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I would like to clarify something.

Pixar Planet, while among the biggest, is also among the newest Pixar related sites on the internet. We put this site together to fill the void of an online forum for Pixar, a gap left by the close of Luxo Forums which was born of I-Kronos, which was born of we could no longer stand the crap being said on the forums at IMDb and our lack of control over it. From my understanding, it was much in the same way Bogg’s Board got its start. We later filled in another gap by creating the first ever Pixar-centric podcast. We have since located other voids and are already working diligently behind the scenes to fill them. One of my stated goals however when starting this site is that I wanted it to be a central focal point that could bring together many of the other Pixar related sites on the net. This includes Upcoming Pixar, Luxo, Pixar’s Room, Bogg’s Board and several other Pixar sites as well as general Animation, Movie, and Disney sites. This relationship has worked very well and I am pleased that the executives of each of these sites have worked with us to provide the best access to Pixar on the net. I’m also very proud that Pixar Planet has been allowed to play a central role in the fandom by becoming a common ground for all. This all is especially important since this isn’t DreamWorks where information practically leaks itself but is instead meticulously guarded and we have to carefully scrutinize every little bit of evidence we get for both meaning and accuracy. I am also very proud of people like the staff of this site, Luxo Jr. (bawpcwpn), Kinoo, and a number of other people I’ve come in contact with, as they have, in my opinion, the highest integrity of any group on the internet, and I know I can take their word as gold because I know they’ve done their homework and go through solid channels. It has allowed a culture to flourish online that I’m sure meets the Pixar standard and would make our colleagues there very proud.

Now, this being said…
I’ve noticed lately a big upswing in new sites dedicated to Pixar. Forums, blogs, podcasts, etc have all been rumored and created and set up. I am thrilled that people are excited about expanding the fandom, what upsets me though is that rather than finding new ways to express the culture and fill voids, old ideas are being rehashed that clutter the system and choke the growth of the fandom as a whole. I don’t know if this is mostly due to a want for attention by certain people, a true desire to help, or because you think you can do it better, but I do know I’d much rather see someone come in and invent magnetic propulsion rather than just reinvent the wheel. Even the most devoted Pixar fans don’t want to comb over the same things again and again and again and we risk creating division and being weak. There are still a lot of voids out there and I encourage people to fill them and pledge our support to help you fill them either as a part of Pixar Planet or on your own. However, I feel we can no longer endorse or allow competitive posting on this site. It is an injustice both to the fans and the people who make these sites.

Now, we will never prohibit linking to other sites, noting other sites, interaction with other sites, etc. And we will stand by our commitment to provide our own users with a comprehensive list of ALL Pixar related sources on the net. However, we will not allow posting that infers superiority of one site to another or encourages the use of a specific site over another or anything else of that nature. Such posts will be removed and I will personally deal with offenders. I think everyone knows the persons I am referring to with all of this.

Again, my intentions are not to muddy the waters or create an elitist society within the Pixar fandom but rather to state the official position of Pixar Planet regarding posting that is aimed to grow a website by pulling on users of another site rather than through it’s own merit.

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Thank You and Happy Posting!

I agree with everything you said. Well done! Also, I must say that I am thrilled at the idea of new Pixar projects. :smiley:

Amen to all of that, Dash! Brilliant composition!

– Mitch

I absolutely love how you said that. Heheh. :smiley:

Hey I have come up with some ideas that some sites don’t have. Take my Fan Video Section for instant. I do not know of any Pixar fansites that has that. And as for the “My site is better than yours” thing. That why I named my site Pixar Kingdom. I wanted my site to be be smaller or at least seem smaller than Pixar Planet. If any thing I want to be a equal to you guys. A kingdom is smaller than a Planet corect. But Dash the ranting will never stop about the “My site is better than yours” thing. It’s been happening since the dawn of the internet. And as for the Podcasts. We get to hear other peoples point of views on the movies.

Thank you Dash for you wonderful Relvation. I realy do mean Thank you. Hopeful when people read this Dash people will change mentaly.


No music videos at Pixar Planet, huh?

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And what about this giant thread that was started on September 30 titled “Music Videos”?

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I tolaly for got about that thread my bad

Dash: Read and understood Dash.

Nightwheel: That is okay. All one must do is take the time to search and find.

Very well put, Dash. You’ve stated your point most clearly :slight_smile:

Very well explained, Dash. I agree with ya.

I couldn’t have said it any better. Some people just need to grow up a lil, or wait a couple years before they think they can handle such responsibility to run a site in the first place. :mrgreen:

Well, thank goodness for that- this is exactly what we need. Good work, Dash.

Nice speech, Dash. I agree with you 100 percent. :wink:

haha and I don’t know if you’ve seen the future, Dash, but since PP is designed and maintained by a professional (that’d be Mell) you can bet that we’re going to continue to improve – she showed me what she’s working on the other day & it looks freakin’ awesome. Very swish :smiley:

Oh yes I have ESP too vim! :wink:

You guys are in for a reallll treat! =D

I wanna know! What is it?! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(Oh wait. It’s gotta be a chat board or something. Oh man, I sure hope that it’s a chat board…)

A chat board would be neat. :sunglasses:

Maybe a “forum style” with all Pixar movies?

Or the Pixar shorts… :wink:

Oh, if it is a chat board, that would be awesome, but I can’t wait for what ever it is.

A Pixar shorts layout would be awesome. :smiley:

You know, that might not be a bad idea. Tat would be a lot of characters on to one page, but anything can happen.