About the "Movies-old and new" thread...

Just wanted to know what´s wrong with this thread, because i don´t know why, but some posts dissapear with no reason. Maybe it is because of a bug? Maybe i wrote something not appropiated? :confused:

Just wanted to point i out :wink: I hope this is the appropiate thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t believe it’s a bug. But maybe its the moderation team doing their job. I mean, what kind of posts that you’ve typed have been deleted?

It is a bug. My posts get deleted or changed all the time for no apparent reason.

Hmm, I don’t have the power to look into the Pixar Planet forums internal technical system, but I’ll ask one of the admins to look at it.

You guys too?? :open_mouth: I thought the forum had turned on me!!! I posted Inception reviews in there 5 times. Finally, I wrote “A” instead of a 5 paragraph explanation and it went in. I am very annoyed with this. :confused: