Adaptations at Pixar?

With 1906 said to be the first live-action Pixar film, based on a real-life event, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of Pixar adapting other famous works. Indirectly, Andrew Stanton has already adapted the ER Burroughs book series, John Carter, for Disney.

But what about the possibility of adapting famous works for Pixar?

I, for one, think they should consider adapting the already famous ‘Petrograd’ by Tyler Crook and Phillip Gelatt. It’s one of my favorite graphic novels, regarding the assassination attempt of Rasputin, filled with humor, action, dilemma, strategy, and the amazing artwork of Tyler Crook. :wink:

Any ideas?


Well, I agree that it’s best that Pixar stick to creating new stories and concepts, but I’m not entirely opposed to them adapting preexisting material. For instance, most Studio Ghibli films are originals but a few of them are inspired by/adapted from comics and books, like Kiki’s Delivery Service and at least a few others. I don’t see it as negative in regards to Ghibli’s canon though, because they have the same spirit as the non-adapted movies of theirs.

There’s plenty of things I think Pixar could handle adapting well. I would love to see Pixar make a truly good mainstream video game movie, to prove something for video game movies. Portal comes to mind.

Umm, i actually read something a while ago about the upcoming 2013 blue skies production “epic”, which is based on a children’s book entitled “The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs”; apparently pixar wanted to pick up the project but the former company grabbed it first.

by the way,the trailer for it is just about the most epic (pun kind of intended) animated trailer i have ever seen.