"A Bug's Life" Bloopers! :) :) :) LOL!

Hello, all!

I have to say…in all my years of watching Pixar films, I think “A Bug’s Life” bloopers are the most FUNNIEST compared to the others!!! I have never laughed so much when watching a blooper reel, and after 13 years, I STILL laugh 'till my sides hurt! :slight_smile: My little sister, who is 8 now, wants me to recite them to her as I help brush her teeth every night… :slight_smile: Moments like that just make me smile, and makes me appreciate Pixar even more… :slight_smile:

I think the bloopers are just another reason why “A Bug’s Life” is so good!

What is everyone’s favorite blooper from ABL reel?

I love that “to infinity and beyond”! :laughing:

Love those bloopers.

“Do I look stupid to you?”

“Ooh, put that thing in my car!”

Woody makes a cameo, too :slight_smile:

My favorite! I truly love these. The classic “one that started it all”.

And I also love your signature hydrogen_helium.

Every single one of these bloopers are still sooooo funny to me…I love ALL of them!

But I think that if I had to pick just one that I loved the most, it would have to be the one where Hopper and Molt are doing the “Do you understand me?” goof!!! 8D

I just think it is SO funny how Molt keeps laughing at Hopper, when (of course!) Hopper isn’t doing anything funny! You know…it’s one of those random moments where there is something funny that only you can see…and Molt’s third time trying to get through the scene and just bursting out laughing always makes me laugh! 8D

Ah man, choose between the reels of the blooper? They were all so hilarious! But my favorite would have to be whenever Hopper tries to say a line, either Atta or Molt start laughing!

“This is the fifteenth take, I cannot work like this, I will be in my trailer!”

I love these bloopers, but poor Hopper. No one seems to take him seriously :laughing: My favorite was the “Do I looks stupid” line of course!

In less than FIFTEEN OOH…

Man, I was watching the movie last night, and I was thinking, “Jeez, it would have been hilarious to have a blooper of Hopper smelling Atta, and having to do the take several times without Atta laughing”

“Please don’t laugh, this is the twenty-fifth take! You never get it right!”

Oh, my gosh, Esmedes!!! That sounds HILARIOUS!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just watched these bloopers again…and no matter how many times I see them, I can’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh! These are priceless!

My favourite definetly has to be the one where the bird breaks down and Heimlich says “Does this mean we get to break for lunch?”.

I also like the one where Woody makes an brief cameo.

Every time Atta laughs at Hopper, I start to laugh too!

I was just watching them again tonight, and the one that stuck in my mind was when Tuck and Roll kept constantly messing up their “UP!” acrobatics!!! LOL! :slight_smile:

I like when Flik is about to take flight with a dandelion puff and he yells out “To infinity and beyond!” 8D