Aggie's Icons

I’m going to post all my Pixar icons here. Whenever I make more, I’ll update the post. If

you wish to request anything, let me know. I can currently make icons of any scene you want from the movie Cars.

Enjoy! (P.S. If you decide to use any of my icons, please credit me!








Very nice, Aggie!! If I think of a change, I’ll know who

to ask!

Thanks, Phoenician!

It’s always fun to make new Pixar icons. :slight_smile:

Wow they are awesome! Is it possible to get some Ratatouille ones?

Sure! I’ll make some from the trailer

tonight. If there’s anything specific (like a particular frame with a quote or anything like that), just let me

know. :slight_smile: Oh, and thanks!

Oooh, gorgeous!! Your animated ones are beautiful, what do you use to make them? (Or would that be like a

magician revealing her secrets? :-p )

Nah, nah… I

like to share, hehehe. :slight_smile: I use Animation Shop 3 to put it all together. The Ratatouille icon (for example) was

made by 'Prnt Scrn’ing every frame from the trailer on Pixar’s website (if you pause it and use the left and

right arrow keys, you can easily capture any frame you want)… and then I used Paint Shop Pro to make the size,

border and text. Hope that made sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comment!

Ooh, clever! Must take ages though!

Wow - these are spectacular!

Have you ever posted them elsewhere? On the one hand I’m

sure I’ve seen them before.

Mell_O_Drama: Yes, it sometimes takes

over an hour with just one icon, depending on how big the animated scene is. I’m surprised I have that kind of

patience, lol.

Dash: Thanks! I maintain a Livejournal community called cars_pixar and I’ve posted them

there, so they’re most likely roaming around LJ. I’ve also seen some people using them on this

Cars forum.


Knew it had to be LJ! Although I’ve been

by Cars_Pixar I’m not a member but I have seen some there plus some in use by others. Neato! You may see one

TheFLHurricane sign upi tonight - that’ll be me. :wink:

Oooo, that’d be great! I love new

members! :smiley:

Animation Shop can open AVI files, can’t it? You can get a free program called

FRAPS that records video clips and does screenshots. I’m not sure

if it would be better for you, but it would certainly be a big time saver! The best feature is that it can

record and cap Windows Media files which you can’t do normally. Might be worth checking out!

Cool! Thanks for the info… I’ll definitely check that program out.

Animation Shop does open AVI files, so I’ve been able to do it before (time-saver indeed, hehe). I don’t know

if there was an AVI version of the Ratatouille trailer available to download, so I just went to the website


I’m actually itchin’ for a Ratatouille "LET IT GO,

DAD" Signature. Yeah, my current sig is kinda lame . . . .

Luxo isn’t lame! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be easier to make an icon with that quote if there was an actual scene going along with it, but it cuts to

the title already. Meh, I’ll see what I can do, hehe.

NOT MY AVY!! I love my Avy – I

meant my “Mighty Pheon” signature.

But in the trailer, a good “Let it Go, Dad” would

be when he looks in his dad’s direction and says “I don’t want to eat Garbage, dad!”


look cool, I think . . .


okay! I read your last post wrong. hits head Okie dokie! :slight_smile:

My original Ratatouille avater

where its the zooming in onto the menu was made in photoshop and exported into imageready. They are looking great

the ones you are doing!

I don’t know where to

find Incredibles icons