Abandoned signature threads?

I don’t know if anyone has asked this question before, but…

If a member has left the forums, but let’s say they’ve made an amazing Graphics thread in the past and you just happen to stumble upon it and want to use their signatures/avatars/whatever, could you technically do so, since you know the member may not be returning for a long time or ever?

Example: I find a graphics thread by a member named Castoro Chiaro, who according to the profile, has last visited the forums on July 10, 2009, and since it’s been almost 4 years since this member was active, it doesn’t seem likely that this member may return in the near future (technically speaking). However, I like the graphics made by this person, but have no way of asking to use an avatar (assuming that they’re probably going to ignore private message). Could any of this person’s graphics still be used by means of crediting them in your own sig, even though the member may have disappeared?

Yeah, I believe it would be fine to wear them as long as proper credit is given in your signature! :slight_smile: That way, if they happen to pop back in and see someone wearing their graphics, you’ll have properly credited them and it shouldn’t be a problem!

little chef

JustSoWalleCrazy, I pinch people’s sigs all the time! (I just wore angelxo’s adorable Dug sig before I came across your post)

Like little_chef said, I think the rule of thumb is that it’s okay to wear other people’s sigs as long as you give them a line of credit in text below. I’m too lazy/shy to ask the creators, so I just “put 'em on” and drop a link to their sig thread or at least a mention of their username.

Mais fait attention, you don’t want to create a fashion faux pas by wearing the same sig as someone else! :wink: