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Postby Al-Bob » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:24 pm

The Beginning

Ansonia my home
From morning breath to evening death
Ansonia my home
From little spring to gurgling river
Ansonia my home
May we see the beauty it holds
Ansonia my home
and enjoy the time we spend together
Ansonia my home
You shall be forever mine to hold
Ansonia my home, my home!


The breeze was cold and the month rather harsh when Phillip C. Mullins stood outside his log home. Around him the air was cold but a more accustomed creature would have detected the springlike nature of the trees. Mr. Mullins or commonly known as Phil by his friends had just finished his spring cleaning deciding that a short break outside would do the trick to his growing state of stuffiness. He was a rather young squirrel for his race almost at the age of 27. After their occurrence which was undecided by many as to how they came about his tribe had almost all started as teenagers. He had light brown fur that covered his back and head. His stomach had a large white patch of fur that he prized more then anything else. He wore a short sleeved shirt that could have almost been mistaken for a jacket. It was light blue colored although a more closer look would have guessed it to be sky blue. He wore brown overalls beneath his shirt and even this could have been more closely called olive. For shoes he wore little wood slippers. These were roughly carved out of tree bark and were extremely durable, water-proof, and flexible.
Phil had just recently finished his wonderful dream house. When he had first come to Fortress Valley the inclination occurred to him that location would be fought over very quickly. He had settled down near a winding river and on many occasions had been forced to drive off invaders with his broom. His house was a large wooden house. It had three rooms one of which was a library in which wooden pieces had charcoal written on them. This room was large and spacious. When one left this room he was instantly encountered with the living room or acquaintance room. This room shaped like a octagon was beautifully carved inside with thin rock. This was then carved as to remove the sharp edges. The rock wasn't the only beautiful piece in the room. On the floor near the fire place in the middle of the room was a large rug of immense size. This was of many different colors and patterns. Phil loved hos house and even his bedroom was extravagant. The bed he used was rather moderate but his dresser was beautiful carved wood in many different shapes. Nut of all of the rooms that Phil loved the Library was it. Just the smell and feeling that he got in it was so overpowering. The shelves lined with wood pieces was just too great for him to ignore. He constantly spent time in this room studying with his charcoal pen writing about creatures or new discoveries. This served as books or documents for Phil. Although they were heavy duty they tended to deteriorate when left outside and whenever rain comes they are completely useless. The library room was almost circular. It had shelves all around made of oak. Books lined the shelves. Big ones, skinny ones, Phil had all kinds of documents. Some were of the creatures in the forest while others were of the land and its geography. He had books for Squirrels, hedgehogs, dogs, bears, hawks, vultures, foxes, and any other creatures. He also had books about the rivers, streams, valleys, mountains, islands, plains, and even a book about the mysterious polar caps in the south and north. There was one book that laid out on the table was different then the rest. This book lightly dawned in a tan brown cover was blank. Phil had just opened the book intent on writing but had found his steps hindered by a loss of focus and determination. He had decided that a quick break would let his memory come back to him.
So that was the present. Phil had just decided to go back in for some tea when his sharp ears picked up sounds coming from the little path up the valley. In the bushes not some 30 feet away he could make out a small figure coming towards him. Quickly turning about he walked briskly back inside his house muttering to himself;
“Oh dear, not him. I wish he would set a time before he just shows up.”
The figure in the bushes was a rough looking squirrel by the name of Tom McBurrel but most of his followers called him Tom-Tom. He was muscularly built and had a very large figure when one stood next to him. He was almost a head taller then all his fellow squirrels and this made him very popular among the youngens. He was always kind although he did forget stuff rather quickly. His wit was sharp and his sword even sharper. Since being “born” into the world Tom-Tom was a natural fighter. His coolness in battle and cold glare that he showed the enemy were horrid to look at. But now as he stumbled along the path he looked more tired then anything else. His clothes were nice but yet also peasant looking and common. He wore a short tunic and a large belt that almost was too large for him. On the belt held a large sword. This he called Salaman and with it he was without difficulty cutting his way through the shrubbery towards Phil's House.
“Oey, there Phil. Don't leave in such a huff would ya. I only come to tal' with ya for a secon.”
Phil came back out with a platter of tea that he had prepared for himself just as Tom-Tom removing his figure from the shrubs entered the open grove.
“No Tom, I was only getting some tea for you. I can see by your panting and heaving that you have traveled far to see me today. But first sit down here on the grass and sip some tea. It will refresh your tongue and your memory.”
“And what's wrong with my memory ol' chap? Did I forget something?”
“You promised to visit one week ago and now you decide to show up without invitation.”
“Did I? Terribly sorry chap, must have gotten my mind confused.” After a moment pause; “I'm fairly certain that I did say two weeks...”
“No you didn't. You said, “in a weeks time I shall come to see you again”, that's what you said.”
“Well doesn't matter now, I'm here and that is all that matters.”
Phil handed Tom a cup of tea which Tom quickly drank. He sighed as his panting and heaving slowed. After a moment relaxing he started;
“Now, I have come to see you today because of your writing.”
“My writing? And what is wrong with my writing?”
Tom laughed; “Nothing my skittish squirrel. The league has decided to make you official recorder of Ansonia. And since I'm Leader I deem it my responsibility to tell you personally.”
“Oh, well then as citizen I deem it my responsibility to think it over and tell you in about a week, how's that sound?”
Both shared a laugh over the remark.
Phil continued; “Of course I'll take the position. Ive always wanted to record Ansonia's history since my beginning. This will be like another horrid habit I have.”
“Another horrid habit indeed” Replied Tom. “That last habit...tree hopping wasn't very well thought through last time I saw you.”
“Ha...not very good for the bones if you ask me.”
“Yah, to many branches. Say, I've never seen your library and your book collection. Would you mind showing me it real fast.”
“Certainly, come right this way.”
Phil then led Tom through the main entryway of his house and soon entered the library. Tom looked around;
“Wow, great little place you got here. Maybe some day we could move all these books out and make a real designated place for it.”
“In my dreams, in that kind of a place there would be exact tables to write on. That way even the youngens could create their own biographies instead of me writing about them.”
“Speaking of which,” said Tom suddenly turning with a sober face towards Phil. “Do you have a book written yet about the revolution?”
Phil turned slowly away from Tom and towards the middle of the room. There lying on the table was the unwritten book. “This is it,” he said. “This is all I have been able to write about it. I have written books about the different species or animals that roam Ansonia so that people would be able to see the different kinds we have. But, ever since my son Dalph joined I have forever wanted to forget the incident and almost act like it never happened. I can still remember the day we had a large argument. Larger than any we had ever had before. He used the “you don't know” statement that Shella had used and quickly forced me to look absolutely helpless. He then packed his bags and just left. It was so sudden that I almost remember thinking he would return later all to realize he was gone for good.”
Tom looked down at the book and then back at Phil. His friend's eyes were watering at the very thought of his son. Tom walked over to him and putting his arm around his shoulder said; “Maybe if you wrote about it you would let it all out and not bottle it up inside.”
Phil scrunched his mouth in doubt; “Do ya think that would work?”
Tom looked at him and smiled; “I know it will. Come on, I'll help you.”
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Postby Al-Bob » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:25 pm

Chapter 2

(Now the leaders of Shella's day were not known as Presidents like we do in the United States or Kings like the Midevil people had. No, leaders were something more. Leaders were the wise men of the day. These men were the ones that made decisions, kept secrets about bad things that shouldn't be told to the populous, and the keeping of the people.)
The two friends silently prepared some charcoal outside. Tom gathered the sticks they would use while Phil went inside to get some lemonade. It was about 4 when the sticks were prepared. As Tom got the first batch out of the fire Phil looked up from his seat. Tom looked up at him and with a slight movement backwards settled into a comfortable position.
“So, where shall we begin? Should we talk straight about Jorkin and Shella or should we make a long story about it?”
Phil thought for a moment before responding; “We should make a detailed story about both of them. Since they are still alive we can still detail them nicely. And if we didn't detail them then future generations wouldn't know why the youngens left us. They would feel confused about the sudden departure and would almost forget the document's history.”
“Agreed, so where should we start?”
“I believe right after the first ever Ansonia Harvest festival in the 55 Sun of Feast. That way we could tell about Shella before Jorkin arrived later.”
“Very good, should we talk about the feast before Shella?”
“Not a bad idea, then we could also document the first festival since it was the start of the problems with Shella.”
Phil got the stick ready as Tom began to recite from memory.
“The 45th of Feast we decided to have a large gathering of the people to hold a large celebration. Being the only creatures in the forest we decided to invite the Foxes from the north, the hawks from the southwest mountains, and the rabbits, badgers, and dogs from the northeast. Each brought their own dishes such as Pumpkin Stew from the Foxes, Fresh fish from the Hawks, and a lovely pastry dish from the Rabbits. We had just arrived when one creature in particular caught my attention. Her name was Shella. From the Fox clan she had grown up in the northern part of Ansonia. Well known throughout the land as the best looking creature her beauty was the first thing that caught my attention. Her face was wonderful and extremely gorgeous to look at. I am certain that every young male in the camp took a long hard look at her if not to just be amazed but to also see if their eyes were getting old. She instantly had a following of young men and maidens who always questioned her to her beauty and keep. When she arrived she was very quiet and polite. She was always with her father and mother who were likewise shy but very polite. After 3 days of preparations I decided to visit them. I had thought it best to personally take a good input to her character and beauty. Upon my arrival her mother and father instantly prepared a nice meal for me but Shella just sat and watched me as if sizing me up. She stayed out of most of the conversations although when I got into a topic about the recent news of the bees invading the flower fields she instantly pipped in her opinion. I did see great leadership skill in her responses but I also saw something more deeply rooted then politeness. After I had finished my meal and had spoken long enough I left but not after talking with her parents privately. I asked them many things about their daughter but all they could tell me was that she was as quiet as a mouse and polite as a child. I left the tent in much disappointed disgust...”

...Shella watched Tom leave the tent through the front door. Her smile had vanished and instead was replaced by a frown. Her mind was working furiously to try and decipher the meeting but all she could come up with was some vague idea that he wanted to marry her before the young ones did. Shella went into her room at the back of the tent. She looked over at her bed and her dresser. There sitting on the dresser was a small dagger which she always had ever since a child. It had been a present from a mysterious figure that even her parents couldn't remember. The figure being powerful and tall had come into the tent unannounced and without much words had given the dagger to her and then leaving had said; “I shall come back soon. Make sure Scimitar is close.”
Shella had already deciphered that this dagger was to be called Scimitar but the reason behind her having it had never dawned on her. The idea of a young maiden fighting with a dagger was totally obsolete. Not only was it preposterous but it was against all creeds even the Vultures in the Polars. Now as she looked at it the blade suddenly seemed sharper, the handle more rough and cut. A slight shiver went through her body. She turned to the dresser and placing the dagger in her belt hidden from sight started to walk out of the tent. As she walked out her mind came back to her and it suddenly dawned upon her;
“Tom was here to size me up” she said to herself. “He came not only to see about my marriageability but also my attitude. He was here about my character. And what did I do, I starting talking about the bumblebee invasion as if I were a leader of my clan.”
Shella quickly marched out of the tent and taking a small track up the valley went towards the river to the west. As she walked she thought about her race, her position in the family, and her beliefs. She had always believed that some kind of beginning happened to bring about Ansonia but that every parent was too silent to talk about it. They were keeping the secret silent so that no news about a greater power could be heard of. At the thought of it she clenched her fists. How dare they keep secrets from the next generation. If they could only tell then the truth could be talked about and a decision discussed. But until then every son or daughter of these “parents” would be hidden from the secret. How did the parents begin? This single question made her stop in her steps. Why did they have a beginning? Could they have just been? Not possible...there must always be a beginning to something. She slowly picked up her feet again and continued on her way. Occasionally she would pass parties of hunters or gatherers getting supplies for the feast happening in four Suns. These payed little attention to her as she walked steadily towards the riverside. Soon the river Timer was seen below her. As she approached it her thoughts took her to the fox leader Kirkland. He was a smart leader but took loads of advise from wiser more older foxes. He was almost a puppet to advise. She thought about his leadership skills and recent decisions. Kirkland had recently decide on moving the clan towards the hills in the north but had been rebuffed by the elders because of Vulture problems. Shella was still rather disgusted with Kirkland for not pushing his idea forward. If he had succeeded the land could have been tamed and then the spoils that the Vultures were feasting on would have been theirs. Since no meat such as fish ranged in the south the clan could have finally thrived in the north. They could have started eating what their stomachs yearned for instead of the ripe green herbs and flowers that they continually ate. Why even the Dogs ate fish all the time due to the east coast being full of different kinds of fishes. As Shella drew near the river she could distinctly make out one figure standing alone on the other side. The figure was very vague due to the great distance the river spawned but as she stepped closer the figure raised its paw in recognition of her. Shella looked around her as if to see if the hand was raised for someone else. She raised her hand back at the figure. With slow steps the figure moved towards the other shore. As it moved Shella began to make out what it was. It wore a long grey cloak that went fro its head all the way to its feet. Under the cloak their appeared to be a short belt around the waist. The figure walked on two legs just like the squirrels did and Shella started to wonder whether or not it was Tom-Tom coming for her when suddenly the figure reached the waters edge. Then to her amazement the figure began to cross the river all by itself. With slow and careful steps the figure walked on top of the water towards her. Its face was now becoming more recognizable and as Shella looked at it she recognized that it was entirely different then anything she had seen before. It had black hair but grey eyes that seem to only look one direction. The face was upright and its hair fell onto its shoulders. Its arms hung loose at its sides although its hands were clenched tightly together. As it drew close to her shore it brought its hands up. With slow movements it removed the cloak from its head. Its face now in full view Shella was amazed to find herself actually confronting the creature. It seemed to have a second dimension feel to it. Her feet yearned to run but her body couldn't. She wanted to scream but her mouth was dry and whenever she opened it the creature would simple put his finger to his lips. The creature now came close to the bank and with the final step reached dry land. Shella took one step back as the creature walked pass her. When he had gone about five passes he turned around and looked at her. His eyes were calm and his face pleasant. He smiled gently to her and with a raised hand said;
“Welcome Shella daughter of Miliki. Many thanks for returning Scimitar to me once again.”
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Chapter 3

“You're that mysterious figure...the one that met me when I was young.”
“Yes I am, my name is Jorkin. I am a fifth degree Wizard. I came to you when you were young as a sign of greatness to come. Although many of my followers have died young some have risen to great power in the ranks of my army. Together we have grown large in the southeast. We, upon hearing the news of the great feast, came as quickly as we could and have now just arrived. Do you know the prefect place to set up tent that would be somewhat away from the main body?”
Shella looked around at the surrounding country. “Well, if you want someplace secluded there is a small grove not far from here that has plenty of shade and is near to requirements.”
“Excellent,” replied Jorkin. “I knew you wouldn't fail me.”
With that he marched towards the spot Shella had pointed to. When they arrived Jorkin looked all around the place and upon seeing that nothing was in sight quickly and quite suddenly turned towards Shella.
“Are you ready for what is to take place in the coming week?”
Shella was taken back by the question. “What do you mean?”
“Has no one informed you about myself or what the dagger I gave you in birth means?”
“No...no one has told me anything. Although the parents do lots of that around here. They seem to keep secrets from their own friends as well as their families. They are extremely bossy and one day I wish I could change things to be more open.”
Jorkin smiled under his coat which he pulled tighter around his face. “Good, you have the same attitude that you did when you were young. But first I must tell you about the dagger and myself. As I told you ear;lier I am a fifth degree magician. That means that I can almost create things. If you wanted anything to eat I could almost make it out of air for you. A fifth degree magician can move things. If I wanted to make a small hill for you I could. I am very powerful and through me all things in this place were made. I created the hills, the mountains, the streams, the... (here he shuddered) parents. It was I and I alone who made them. That is why I can for you. You have been chosen by myself and the spirits to be the next apprentice for my wisdom clan. The spirits chose you before I did. They were the ones that led me to you,that made me give you my best dagger as a sign. They picked you and now you have come back in good time. I see that your attitude is just right as you hate the current state of rule. I do too and with my force we shall remake the structure for the better of us all. Do you understand all this?”
Shella had been taking it all in with silent obedience. She nodded slowly but then she shook her head. “What must we do to remake th structure? Do you really intend to force them?”
“What other way is there. The current leaders have grown obstinate and...(he looked at Shella in particular) very sizing if I am not mistaken?”
Shella suddenly remembered the meeting with Tom-Tom. She realized the truth that he spoke. “Absolutely...yes they have grown rather obstinate and stubborn...and very rude if you ask me. They don't let us ask about certain things and never let us do any independent things anymore.”
“And you would like to at least try some of those things right?”
“Absolutely...it is quite rude and down right wrong for them to hinder our liberties!”
“Excellent...” Jorkin said under his breath. “Then you must come with me to learn about the problems with your leadership and what we must do about it. I will teach you in the ways of leadership so that when we restart the system you will be able to rewrite the records and set them straight.”
“Sounds good,” answered Shella. “When shall we being?”
“Tomorrow afternoon, when you are allowed to play with your friends and walk among the camp. I will enter through the north and announce my arrival as any other traveler would do. Then I will slip out the south side of the camp and there I will meet you. Then we will come back here and set up a small tent. There I will teach you about magic, leadership, and being a revolutionist.”
Shella stood up. Her mind was swimming but her anger had fogged her thinking. “Yes, I will come back here tomorrow and we shall talk about restarting this horrid, despicable leadership.”
Jorkin bowed his head. “Until then.”
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Postby Al-Bob » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:26 pm

Chapter 4

Shella walked slowly home. The adventure with Jorkin had ruffled her fur quite a bit. He seemed sincere and even his motive was something she liked but there was a second sense that told her to avoid him if possible. He had a foul sense of wisdom almost like he knew too well. He was smart, perhaps too smart for even a fox. Shella stopped to think. Jorkin had called her from her youth to be with him? How? Did that spirit really have the power to choose people? Jorkin had really pulled her into his idea. The problem with the leaders was really getting out of hand. They were hiding something and if Jorkin could possibly bring that into the sunlight perhaps the truth could be revealed. Shella smiled to herself as she thought it over. Finally the parents would be forced to tell the youngens about the unknown secrets of the world.
Shella soon entered camp from the south side. Shortly after she arrived a loud commotion was heard coming from the west side of camp. Hearing the noise Shella, acting inconspicuous, ambled over to the spot. Near the east side of camp a large circle of gathered creatures stood shoulder to shoulder. They had created a round circle around something. Shella pushed her way through and finally caught a glimpse of the center. There stood Jorkin tall and powerful being watched by everyone and especially Tom-Tom. Tom-Tom had spotted Jorkin a while off and had gathered the leaders to confront him before he entered the camp.
“Come on my good friends.” Jorkin said loud enough for everyone to hear. “Can't you let me in to? I am friendly, peaceful and even though I am different will not injure or cause trouble.”
Tom-Tom stood before him with defiant eyes. “No, the council knows about you and your kind. Your clan shall not enter into our peaceful feasting because of what you have started and continue to do. Your clan is a major scourge to our land. The blot on the cloth, the thorn among lemons. You and your kind will never have a spot among our council and we will never do business with your kind, feast or no feast.”
“Now you are being unreasonable Tom. Your leaders now that my power is great but they only know that if I use it they will not be able to control this congregation. They only want to control these poor souls.” Here he turned around with his arm outstretched symbolizing the entire population. “They are greedy and far more dangerous than anything I can bring.”
Shella quietly cheered inside as Jorkin attacked the leaders. This was exactly what she had wanted since she was young. The leaders were finally getting put into the light and examined. As she watched a small gathering of youngens nearby caught her attention. They were part of the squirrel clans but their puzzled faces were signs of curiosity and questions. They seemed to have the same mindset as she did. As the two leaders in the center of the ring talked she watched the small group. With every argument they would agree by nodding or disagree by making frowns and sharp grunts.
Can't you let the ones who have the power really control? Jorkin added. It is surely time for the leaders who only care for their own gain to let other younger people take over and do the best for their people.
A loud cheer went up from the youngens in the ring as Jorkin finished. Tom glared at Jorkin.
“I can see the game you are going to play. You are going to discredit me and my followers so that we are overthrown. Well let me tell you something. With the changes you would make these youngens would wish they would have us. The problems that lie in the darkness are too great for them to be exposed to. If we were to reveal all things to them then the weight of responsibility and pressure would be far to great for them. You may say well that you would do better but if you were in my shoes you would do the same exact thing. Jorkin the magician if you were leader these people wouldn't be your followers but your slaves. You have no power other then Snake's. You are no more powerful then myself and any strength that you claim is only given to you through other forces. You are a weak puppet of the greatest force in this world. Be careful what you invoke Jorkin for the spirits do not take lightly to rebukes and controlling people.”
Shella clenched her fists. He was using the same words that other leaders had said to her. You are too young to understand, too weak, too fragile. All these horrible lies were becoming too great for her.
“Just let him in!” She suddenly said. “If he dares do anything wrong then you may stop him. But until then you must at least offer courtesy and openhearted.”
The circle parted to allow the center to look out at her. Jorkin smiled slyly while Tom walked slowly up to Shella. His chest was heaving from the argument but he still held his cool.
“Shella, you are too young to mess with such matters. How dare you interfere with leadership principles. This man!!...”he said turning to Jorkin. “Is the mastermind behind such evil things as can not be uttered in the presence of any except the council. His evil deeds have been known throughout the land as barbaric and horrid. Do you seriously want me to let him come into our peaceful gathering with such a reputation.”
“And can't a man change?” Shella replied. “What if he promises not to harm any or cause uprising in the camp. Then he could cause no such trouble with us.”
A loud cheer erupted from the youngens nearby. Their cheers startled most of the council except Tom. One youngen stepped forward.
“We should be openhearted. If we are to follow the rules of our leaders than the first thing that we must follow is the law of compassion and homeliness.”
Tom glared coldly at Shella. He saw what she had started and as he looked at her in a new light he saw the passion and anger built up inside of her.
After a long pause he turned to Jorkin. “We shall allow you to enter the camp and exit whenever you like. But for any public demonstrations or acts you shall not do so. Do you understand?”
“Of course.” Said Jorkin. He smiled warmly at Shella who was now pulling away from the group. “I shall make sure not to cause any trouble to you.”
Tom turned around and without another word left the circle. Jorkin watched the squirrel retreat towards his home. “I have you right where I want you Tom.”
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Chapter 5

Tom met in a tent later that day with the council of Ansonia. Gathered around him were Elvin the Dog, Kirkland the Fox, Andrew the Rabbit, and Austwitch the Hawk. All the leaders were all in a bustle about the news of Jorkin the Wizard arriving in camp.
“It isn't his magic we are to fear” Austwitch the Hawk started. “it is the forces behind his magic, his motivational speaking, and his throng that support him that we are to fear. If he is able to motivate our own children to revolt then our efforts to create a more perfect world will be useless. All the greats of the world will become open to their eyes and everything that happens will appear more vivid, more real, and more dangerous then before. If we let him take over we shall forever regret doing nothing.”
“I agree” put in Andrew the Rabbit. “If we were to allow Jorkin and his followers to begin winning our youngens over who knows what they would do? They have suffered through the past years due to us keeping secrets. They are all set for an uprising and Jorkin appearing now was most uncalled for.”
Tom rose from his seat at the head of the congregation. “I can see that you gentleman speak wisdom. The youngens are ready for change but the change they have before them is not the kind they want. If they but knew what Jorkin was about they would try to change in a much different way. Jorkin will most likely call for a meeting in which all the rebels of the camp will join him. There he will try to persuade them to leave us and follow him. Then with his magic he will attempt to show them how powerful he is compared to us. If we but had a rival to Jorkin who could do the kinds of signs that he does. He has been known as a servant of Snake. If Snake works through him then we will have a severe problem. Our only hope is that seeing the differences in what Jorkin teaches some of our youngens come back. I would advise all of us parents to treat them kindly for the remainder of the day and try to avoid any arguments. If the kids find any fault in us they will exaggerate the incident in their minds and create large mountains out of mole-holes. Perhaps some will at least realize the problems and come home to us with their heads on straight. These we must treat with a new version of loving care. Since they want to see what we see we will have to start giving away little tit-bits of it to them. That way we can tell them that they are experiencing what we leaders feel.”
A roar of cheers accompanied Tom's seating himself. The council leader had spoken.
Not far away Jorkin was walking along in the camp. He was attempting to get into conversation with the people but every time he would try he would get rebuffed by the parents. He had almost given in to anger at the constant rebuffing when he stumbled upon a small nook of youngens talking in a circle. He made his way over to them;
“We really should be able to hear and debate with the parents over such things as where we live and what we do. I mean, we are the next generation and if we don't have a say in things then who will?”
“Dalph you speak lies. If the parents wanted our input they would ask for it. If some of the things that Tom spoke of were true then maybe some of the stuff the leaders feel are horrible in comparison to us.”
The last speaker a small Squirrel of some 9 years was talking to the leader of the group a larger squirrel around the age of 14. Jorkin entered just as Dalph walked towards the small Squirrel who had rebuked him. His eyes shown dead cold and with a quick flick he smacked his fellow squirrel across the cheek. Jorkin jumped into the center to grab the falling younger Squirrel.
“Now, now. Violence won't solve anything.”
The ring of youngens jumped back as they realized who Jorkin was. Dalph on the other hand stood his ground.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Jorkin. I am the leading Wizard and thinker at the Ansonian Academy. We cerate the sharpest more wiser minds in all of the land. From the looks of it you need some help in that area and in fighting.”
“When did you come here? My father doesn't have a book about you?”
Jorkin became quite interested in this young man as he uttered these words. “Who is your father? I must see him at once for I have heard that the recorder of the Squirrels knows everything there is to know.”
“My father is Phil Mullins the official and only documenter in Ansonia. He has written too much in his time. He ignores his only son and is extremely bossy and lazy.”
“And what is his son's name?” Jorkin already knew this question but his mind told him to keep asking questions about the young squirrel instead of being asked questions himself.
“Dalph. I am the son of Phil and a born and natural fighter. I hope some day to lead a new clan of settlers to the east and explore the coast.”
“Ah, you wouldn't want to go out there. Sea Pirates and Sea Dogs. The nasty creatures they ransack your ships and then murder you all. The rats are the worst of them all. They are huge creatures that only know how to pillage, murder, and destroy.”
“I'm not afraid of them.”
“I can see that. You are a brave and valiant squirrel. But you are following the wrong cause. These leaders such as Tom will not give you adventure or exploring. They will only make sure that you stay here and work.”
“What do you mean?” asked Dalph now quite interested and confused by Jorkin.
“What I mean is to follow a different cause. I am starting a brand new settlement that will be setting out fairly soon. We will trace the horizon and also set up new laws so that new explorers will be born. All this “settlementing” and lawing is too much for some people and my...er...the new clan will make sure to change some things for the better.”
“Sounds interesting. How does one become part of this clan?”
“Join me. Join me and you shall all become explorers of the creed. You shall all become part of the newest clan of Ansonia. Tonight when all is dark and quiet we shall be gathering new recruits at the top of Mt. Kirachi. There we shall commence the initiating of newcomers and there they shall all become part of the clan. If you wish to join us tonight you may. Bring whatever you need because who knows when the parents may break down on our efforts to break out and explore.”
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