24 Questions Disney Left Unanswered

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I thought this was really interesting and thought you’d like to see it. Full disclosure: it is mainly Disney films but there are also a lot of Pixar films on the list too.

Oh my gosh! I was just looking at that…and one of the images looks a lot like Villainess’s avatar!

And no, I don’t know the answers to any of those questions regarding the Disney films. But the Pixar films? That I might guess the answers to…if I could.

Evspixarfan2012 - Angry Nemo gets used surprisingly often. 8D

Anyway, some of these are pretty stupid.

  1. His fin isn’t damaged, it isn’t developed right. The crack in the egg stopped him from growing properly.

  2. Cause she was evil and they didn’t want her around their newborn?

  3. Because then she’d be homeless with no food or anything. Best case scenario, she gets a job as a maid, and she’s right back to square one.

  4. Wasn’t there something said about a glitch that gave him personality, so while all the other WALL-Es kept on working until they died he figured out how to survive?

  5. Not really stupid, but a tie-in books give his name as “Taka”.

  6. Pretty sure they’re not “friends”, rather an employee and an employer.

  7. There’s a really bad “light” pun to be made here…

Some of them are pretty interesting, though. I like the first Little Mermaid one, it gives the mental image of her just sitting around doing nothing all day.

I’m pretty sure the answer to question #17 is in that BOOM! Kids comic I looked at some few years ago…and it’s called “Recharge”.

#1 Magic. You can see that at first she can’t, then she “listens” to the spirits in the wind. It’s stupid, but that’s an explanation.
#2 They don’t have mouths, like that hockey puck
#3 No, obviously there is not a kingdom. That would have been mentioned.
#4/5 Well that sure would be a pointless plot detour. I’m sure his mother knew he was out trying to earn badges, and maybe time passes differently in the human and monster world.
#6 The writer obviously loves pointless plot detours and hates movies that lack them
#7 Perhaps she swims above the surface to paint them. But then again, this does not matter to the plot at all.
#8 I like that they don’t tell us. It makes her mysterious. And stories where they explain every detail are usually bad, boring and draggy.
#9 They did. They look at her like she is crazy.
#10 Who says mermaids don’t eat meat? Ursula eats shrimp
#11 They showed the scratches on the egg. Obviously for narrative purposes he had to have fins, or this would not happen.
#12 Think of Elinor from Brave. He has become so beastly, his humanity is going away. As Belle stays, he wears more clothes, and begins to act more like a man.
#13 She’s evil…
#14 It was only a couple of days…
#15 After years of this treatment, up from childhood, she probably sees it as normal or believes she deserves it. Heard of emotional abuse?
#16 Unnecessary plot element. You’re dragging the story again.
#17 They were old and wore out. You see that Wall-E exists only by changing his parts, batteries, etc.
#18 Why not? Perhaps they use them as currency to afford all the things in their house.
#19 That would be a very short movie. Why would Zeus feel obligated to tell Hades that exactly?
#20 Syndrome does not actually work for the government. The government seems to have mostly lost interest in supers. Did you actually watch the movie?
#21 Taka…read the book…
#22 Maybe Cruella is on meth. They’re friends because Anita is too kind to tell her off.
#23 It’s MAGIC hair. If her hair was not long, the story wouldn’t even work. Try again next time.
#24 Because Olaf is a major character. Maybe it is harder to melt magic snow?

IncredigirlVirginia -

  1. I believe they’re referring to ones like Bullseye and Big Baby, who just make noises (I’m also pretty sure there’s a duck in the first one that just quacks). And it can’t be because horses and babies don’t talk, because neither do pigs, dinosaurs and bears.

  2. There’s still a witness protection program type thing going on for them, at the least, so they have to be keeping tabs on them, even if they’re not particularly involved. And there’s no part of their question that implies Syndrome’s with the government.

#2 Fair enough.
#20 I thought they were referring to when Mirage said she works for a top secret division of the government? Either way this list was by-and-large stupid and I despise buzzfeed so much

I’m not a fan either; I just posted it because I thought it might inspire some good discussion, and it seems to have so far.

Oh I agree, it is worth discussing. I also just love taking things I dislike apart. Buzzfeed is a regular for me.