2010 Pixar Planet Awards - For Your Consideration

Guess I’ll be the first.

Best Artwork - Other Category: Pixar Outlines Wallpaper

Best Avatar:

Best Fan Fiction: Al’s Pathetic Existence (I promise it will be finished eventually)

Best Non-Pixar Artwork: Call Me Dean

I’ll be second:
Couldn’t decide on which sig, but I’ll go with the one that was met with the most praise.
Best Sig:

Best Avatar:

Best FanFic:
A Toy Escapade

Edit. I made a campaign poster too, now that SoA made one: (This is heating up. :stuck_out_tongue:)(Sorry to copy your idea SoA. Hope you don’t mind. :smiley:)

This feels pretty strange. But I guess I’ll nominate one of my one-shots, specifically the Mirage centric one-shot entitled ‘Technicality’. While there are two links, the first is just to the thread, the second to the actual posting on fanfiction.net:

Best fanfiction: Fandom: Incredibles




Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction Fandom: Bible

pixarplanet.com/forums/viewt … 772#259772


Best FanFiction: Toy Story 4

Best Siggy/Pixar Art:
Pixarteers logo; made with Mattel’s 1:55 scale Cars cars, taken with my phone camera.

Ok, I’ll do it. I usually don’t like my own work, and I don’t think I’m close to be the best, but maybe the campaign will be fun.

I’ll enter in the Best Graphic and Icon Artist category.

Open in a new window to enlarge the campaign poster:

To view all the artwork created so far by Spirit of Adventure, visit: Spirit of Adventure's graphics

EDITED January 7, 2011

Please consider me for:

Pixar Categories

Best Pixar Fanfiction

Break Even: A Ratatouille One-Shot

Non-Pixar Categories

Best Fan Fiction Writer

(Links to my fan fiction.)

Best Fan Artist

(HtTYD arts)

Best Graphics and Icons Artist

My non-Pixar graphics

Best Fan Fiction

HtTYD: I’m Not One of Them

Thank you guys! ^^

little chef

Best Fan Fiction: The Incredibles Trilogy: A New Threat

Best Video: The Incredibles/No Ordinary Family Mash-Up

Best Video Artist: The Star Swordsman

REMEMBER PEOPLE!!!: This is a thread to post considerations. NOt to post questions. if you have anything you want to clarify, ask in the discussion thread.

Best Original Artist:

link to my thread: pixarplanet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7265

Best Graphic/Icon Artist

link to my Graphic thread: pixarplanet.com/forums/viewt … 875#260875

Best Sig:

Best Non-Pixar Artwork

“Abraham Lincoln” Ink & Ink Water drawn with bamboo pen & Q-tips.

001 by elliejessieeve, on Flickr

Best Fan Fiction- pixarplanet.com/forums/viewt … 55&start=0 Sid’s Story

Best Sig-

Best video- youtube.com/watch?v=SGe5D-ZmfrY

Best Pixar Artwork- pixarplanet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6796

I think i’‘’ compete for those.

Best Video:
{because it’s better that way}

Best Non-Pixar Artist:
My Non-Pixar art thread :slight_smile:

Best Video Maker:
my youtube

Best fan-fiction: Lotso’s Revenge (I’ll finish it sometime this year)


Best Avatar:

Best Signature:

Best Artwork - Traditional: Wall-E and Eve fan art

Well, I guess I’ll give this a go, even though I really don’t think it’s even comparable to any of the other great stuff on here.

Best Fanfiction: Birds of a Feather

Oh no. I’m going to seem really egotistical for posting in this thread!!! Well, someone please consider my cruddy poem for best non-Pixar art.


For Your Consideration:

Best Fan Fiction Writer

Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction: Sunday (Warning, strong language)

Ooh, a self-nomination system! This is new, unless I’ve been missing it for the past two years!

Best Signature

Best Avatar

Best Fanfiction

Best Video

Best Avatar:

Best Sig:

No chance for me here :smiley: cough SoA cough :smiley: Anyways, I’ll take a stab at it.

Best Sig ~

REALLY??? You should!!

Whoa, you’re not? You’re like totally the king of of sigs, you have a new one like every other day!