Community Rules


The moderators for the Pixar Planet forums are:

The Star Swordsman*

The administrators of Pixar Planet are:
Phileas (Chief Operating Officer)
bawpcwpn (Chief Creative Officer)

*full-time staff


  • No swearing/cursing.
  • The moderators have the right to edit your posts/username/avatar/signature if it contains inappropriate content or language.
  • Keep posts/images to a PG-13 rating. If it contains content too mature, then do not post it here. Because of the subject of this forum (Pixar) we have young fans browsing these boards. Fan fiction and fan art is allowed to be rated PG-13 at the most, but must be clearly labelled if it contains content too strong for sensitive eyes!
  • The official language to be used on Pixar Planet is English. This is because the moderators all know how to speak that language and speaking in a language other than English would compromise their moderating abilities. Of course, we welcome international Pixar fans and people who are learning English as a second language on the forums.
  • We’re not pirates! Any posts requesting or advertising illegal content such as bootlegs or rips will be deleted!
  • Don’t spam our boards with one word answers, smilies or multiple symbols (!!!!!!!!); we’re here for the discussion, not the graphics. Every post you make should add something to the discussion. Please also refrain from typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS, as it’s seen as shouting. Write with correct grammar and use punctuation, so your messages are easy to read.
  • Keep thread titles descriptive so members can tell at a glance what the thread is going to be about. There’s nothing worse than going into a new thread that is titled “OMG! I Never knew!”.
  • Preview each and every post for spelling errors and broken BBCode before posting by pressing the ‘preview’ button next to the ‘submit’ button. It’s annoying to have to decipher members’ posts to understand what you are trying to say, and we shouldn’t have to do this.
  • Absolutely NO harassing other members or moderators. This means excessive private messages or picking on certain members. Assertiveness of opinion is welcomed, but aggressive personal attacks are not and will be dealt with a warning, and or immediate suspension or banning of your account, depending on the seriousness of the situation. We want to keep a warm, friendly and open environment for all our members, where they can feel safe above all else. For a more thorough explanation of our standards of member conduct here, see this thread: A Safe And Friendly Environment
  • If a member is harassing you, you can private message them and ask them to change their behaviour. But if the behaviour continues, or you don’t feel comfortable asking them to stop, send a private message to one of the moderators directly, and let us deal with the situation. If you don’t tell us, we won’t be able to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Harassment is not tolerated here!
  • Except in special circumstances, only ONE account per member is allowed. If we find out you are using more than one account, or signed up for another account after being banned, the administrators have the right to ban both of your accounts without warning. If you can’t log into your account send an email to bawpcwpn (thomas [at] pixarplanet [dot] com) or Phileas (phileas [at] pixarplanet [dot] com) and they will see what the problem is. Do not go creating a new account before contacting Thomas first.
  • Don’t spam our boards with advertisements to other communities – we’re not a free advertisement service! A link is fine, but we don’t spam your boards so don’t spam ours! Be warned that our administrators will treat relentless advertisement posts or private messages as robot posts, and may suspend or delete your account.
  • If you are talking about a Pixar production that hasn’t been released in every country in the world (in theatres), then you MUST use spoiler tags. Click here for information about using spoiler tags.
  • Please refrain from double posting. That means posting again directly after your latest post. In most cases you can go back and edit your latest post instead. If it is after 12 hours between your last post double posting is ok.
  • If you are adding a general post to the discussion, there is no need to quote anyone’s post. There is both a right way and a wrong way to use the quoting system. Please take a look at this thread before using that feature: Questionable Quoting
  • When talking in the threads, stay relatively on-topic without getting off the main topic of the thread too much. If you would like to continue chatting to a member in that way, take advantage of the private messaging system here and talk to the member in private.
  • Before creating a new thread a) make sure that a similar thread hasn’t already been created, b) check to see that the thread you are going to create is within the appropriate sub-forum category. If the mods think your post is worthy of creating a new thread from it, we can simply split the thread. Use the ‘search’ function to look for threads easily. If there is a thread in the archives (that is not locked), send a private message to a moderator, and they will move the thread back into the forum again and you can post in it.
  • For information for using “special effects” within your posts, such as posting images, making your text italicisedbolded or underlined, posting links, as well as having avatars and signatures, joining usergroups etc, see here: The ‘How to…’ Thread
  • Because of the size of the forum and loading times required, we ask that your signature is at a maximum size of 500px wide by 175px tall. (Smaller signatures are, of course, welcome!)
  • If you are under the age of 13, your parent or guardian must give you signed permission to join the forum. You will receive an e-mail when you register with a form which must be printed out, signed and sent back to us, either through regular mail, or scanned in and sent by e-mail. Your account will not be activated until you have signed permission.
  • Be aware that any post you make on the forums may be read out on Pixar Planet’s podcast, Radio Pixar.
  • The moderators have lives outside of the Internet too, so sometimes it’s not possible to monitor every single post (but we do try!). If you see something you think we should know about such as threads needing to be moved, a complaint about another member or anything else, PM (private message) a moderator rather than making comments in the thread complaining that we haven’t done anything, because chances are we simply don’t know about it. Thanks.
  • Soliciting (advertising) of goods that you are selling, is not permittedon any section of the forums. Furthermore, posting links to any auction, goods listing, etc. of your own is not permitted. Posting other member’s (or non-member’s) listing, auction, etc. is permitted if the referral to the link is suitable for the relevancy of the discussion. (You may not start a new topic dedicated to a link of a listing, auction, etc. without permission of Pixar Planet administrators and/or moderators.)
  • Please do not argue with the moderators if they make a decision you do not agree with – that is disrespectful and you may have your account suspended for a period of time if you do this. What is most likely to have happened is you broke one of the rules here, so an action was taken. If you do not agree with the action of the moderator, you can take it up with the Acting Directors of Pixar Planet, bawpcwpn and Phileas.
  • The administrators and moderators do have the right to take any course of action deemed necessary if any member acts inappropriately or breaks these rules, and have the final word in any dispute.

Happy Posting!