2010 Pixar Planet Awards - For Your Consideration

Oh no. I’m going to seem really egotistical for posting in this thread!!! Well, someone please consider my cruddy poem for best non-Pixar art.


For Your Consideration:

Best Fan Fiction Writer

Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction: Sunday (Warning, strong language)

Ooh, a self-nomination system! This is new, unless I’ve been missing it for the past two years!

Best Signature

Best Avatar

Best Fanfiction

Best Video

Best Avatar:

Best Sig:

No chance for me here :smiley: cough SoA cough :smiley: Anyways, I’ll take a stab at it.

Best Sig ~

REALLY??? You should!!

Whoa, you’re not? You’re like totally the king of of sigs, you have a new one like every other day!

^ No, I didn’t know what signature would I enter, so I’m running for Best Graphics and Icons artist, where I can submit all of my work.

What the heck :laughing: may as well give it a shot…

I submit the following (and current) signature for consideration:

Best Signature

Usually we use parts of our film related headers from One Movie, Five Views as our sigs, but there aren’t any big titles just released right now, so this is in honour of the New Year.

Wanted to submit our Avatar as well, but I just reread the rules, and it was created too far back… Oh well.

(Oh, the signature is cut off now with the new boards. If you drag it into a new window, you can check out the whole thing though…)

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Best Avatar

Best Signature

Best Pixar Fanfiction

Wait for Me

Best Non-Pixar Fanfiction

You’ll Get Used to It

Best Pixar Artwork

The Living Daycare (Forum post)

Best Non-Pixar Artwork

I’M FLYING JAKE (Forum Post)

Best Video Maker

Youtube channel (from Bad Amphibian: Princess of New Orleans onwards)

Best Pixar Fan Fiction: Q&A with Violet Incredible (Interactive fanfiction!)
Best Graphic and Icon Artist: Violet’s Graphics
Best Fan Artist: Violet’s Art Work
Best Original Artist: Violet’s Non-Pixar Art

Best Graphic and Icon Artist

Best Fan Artist

Best Video - Randall Boggs’ Scar

Best Pixar Artwork - “RBaT - Corridor”
SgtYayap.deviantart.com/art/RBaT … -154301006

Best Pixar Fan Fiction:

How To Raise A Racecar


:laughing: /totallynervous

Submitted for your approval:

Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction :Target: Anna McCormick

Working fast food has never been so dangerous in this ripping original tale by AerostarMonk

Critics are buzzing…

“Who is this AerostarMonk and why should I care?”- Neil Gaiman, noted author and Newberry Award Winner

“I’m pretty sure I overpaid for this…” - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“This story is redolent of Spielbergian influence, truly this should be the gold standard rather than the mawkish efforts of Pixar” - Armond White, NY Press

“Junk, plain and simple…” - AerostarMonk’s Mother, noted raiser of awkwardly humorous black writers.

How can you beat buzz like that? I even got a nom for Best Pic Comedy/Musical in the Golden Globes. I think I’m a lock.

I believe I made it just in time…

Please consider me for Best Original Artist, but keep in mind that page 1 is work from 2 years ago, so maybe start browsing on the last page. Any votes would be appreciated! :3

Also, keep in mind there is some nudity (female chest, basically) in some of the figure drawings.

Here’s my submissions for the PP awards:

Best Signature (open category)

Best Avatar (open category)

Best Video (open category)
[url]WALL-E trailer - Brighter than Sunshine - YouTube

Best Pixar Fan Fiction
Star Vacation

Best Pixar Artwork
Wallace Promo Poster

Best Non-Pixar Artwork (including mash-ups)
Night Fury High

Oh what the heck. If this is still open, here’s my non-Pixar ORIGINAL piece.

Image title: So…What’s in the box?

That’s a very nice picture! I’ve never seen anyone with that style before. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this is no longer in use. This was used for last years awards. This year’s awards will be held next year.

x3haijessiex3 is totally right.

I’ll lock this topic to avoid further confusions.