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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby evspixarfan2012 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:54 pm

Six years since I've joined the forums today, and I hardly log in anymore due to lack of activity...I just don't know if I want to keep going by evspixarfan2012 here...I mean, I've had a few other usernames over on Twitter and DeviantArt, but none of them have worked out...and I'm afraid that this one's no longer working out for me, either...

But not to worry, though...I'll still be here from time to time...it's just I won't be logging in...I'd change my username if I could, but according to the rules, I can't...and with Incredibles 2 on the way (plus that upcoming new Pixar Pier attraction), I feel as if now's the time for me to correct some of my previous mistakes which I have made in the past...the result being, eventually, that I will not only have changed, in terms of being more active within the fandom itself...but that my profile accounts elsewhere are slowly set up, to the point where I will soon have found a perfect username, to suit me all perfectly well and whatnot...

And hopefully, with whatever username I come up with next on any of those accounts...be it on Twitter and/or DeviantArt, for example...if all goes well then I will not need to start over again, like I have done a few other times in the past year or so...for as the 100-day mark fast approaches, in the one-year final countdown for Incredibles 2 (and with that same 100-day mark being only 3 days away as I am typing this right now)...to those of you who have followed me elsewhere, back when I used to go by either Pix-Cali-Tropic, PixarFanGirlForever, and/or 4ever-a-Pixar-girl, I no longer go by any of these usernames...but the next one, will eventually be revealed later on in the year, and with it I hope to eventually be able to stay for good...and be more active, wherever else in the fandom you all go nowadays.

NOTE: I apologize if some of what I just said over here didn't make sense, and I also apologize if you didn't understand any of this. But a lot has changed for me in the past six years, and especially within the past year itself some other things have also changed fast for me as well. I'm very excited for Incredibles 2 and I want to be a lot more active in the fandom, but I really need a different username--one that I won't ever change again--especially on Twitter and DeviantArt, or wherever else I can also find you again. *Thanks for six years of all the fun here, guys!***
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