Who has the best avatar?

This is a little bit of a

competiton/question for you all. Who here has the best avatar? I don’t since I don’t have one (never could seem

to find one small enough) , but how about you guys?

hm… me perhaps?


That would be ahard desicion for me. The reason why is because everyone has their own special avatar that

can be considered the best in their own way. In addition, there could also be a special reason why that person

chooses that special avatar to use as their own. I don’t know which is the best, but I think all are good.


I really like a lot of the avatars here, but I couldn’t

think of one that’s better than all the others. As TSS said, everyone’s avatars are cool. :smiley:


like them all, but Pixel Candy’s is pretty awesome! How do you get your av to have

a little vid like that?

Everybody has

great avatars. I LOVE mine though, woohoo!

The question of “Who has the best avatar?” is very

subjective. I’m willing to bet that everybody has an avatar of their favorite character, and some of them

aren’t even Pixar related. Voting would be biased, especially since the majority of our members are

Cars fanatics.

Heh. Who else but me would vote for

my avatar? ;-p I think I’ve made my point.



You sure did PV :wink:

Also ,

to add on to PV’s post , some people wouldn’t like certain avatars because of the movie . Like , I would never

vote for TSS’s or Pv’s avatar because I’m not too fond of TI .

Also , some people might not like my

avatar because they don’t like Flushed Away . Heck , I don’t even like Flushed Away ! :wink:

edit :

okay , if u didn’t noticed , i changed it :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s easy. Mine’s the best. :smiley:

Heh. Just

kidding. Mine’s old- I just use it 'cause I put my username in blinky form all those eons ago. I no longer have

the ability to make those. :frowning:

Yeah, everybody’s avatars are cool. My Mater icon

totally rocks because MATER ROCKS !!!

I like lizardgirl’s avatar :slight_smile:


:blush: Awww, I’m flattered. I used GIF Animator, which makes frame-by-frame animations.

I like Stickers,

PixarPixie, FONY and PixarVixen’s avatars. ^^[/size]

aZnCdn- Aww, thanks! Yours is very cool too. :smiley:

I could never make those

“animated” avatars. So that makes me incredible jealous of all of you guys. :stuck_out_tongue: So if I wanted an

animated one, I just go and look for one.

Wow – this has got to be the most

“prejudiced” topic I’ve ever come upon. Heheh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, everyone knows that you’re going

to vote for your own avatar, because it is, after all, the best, right? (snigger) :wink:

In a nutshell, I love everybody’s avatars – they all have their own personality, flair, and

“unique-ness” to them! But, besides FONY’s,

Aggie’s, lizardgirl’s, and

PixarVixen’s avatars, everyone knows that mine is the

best. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always liked

your avatar, Mitch! A great shot of Remy from the teaser. Nice choice!

Bill - Heheh – thanks, Bill. I’m surprised you

haven’t gotten an avatar yourself yet! :wink: :smiley:

I am more interested in people’s signitures than their

avatars, cause you can do more with it.

[size=92]aZnCdn - -nods- Like your one, for instance. ^^ And Mitch’s…

Mitch, where’d you get that screenshot? POOR REMY IN A JAR!


I feel as

though another thread is gonna start about who has the best signurture. But that is just me