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Stinky Pete Returns

Postby TTHtv » Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:24 pm

At Sunnyside, Ken, Barbie, and the others are writing a letter to Woody, Buzz, Jessie, etc. before daycare starts. They hear footsteps and freeze. Bonnie's mom walks in with a box marked "Amy's Old Toys." She walks away to go back to her desk before dropping Bonnie off. The box falls off and out comes a bunch of Barbie dolls, a couple Bratz dolls, a few Ken dolls, and a prospector doll.
Jack in the box: New toys!
The rest of the toys cheer as Barbie and Ken pull up in their dump truck.
Ken: Welcome to Sunnyside! I'm Ken!
Barbie: And like most of you, I'm Barbie. I think we could be friends. It must've been rough being given away, it was for me too. But you'll get use to it after a while.
Ken: So I know all of you are Barbie, you 5 are Ken, but what are the rest of your names?
Chloe: I'm Chloe.
Yasmin: And I'm Yasmin.
Stinky Pete: And I'm Stinky Pete.
Ken: Well it's nice to have you here! Let's get you all settled before daycare starts! Half of you will be in the Butterfly Room, where the older kids go.
Barbie: And the other half of you will stay here in the Caterpillar Room, where the toddlers go.
Ken: We rotate each day.
Some Barbies , 2 Ken dolls, and Yasmin follow Ken to the Butterfly room. Ken walks back.
Ken: All right Barbie, before that bell rings let's proof read the letter.
Barbie: All right. Stretch! Read it back to us!
Stretch: (Clears throat) Dear Buzz, Woody, and Jessie-
Stinky Pete: Who?
Ken: Our friends Buzz, Woody and Jessie. You wouldn't know them.
Stinky Pete:(With a frown) Know them? (Smiles) Why, they're my best friends ever! How do you deliver the letter anyway?
Barbie: We stick it in their owner Bonnie's backpack,
Stinky Pete: Oh I must have the wrong toys. The ones' I'm thinking of are owned by a boy named Andy.
Barbie: That is their old owners name! He gave them up to Bonnie though.
Stinky Pete: Then where is this Bonnie's back pack?
Ken: In the Butterfly room. She won't be in there until day care starts though. (looks up at the clock) Which will be in a few minutes.
Stinky Pete: Might I hide in her back pack so I can visit them?
Ken: Sure. Just wait outside the Butterfly Room with me and I'll show you which back pack.
Stinky Pete: Okay!
Ken and Stinky Pete walk to the Butterfly Room. A few minutes go by and Bonnie walks in.
Ken: There she is! And that's her backpack. Just carefully sneak in there with out any humans seeing and you'll be good. Can you bring this note with you and give it to them while you're at it?
Stinky Pete: Sure.
Ken:(handing him the note) All right now. Seeya later!
Stinky Pete sneaks around to Bonnie's back pack. He carefully unzips it and gets inside.
Stinky Pete: (ripping up note) I'm coming to get you!
He laughs evilly and zips the back pack closed.
Part one coming soon...
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Stinky Pete Returns Part 1

Postby TTHtv » Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:10 am

The toys are at Bonnie's house playing charades. It's Buzz's turn and his answer is Star Wars.
Mr. Pricklepants: Okay. 2 Words!
Chuckles: Sounds like!
Rex: Bar?
Slinky: Car?
Hamm: Jar?
Woody: Star?
Jessie: Yeah it's star!
Dolly: Sounds like!
Mrs. Potatohead: Doors?
Mr. Potatohead: Pores?
Buttercup: Wars! Star Wars!
All toys: Woo-hoo! Great job!
Buzz: Wait everyone game over Bonnie's coming!
All toys scramble back into place and freeze. Bonnie runs in.
Bonnie: Hey guys! I'm home! I have to go downstairs now but I'll be back! Seeya later!
She sets her backpack down. The backpack falls off the chair.
Woody: Is that Barbie and Ken again? I wonder what's going on at Sunnyside this time?
Mr. Potatohead: It's Lotso this time isn't it? All right I'm ready to fight!
Woody: Just keep calm until I open it.
Woody opens the backpack and Stinky Pete comes up and punches him in the face.
Jessie: Oh my gosh! Not you!
Stinky Pete: Oh yes me!
Woody: (Getting up and rubbing his face) How did you get here? And why do you have that paint on your face?
Stinky Pete: It all started after the incident at the airport 10 long years ago. After falling out of baggage claim, another girl named Amy found me and took me home. She decorated my face as she did with all her other dolls. I began to grow on her and was finally happy. She always played with me every day. She always brought me and a few other of her dolls with her everywhere. That is until she became a teen. She left us all in her basement. She did come back down yesterday. However, it was to put us in a box. She was taking us to daycare and I was okay with it. I had loved kids now and forgotten all about you, until I saw your friends write you a letter. They were kind enough to tell me how to get to you.
Buzz: Well do you have the letter they were gonna send to us?
Stinky Pete: (Picking up the shreds) Yep, here it is. (Laughing evilly)
Jessie: You jerk!
Mr. Potatohead: Let's kick his butt!
Stinky Pete: (picking up his pick axe) Oh quite the contrary.
Bullseye frowns and rubs his paw against the floor.
Jessie: Whoa boy! Calm down!
Peas: Who is this jerk?
Woody: An old friend gone evil.
LGMS: Oooooh! Shiny axe!
Stinky Pete: Oh would you like to see more of it?
Stinky Pete holds back the axe ready to hit Woody. Would covers his face.
Bonnie: (from downstairs) I'm going back upstairs Mommy!
All the toys scramble back into place and freeze.
Stinky Pete: Oh, this is too easy!
Bonnie drwas close and Stinky Pete freezes in place. Bonnie walks in through the door.
Bonnie: Wow! A new toy!
She hugs him and the other toys stare in horror.
Part 2 coming soon...
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Stinky Pete Returns Part 2

Postby TTHtv » Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:01 pm

Part 2:
Bonnie: What should I call you?
She pulls his string.
Stinky Pete Voice box: Well howdy, my name is Stinky Pete.
Bonnie: Well hi there Stinky Pete. I like your face paint.
She pulls his string again.
Stinky Pete Voice box: Oh boy! Beans for dinner!
Bonnie: Ew, beans are disgusting!
Bonnie's mom: (from downstairs) Bonnie! Time for dinner!
Bonnie: Okay! You wait right here Stinky Pete. Seeya guys!
She walks away and all the toys get up.
Stinky Pete: Well how about that. She likes me better than you already.
Woody: Don't get too excited. She's just happy that she has a new toy. She'll get over you soon enough.
Stinky Pete: We'll see about that. Oh wait where was I? Oh yeah! I was about to beat you up.
He swings back his pick axe and runs toward Woody. Woody jumps on Bullseye.
Woody: Run like the wind Bullseye!
Bullseye runs toward Stinky Pete and knocks him down.
Stinky Pete:(sarcastically) Wow! That really hurt!
Stinky Pete picks up Mr. Potatohead and throws him at Rex, who dodges causing him to trip Buzz with his tail!
Buzz: Ow!
Mr. Potatohead: Really? You old coot!
Stinky Pete then picks up Hamm and throws him straight at Woody. Woody falls down.
Woody and Hamm: Ow!
Stinky Pete: Hahaha! You'll never win against me!
Jessie runs over to him and punches him square in the face and picks up his pick axe.
Jessie: Ha! Looks like I have you now.
Stinky Pete: I know. I know. I can't believe it. I'm done for. I surrender! Have mercy on me, please!
Jessie sets down the pick axe.
Stinky Pete: Oh, thank you Jessie! I promise I'll be nice now.
Jessie: Really?
Stinky Pete: No!
He picks up the pick axe.
Woody: Jessie!
Jessie: I'm sorry! I can be gullible sometimes.
Buzz: It's okay Jessie. I've got him.
Buzz runs over to Stinky Pete and tries to punch him. Stinky Pete whacks him with the axe, and Buzz falls down hard.
All toys: Buzz!
Rex: Oh that's it! I've had enough!
Part 3 coming soon...
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Stinky Pete Returns Part 3 and Epilouge

Postby TTHtv » Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:05 pm

Part 3:
Stinky Pete: Oh look the wimpy dinosaur is gonna stand up to me! Oh that's rich.
Rex: Roar!
Rex runs over, turns around, and hits Stinky Pete with his tale. Then, stomps on him and picks up his pick axe with his mouth. Buzz comes over and gets it. Buzz runs over ready to hit Stinky Pete.
Stinky Pete: Wait! Don't hit me!
Buzz: Why shouldn't I?
He holds it back further.
Stinky Pete: I'll do whatever you say!
Buzz: Really? or are you just pulling my leg!
Stinky Pete: I mean it! I mean it!
Buzz: Then promise to never come back. Go back to Sunnyside and never come back.
Stinky Pete: Fine! Now give me back my pick axe!
Buzz: Not til tomorrow morning. We still don't trust you.
Stinky Pete: (groaning) Okay, fine.
The toys hear Bonnie running upstairs and run back into place. Stinky Pete runs under the bed.
Bonnie: Oh Stinky Pete! Where are you?!
She looks all around.
Bonnie: Oh well. He seemed like a boring toy anyway.
She then plays with the other toys and goes to bed. The next morning Buzz and Woody wake up Stinky Pete and sneak him into Bonnie's backpack.
Woody: Oh and can you hand Ken and Barbie this note I wrote last night? And don't rip this one up!
Stinky Pete: Sure whatever. Now give back my pick axe.
Buzz hands it to him.
Woody: Seeya never Stinky Pete!
Buzz: Good bye!
They zip up the backpack. After that, they never see Stinky Pete again.
Bonnie drops her back pack off. Stinky Pete carefully climbs out and sneaks over to the dream house with the note.
Ken: Why are you back?
Stinky Pete: Just read the note.
Ken: Dear Ken and Barbie, this toy is evil. He tried to hurt us and this is NOT the first time. Keep a good eye on him and don't let him near Bonnie's back pack. Sincerely, Buzz and Woody.
Barbie: Wow! I never knew you were evil. So they weren't your best friends?
Stinky Pete shakes his head.
Barbie: So that makes you a liar. We don't like liars at Sunnyside!
Ken: Yeah! You're staying within I range of us!
The rest of Stinky Pete's days at Sunnyside were miserable. Eventually, another kid took him home. That kid moved to Hawaii and Stinky Pete got lost in baggage claim. No one knows what happened and no one has ever seen him again.
The End
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Re: Stinky Pete Returns

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