Who has the best avatar?

I love Hatcat’s new

avatar. It’s awesome. :wink:

Yeah I like Hatcat’s avatar too.

I agree. It looks cool



Star Swordsman"]

I agree. It looks cool hatcat.

Aw, thanks :slight_smile:

Tell me, how did you get a little animated one with in a still cap?


I saw one of those in Aggie’s icons. :slight_smile:

Oh, my fault. I guess we

have to thank Aggie for making such an awesome avatar.

Sorry, I didn’t answer you TSS. I think Aggie has

awesome icons :slight_smile:

Yeah that was what I was going to

say too.

Oh she does, I just checked back on her avatar page

(thanks for the link back to it Spider-Man) and I was blown away the first time I saw it. She is amazing, what

else can I say?

No problem

TSS!!! :wink: Yeah they are some of the best avvies I have seen, she needs do make

so Ratatouille ones!!! :slight_smile:

I agree with Spider-Man and

TSS. Would you Aggie?

I agree. Aggie hasn’t

created any new graphics in years, but she’s wonderful at making them! Will you make more anytime soon,

Aggie? :wink:

If you plan on doing more Aggie,

may I request Incredibles please? :unamused: :wink:

I love

AnnoyingPerson95’s new avatar of Collete. it is really cute.

TSS- I think I like yours, I also like The Incredibles.

But Cars is my favorite

Thanks Hatcat. I

had it for a while now, and I love it myself.

(Avatar created by Maggie of course)

I think [b]Maggie

[/b]makes great avatars, and I’ll give the credit to her. :wink:

You can say that again. I mean, how

many people here on Pixar Planet use avatars the she makes? A lot of them! :slight_smile:

Yeah, a lot. Annoying is using the great Colette one, I

think it looks good on her. :wink: