Unstable Isotope's radiation.

It doesn't help that Fallout 76 doesn't do much to support roleplaying in-game, either. While you can join various factions, the game hardly reacts to your membership of them at all. Want to roleplay the role of a Fallout raider? Well, you could try attack other players on the map for a laugh, but the PvP system is so bad, why would you bother? Want to roleplay as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel? Well, you could run around in Power Armor and spout self-righteous nonsense over the proximity-based voice communications to anyone who'll listen, but beyond that, but you'll spend most of your time screaming into the abyss.

The Fallout 76 community has been fractured since launch, with some players genuinely enjoying the madcap nature of the game and the changes to the traditional Fallout formula. However, the feedback has largely been negative, with the game being criticized as both a Fallout title and an online multiplayer sandbox. Black Friday saw the title’s price drop by 50 percent, which was seen as a sign of sluggish sales. The Dec. 4 patch has further lowered community morale, with players expressing anger over changes to experience and production.
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