A Day on the Hill

‘I don’t own anything. Enjoy the story!’

“Look Mr. Fredricksen, it’s a turtle!”
Carl opened his eyes as he lay on the picnic blanket. Just like the cloud he and Ellie once saw. “I remember that cloud. Ellie and I always sat that cloud.”
They both lay on the blanket as they watched the clouds pass.
“Squirrel!” Dug barked.
Carl opened his eyes again seeing the dog bouncing. “Dug, it’s just a cloud that looks like a squirrel. It’s not real.”
“Aww.” the dog whined.
“There’s a pack of squirrels down there!” Russell pointed out and before he knew it the dog was gone.
“Russell why did you do that? Now he’s going to go crazy.” Carl said watching the dog run around. “Oh come on it makes great entertainment.”
Carl had to admit it was funny once he saw the dog running after each squirrel. “It feels so nice to sit on this hill again, I haven’t sat here in a long time.” Carl said.
“Is Ellie above the clouds Mr. Fredricksen?” Russell asked.
“She sure is.” Carl said as he lay back down on the blanket.
“Mr. fredricksen?”
“What’s love like?”
Carl turned to the little boy. “It’s the best thing in the whole world Russell. Don’t ever treat it as a joke because it’s always real and doesn’t always last long. My love with Ellie lasted over sixty years, the best years of my life.”
“When will I find love Mr. Fredricksen?”
“You’ll know once you’re old enough Russell. Just wait and see.”
“Russell!” Emily called from the bottom of the hill. “Do you want to play tag?” Russell ran to the bottom of the hill and ran off with Emily as Carl watched.
Carl smiled, knowing some day they’d have feelings and know how they’d feel for each other.
He felt someone sitting next to him but nobody was there.
He lied down on the blanket once more.
One of the clouds looked like a smile.
Carl closed his eyes with a smile on his face.