A Cars Christmas Carol - by me!!

Okay, I know it’s no longer Christmas, but why stop there, right? :smiley: I’ve wanted to make a Pixar spin on Christmas Carol for a while, and the characters and Cars just seemed so perfectly suited for Charles Dickens’ characters. So if you don’t mind looking at a Christmas story after Christmas has passed, check it out! So far I have about 3 chapters posted out of ten.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I found that a couple weeks ago and was reading it. I am liking it. Christmas Carol is a good story when it’s done well. I hope you get to finish it! You know, dont let the fact that it’s not Christmas anymore stop you (I still consider this the Christmas season). Actually, after I read what was there, I read the actual book and inserted Cars characters in my mind (obviously for the chapters you havent gotten to yet, I picked my own characters) and it pretty much worked. So yeah, I’ll be eager to read the rest.

I like it CGI CLownfish. Love the story. Keep it up!