Site History

Pixar Planet started with four good friends and their love for a single movie: The Incredibles.
Dash, Tonyloaf, Ming the Merciless, and KyrieEleison came together through a series of now long-gone websites, some devoted to just The Incredibles, and some devoted to all of Pixar. When the websites they found each other through disappeared, all found they missed talking about their collective obsession, and thought it was a shame that there weren't any more top-notch English-language fansites with forums for Pixar. So they began looking into what they could do about it.

They had met Mell_O_Drama through some of these previous sites. Mell was a personal friend of Ming's and a fan of Pixar who also happened to have extensive knowledge of web design. Mell happily agreed to come aboard, and the final coalition was formed on Tuesday, the fifth of July, 2006.

On Thursday, the seventh of July, it was decided that it would be a good idea to split up some of the administrative duties, and each administrator would take something that played to their strengths. Dash would be the owner since he could run financing, Mell agreed to design and code the site and computer whiz Ming volunteered to install the board.

The group chose the name Pixar Planet -- after some admittedly lengthy debate -- as a play on 'Pizza Planet'. Of course, the Pizza Planet truck is one of Pixar's most enduring icons, having cameos in almost every Pixar feature film. (We imagine it's probably in The Incredibles, too, it's just that none of us have found it!) The domain was registered that night, and site development began on Saturday, the ninth of July.

Soon after development began, KyrieEleison was named Site Secretary and another friend of the group, PixarVixen, became the first Creative Consultant, designing Pixar Planet's logo. On Tuesday, the eighteenth of July, close friends and colleagues were invited as the first Beta Testers to make sure the site was running smoothly. Finally, on the morning of Saturday the twenty-second of July, the site opened to the public. The boards opened at the appropriate time of 1:13 am GMT -- a nod to the ever-present A113 reference -- with forums, news, links and all the other features that made it the number one site for Pixar information on the Internet.

Pixar Planet's membership rose quickly in the months following its launch. The 100th member joined on the third of September 2006, just two months after opening. Four months later, Pixar Planet welcomed its 200th member on the twentieth of January 2007. This rapid growth made the addition of a sixth administrator necessary, and Creative Consultant PixarVixen took the added role of administrator and Moderator-in-Charge on the seventh of January 2007.

Additionally, Pixar Planet began to grow in other ways, instituting Radio Pixar, the first Pixar podcast on the web, in September 2006. Other ventures soon followed, including Pixar Planet groups on DeviantArt and Facebook.

In late 2006, Upcoming Pixar became Pixar Planet's preferred news source, but on the first of January 2008, the site merged with Pixar Planet, becoming an official branch of Pixar Planet and the site's official Pixar news blog. As a result, bawpcwpn, known to those who frequent Upcoming Pixar as Luxo, Jr., became Pixar Planet's seventh administrator and official News Correspondent. With the addition of Upcoming Pixar, Pixar Planet has become the largest Pixar fansite on the web.

We at Pixar Planet are determined to succeed where other fansite-forums have failed. We have made it our mission to create a fun, friendly website for anyone and everyone who is as devoted to Pixar as we are. We hope to incorporate the same culture -- the same spirit of imagination -- that has defined Pixar for over twenty years and Disney for over eighty. But above all else, we just want to have fun!

Site Credits

Current Administrative Staff

  • Dash – Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Bawpcwpn - Editor in Chief of Upcoming Pixar
  • Mell_O_Drama – Chief Creative Officer (Site Designer and Developer, Site Maintenance)
  • PixarVixen – Chief Moderator of forums
  • Kyrie Eleison – Site Secretary & Historian

Former Administrative Staff

  • Tonyloaf
  • Ming the Merciless

Current Assistant Staff

  • Mitch – Forum Moderator
  • AJD08 – Director of Radio Pixar

Content Credits

  • Chelsea Rabourn "Pook" – Artwork used in Fan Art Group Icon
  • "Ming the Merciless" - Artwork used in Fan Art Group Icon
  • "Aggie" - Graphic work used in Graphics and Icons Group Icon
  • "Mell_O_Drama" - Graphic work used in Graphics and Icons Group Icon