Advice wanted: How to you get the clips to begin with?

I have Windows Vista Movie maker- and the only ‘rip’ option it seems to state is having it for music.

How do I get the clips I need in order to create a music video then? I seriously have no clue how to do this- there is no information anywhere that I can find. All it talks about are camcorders and other rubbish. The only advice people give is what to do when you already have clips, not how to get the clips or even splice them to begin with.

How do I rip the clips from my DVD in order to make music videos? Please- be CLEAR and offer clear step-by-step instructions, I won’t know what on earth you are talking about otherwise.

Thank-you. I hope this is in the right section.

I already told you this elsewhere, but I’ll say it here, too:

I’ll be on the lookout for PC-based freeware in a few hours ( I run Mac).

Well, you need a DVD Ripper to rip clips from your DVD. I know two very good AND free DVD Rippers. One of them is called AOA DVD Ripper and the other one is called DVD to VCD AVI Divx Converter.

(Personally, I reccomend the second one)

One you get a DVD ripper, tell me, or PM me and I’ll tell you the process.

I use Vuze to get all my clips. All you gotta do is download it and put in the search box “(name of movie here) DVD rip” and it will come up with lots of different choices, from there all you gotta do is download them.

Ok, this is how I get mine. It’s not pirating, and it’s completely free if you own the movies.

HandBrake DVD Ripper:


Download and install VLC (It’s only a dependency of HandBrake, so you won’t need to touch it). Then download HandBrake and rip the DVD that you want into an MP4. From here I import it into iMovie and start working.

You’re a Windows user, so here’s the documentation on HandBrake for Windows:

Have fun!