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Reasons For Baldness in Women - Stop Wondering Why Hair Loss

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Reasons For Baldness in Women - Stop Wondering Why Hair Loss

Postby reginafancy » Wed Jan 29, 2020 6:11 am

Androgens play a role in male pattern baldness. Hair Revital X Review These same hormones encourage the growth of pubic hair, armpits and face during puberty. People with male pattern baldness may have a level of male hormones are the same as normal people, but these hormones to accumulate in certain areas on their heads and causing the hair follicles there setbacks.

Most women avoid this baldness because they produce less androgens, and because the female hormone, astrogen can fight the effects of male hormones. However, women who produce too much androgen may have the same problem. Other hormones, such as that produced by the thyroid gland, can also affect your hair. For example, too much or too little thyroid hormone from the gland can cause baldness.

Stress Sudden stress can also promote baldness half / incomplete or temporary baldness. Temporary hair loss can also be driven by the stress after the birth or the loss of a beloved person. Medical Conditions Some drugs, such as anti-coagulant, anti-depressants, anti-thyroid drugs used in chemotherapy, can cause baldness. Most vitamin A also has the same effect.

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Re: Reasons For Baldness in Women - Stop Wondering Why Hair Loss

Postby Sanford12 » Sat Feb 22, 2020 2:01 pm

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