Aggie's Icons


make all of mine. :nerd:

DVD in computer + Photoshop CS = my avatars


That’s ALMOST the same as


DVD in computer + PSP7 = My icons


I should make some Incredibles icons as


Wow! those are good!


are amazing! I don’t often use icons of another persons just because it makes me feel guilty… but I will surly

look to these for inspiration! I like the ones in the style of Sarge (the style that includes Sally and


I usually make mine but… they’re nothing special seeing as how they are basically screen

captures with text. None of that fancy animated stuff! (it does seem to take an awful lot of patience… which I

dont have!)

Wow Aggie, those look


So you made the “Mornin’, Sleepin’ Beauty!” avatar!

I’ve seen it before, and always loved it. And the others look great, too!

Is there any way to possibly make icons like that using

Windows Movie Maker? ^^;

When you’ve got the time, I’d quite like an avatar of R?my in the pose where everything freezes and he starts

his voice-over. Nothing special needed, although if you think of something good feel free to put it in; it’s

just that Paint won’t let you use PrintScrn for movie files, so I can’t really make it myself.

Wait; on

second thought, if you want, you could put in the text, “It’s just… dangerous.” If it looks better

without the text, leave it out, I don’t mind, but the text would be fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks bunches!

Um, if it’s okay with you Aggie, I’d like to use one of your Mater icons.

How do I

upload it on my profile page ? How is it considered in terms of uploading , as an off-site avatar or an on-site

avatar ?

You need to save the icon to your hard drive first. If the icon is less than 40KB, you

can upload it as an ‘on site’ avatar (meaning we’ll host it for you here), but if it’s any bigger you should

really upload it to ImageShack or Photobucket as an ‘off-site’ avatar.

Wow! Yer icons are “totally wicked!” I’m so

changing mine right now. Mind if i use that Doc Hudson one? And, if you get the time, some Nemo and/or Monster’s

Inc ones would be fun too. :slight_smile:

[b]How do I

get Theses icons on my profile?[/b]

Basically I just saved the icon i wanted to my

computer, then went to my profile and uploaded it…

Thanks, it worked!

Thanks for the TIZ Icons Aggie!

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Niiiiice. I’m jealous,

Aggie! Where do you get the time to make all of those…??

Heheh – they’re really nice avatars, Aggie.

Would you mind making me one? :slight_smile: blushes

Hmm…I’m having a little bit of trouble uploading

your avatars, Aggie. Could someone help me, please?

– Mitch (the


[b]Mitch you have to

“save” the icon and then uplode it. :smiley:

Edit: I noticed that some of the icons are under .jpeg

not .gif (I wonder why :confused:) that’s probably why it’s not working for you Mitch. [/b]

JV: Thank you for the information! That’s odd that

some of the files are different. I’ll try it out (again) anyway…

Edit: It

works! Oh, sweet hallelujah, it works! Thanks again, JV. :wink:

[b]No problem, glad I could help