A Supposed "Cars 3" (Planes) not made by Pixar?

I Wanted to know why the new Disney Movie “Planes” is not made by Pixar since it is based on the Cars World? The cars are also enginneers at the airport! (What if that is the airport Mater and Flynn past in Cars 2? What if they include a hidden Mater running on the airport? LOL)
By Pixar Wiki, I Found out that it will be produced by DisneyToon Studios

The idea of this “Planes” crap just…ugh…WHY BEJEEBUS ITS SO STUPID I CAN’T STAND IT THOSE MORO–

[size=25]I’ve been so waiting for a chance to use that GIF[/size]

Ugh…ok, ok, I’m calm. But really, Cars Toons was alright but this just sounds ridiculous. I’m almost wishing the original Cars was never made (and I love Cars) so Disney couldn’t exploit it like they are now (and I love Disney). I can’t believe I just said that. Anyway, I expect this will be a short moment in Disney/Pixar history that will be soon forgotten. I’m just wondering why John Lassiter is letting it happen.

I dont know exactly why Pixar isnt making Planes, but I cant say I’m complaining about it. Although I’m sure most people will assume its Pixar. I run into people who think that every computer animated film is Pixar. But anyway, yeah I’m not too enthused by this whole Planes thing either.

I kinda think planes are cooler than cars but I was never too thrilled about the Cars franchise as a whole so I’m just neutral about it heh.

DisneyToon studios makes pretty nice stuff though regardless

My mom may not see it. I may, cause I want to see the world above Cars, and there’s a Mexican plane too! But whenever I hear “Pixar is making Planes?!”, I just wanna say “NO! It’s not Pixar!” :smiley: