A Wall-E sequel would be a good idea.

1-Love your name…is exactly the same as mine.

2-I like your idea about a new walle movie sequeling the one they just put out. But…sequels are really hard and are always more scrutinized by everyone then the first one. If walle were to be sequeled it would need to have a great storyline and a great crew who really want to let walle get another shot. Thankfully the fan base for walle at the moment would be thrilled with such a move resulting in roughly the same profit as the earlier film. It would be for the money and not for the story if Pixar is to do it.

But i would still love to see them sequel walle…just make it a great sequel.

It’s true that not all movies with a large fanbase deserve a sequel; however, Wall-E is simply not one of those films (mainly because it posesses the raw ability to entertain quite similar to that of the original Toy Story). Wall-E has a lot of potential to expand.

Also, given how Andrew Stanton and much of his cast have had enough of Wall-E for the time being, implies that a cast for a Wall-E sequel would be made of fans who hold high moviemaking ability. Stanton may have said no to making a sequel himself but those at Pixar who loved Wall-E and want to see a sequel made would take action.

I don’t like a WALL-E sequel starring WALL-E himself. His story was told and it ended perfectly. A film takes place in WALL-E universe would be cool, but then it won’t be a “WALL-E sequel.” and I doubt Pixar’s own artists are keen of doing it. WALL-E itself is a massive project, the biggest and most painstaking of any Pixar film to date and once it ends I think they want it ends forever.

Pixar films don’t call for sequel themselves, each ends nicely. Those that can be expanded IMO is Toy Story, Cars and in some way The Incredibles, in regards of characters and universes.

You can have as many stories about talking toys as you want, but I’m thankful that they didn’t turn it into Shrek-like franchise, and I hope TS3 will be on par with the first. Lee Unkrich is a veteran director and this is the first time he’s helming his own film.

With Cars, I don’t like the idea of a sequel to be honest. But with its unique universe (vehicles only) and the merchandising a sequel isn’t surprising, expect the third one if Cars 2 becomes a hit. Though Brad Lewis as a director isn’t proved yet so we’ll see.

The Incredibles can turn into a superhero franchise but it’s Brad Bird who turned it into Incredibles, not some Fantastic 4 ripoff. Doubt someone else can recreate that magic, and I don’t want to see it devolve into cheap F4 ripoffs.

“A insert the name of any film in the entire history of cinema, discluding stuff that’s designed to be in a series like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, here sequel would be a good idea.”

I disagree with the above. Basically, I don’t want sequels to anything unless it’s something that was designed with a sequel in mind. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule- Toy Story 2 was very good, for example, and I’m sure there are other sequels out there who live up to their predecessors- but as a whole, that’s my view. This includes WALL-E, because, as much as I love the film to absolute pieces, I can’t see how a sequel would ever be as good as the original. I can’t see how a sequel would ever be as necessary as the original either, since before the original, there was nothing like that. With a sequel, it’s not going to be anything particularly new or original.

I’m sure many would enjoy a sequel, and if I’m honest, I’d probably enjoy watching a sequel (if it was made by the original team at Pixar, etc.). But would I like it as much as the first one? Probably not, and to me, that’s enough reason not to make one.


A lot of people may seem like they want one, but it’s not that great an idea.

A lot of people here already said, Wall-E doesn’t need a sequel, because it ended perfectly. Well actually not only did it end perfectly, it ended in such a way that’s it be hard to think how it would continue. They went on further into the credits telling what happened to humanity and Wall-E afterwards, so that couldn’t be a plot for another movie.

I say, Wall-E was meant to be without a sequel.

And yes, Andrew did say that he didn’t feel like doing another Wall-E all over again.

This is the 4th time we have seen a sequel thread. Andrew Stanton’s views:

Peter Sciretta: Okay, sure. Could there ever be a Wall-E sequel now that humanity has been touched with…

Andrew Stanton: Oh, I’m sure. Sadly there can always be a sequel. It just depends on whether it should be a sequel, and you know, personally I don’t think I’ll be involved in any sequel soon just because I’m, you know, you spend four years on these things and you’re ready to move on. I’m done with fish, and now I’m done with robots and I love these characters. You try to make them so endearing that you won’t mind seeing them again, but there isn’t anything in the works right now like it wasn’t pre-planned to have a sequel, no.


A poll and further opinions:

and then this thread about Speculations of a sequel’s content:

Those three threads would be a good start in trying to understand how other pixar fans feel about one. Most here don’t want one. The way the movie ended - perfectly? Well, after the October '07 screening, half the viewers felt that the new colonists would all die in a few days. Someone suggested extending the movie into the credits to provide an optimistic ending. So you see, the ending wasn’t ‘perfect’ even then. Stanton himself believes that nothing is perfect.

We don’t know that Wall-E and Eve lived happily ever after. People have suggested here to use other bots or creatures instead of Wall-E as the star in a sequel. And that’s possible, it would be a lot of hard work to come up with completely new stars. I would guess if they ever do another movie, it would be a prequel and Eve might be shown as just a cameo in one of her annual visits.

Stanton has never said that there would absolutely not be another Wall-E. In fact, the Producer and Co-Producer at the Globe’s were both radiant and positive when asked about another Wall-E, but of course, very non-committal. Maybe that was just politics, who knows.

Well, your points are some things that I didn’t really think of. It’s true that Wall-E ended perfectly making it extremely difficult to follow up, however, movies have been sequelled in the past to the utter surprise of viewers and have done well (I doubt this will be the case of Wall-E at this point).

Ultimately, this will all take time to understand. Stanton put a lot of time and effort (4 years and tons of work to be exact) in dreaming up Wall-E and turning him into a great movie. given a long enough timeline, we will know the intentions of Stanton and potential Wall-E 2 directors. As for me, I’m neutral and will view opinions for an idea of my own. :confused:

Toy Story 2 is one of the only sequels I’ve ever seen that lives up to or is as good as the first. I honestly can’t imagine a WALL•E sequel; like a whole bunch of others have said - it ended perfectly. Like Ratatouille, there is just enough information given at the end of the movie to let you know that everything ends on a good note and that everyone’s lives were considerably better. (Stereotypical Hollywood - respectively.) WALL•E was put together in such a way that adding more storyline (in movie form at least - fanfics are another story; no pun intended… :laughing:) would almost taint the innocence and overall simplicity of the movie… if you understand what I’m saying. :smiley:

little chef

WALL•E should not have a sequel, unless the majority of the original cast, especially Andrew Stanton, Ben Burtt, Thomas Newman, etc. made it. Also, it could not be made just to make a sequel. It would have to be made because there was an idea that would be beyond excellent for a sequel.
My brother and I agree on this, I found out. In fact, it’s one of the first things I said to him after we watched it for the first time. It was just obvious to me.

My general opinion with all Pixar sequels is that I’m okay with them as long as they are good and live up to the original. Usually I can never come up with where they could take a story after the movie ends though. But with WALL-E I could kinda see where they could take it, mainly by showing how the humans restablish themselves after being away for so long.

or are better :wink:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… no. Sorry, but that would be a bad idea.

The story ended so nicely, no need to ruin it. There really would be no way to continue it without it feeling completely unnecessary.

Sorry if I sound mean, but I am really testy about sequels.

IF WALLE had a sequel, Auto could reboot like EVE did in the garbage area of the Axiom. Then, Auto could turn on the Steward Bots and make the Stewards take the humans back to the Axiom and take off, or something. Maybe WALLE and EVE could have little WALL*E-ites.

The one thing this movie does not need is a sequel, it is perfect as it is and I for one would probably not watch a esquel even if one was released as, as far as I’m concerned, this film is complete, and resplendant in it’s fullness.

(Although I’ve got to say Dan*e’s idea is pretty good, although i doubt Wall•e and EVE would ever procreate as they weren’t designed to do so.)

Either way a sequel would not be a good idea, I like Pixar on account of the fact that they don’t try to spam sequels out of everything and I hope it stays that way.

As far as I’m concerned, WALL•E is simply the best, no doubt about that.
Also, everyone here, I must say, makes a valid point when it comes to making a sequel. I, like every other crazy fanatic out there, am eager for a sequel, but hoping it won’t ruin WALL•E as some sequels have done before. I’m thinking that the biggest problems with a WALL•E sequel are, in no particular order:

  1. A lot more criticism, good and bad towards it.
  2. A lot of work, as with the first one.
  3. We are running out of ideas for it.

I may be just a kid, but I have a few ideas of my own (criticism is welcome):

First and foremost: THEY WILL NOT HAVE KIDS. Sorry, but I just don’t see how that could add on to the movie, let alone how they will look. Thumbs down.

Second: If I’m not mistaken, many love stories have to do with jealousy, which the first one did not have (unless it was hidden from the audience). I’m thinking that somewhere in the movie this new girl shows up, apparently lost, and…i think you get the idea.
In truth, I couldn’t help but compare Eve to Tinker Bell at some point (don’t ask me how or why). In Peter Pan (trailing away from Pixar for a bit), Tink and Peter Pan are together forever, pretty much. And then Pan brings Wendy along, eager to show her the rest of Neverland and all that bit. The closer they get, the more Tink’s jealousy fumes, especially at the point when Wendy wants to kiss him. At her fury’s peak, she’s captured by Captain Hook and actually helps him with the plan when he mentions that Wendy will be gone forever if she helps. However, this only leads to her being held captive along with Wendy and landing Pan in serious trouble. (I’ve lost myself at this point).

Maybe one would try and mold this idea around Wall•E and Eve, being that the “Wendy” of the story is actually faster and maybe smarter than Eve. I only take it this way (with Eve being the jealous one) because it wouldn’t make much sense if Eve fell for someone else.
As a quick recap, [spoil]basically the main reason why Eve loves Wall•E so much is that once she realizes how much he loves her, and how he would do anything just to be by her side, it instantly got her attention as well as her deep admiration for him. Also, before meeting Wall•E, Eve is very rigid when it comes to trust, shown obviously by the fact that she had shot at every little thing that jumped out at her when she first arrived on Earth. If a gorgeous male robot were to step in her way, (and if he were like the average hot, stuck-up male who saw a hot single girl), I doubt Eve would just melt at the sight of him unless he had the same determination, humor, and heart as Wall•E, and/or she somehow gains his absolute trust as she had with Wall•E.[/spoil]
Point being, Eve is not the kind of bot to instantly fall for another, whereas Wall•E is.
The question is, who is the new girl, what would she look like, what acronym name would she have, what would her directive be, and how long had she been alive? I’m still working on that one.

Third: (crappy idea, i think) a little while after the humans have returned to Earth, somebody might have the desire to take over the world, as BnL had done so long ago, be it human or robot. With the possible use of the prior idea, the antagonist (whomever they may be) might use Eve, a lethal weapon, to help out, even if it requires a certain, er, “brainwash” to rearrange her directive. I came up with this one off the top of my head.

Fourth: (also crappy) the entire movie retold in another perspective. I thought of this one and wondered if robots could dream…

Fifth: (still crappy) a prequel. I’m clueless here.

FINALLY: (not as crappy, but still) He proposes. WALL•E finds a cheap rubber bracelet and, when the time is right, he kneels awkwardly and presents it to Eve (a ring would obviously not work out). I’m not sure if he knew what this meant or not. I honestly had a dream that this happened! <3

And that’s it. As far as the name of the sequel goes, WALL•E 2 is the best I’ve got.

I know that Stanton wants to take a breather from robots, but, of course, that doesn’t mean that this will last forever. If somebody’s looking for ideas, regardless who that somebody is, this is all I have.

I support a sequel being made, but I also understand that one can be made for the wrong reasons which, if this happens, will break my heart. The magic would die. I am not ready for such a romantic couple to die out. WALL•E is purely a classic of the future.


I believe strongly that this move does not need a sequel. Everyone is back down to earth, WALL-E and EVE are together, what more do we need to solve? It is perfect the way it ended.

I agree; the film is perfect as is. Any sequels would just be profit mongering. The human imagination makes the end of this story so much sweeter than any sequel ever could.

And I respect your opinions.

I get your point, and I must say I agree with what you’re saying: the film and its ending are perfect as-is.

However, I represent those who are actually dying for a sequel, regardless how much up to par it is with the first one. I know there are people out there who are like that, and I just so happen to be one of them.

So there.

Dan-E’s idea was first come across by lizardgirl a few months ago when she first put her big toe in the fan fiction pool. Also, the 2nd part of his idea was explored in the Robots movie of 2005. I suppose if they ever do a sequel or prequel Wall-E and company might repair old broken down bots, including some smaller ones who are child like.

Eve Why would the ability to dream be a crappy idea with robots? I would bet that Blue Sky is considering this with their next installment of their silly movie. Wall-E has a sleep period and you can be sure a good dream would be fun to watch. Now what you are suggesting here is a large part of the movie being recounted thru a robot’s dream, and that’s a novel idea.

Why would a prequel be a crappy idea? Someone has a prequel idea over in the fan fiction subforum. I haven’t read it yet, but am not ready to pass any judgment on it.

I’ve said it before, just because some or most of you guys can’t come up with any ideas for a new Wall-E movie or that the ending seemed perfect doesn’t mean Pixar shouldn’t think about new ideas. Some people just aren’t any good with original ideas. Some musicians I know say “all the chords have been played, you can’t come up with anything new”. Some people can’t recognize a good new idea and others can’t possibly develop new ideas even if they see the virtue in them. I trust that the people at Pixar will put some effort into thinking about a sequel. They may find their creative energies should be expended in another more fertile storyline, and Wall-E should lay fallow. So be it. That doesn’t stop us from exploring!

Yes!!! Somebody who agrees with me!

I’ve been feeling a little down lately (don’t ask why), and encouragement was definitely what I needed.

Well worded, Weaver. Well worded.