All Pixar's Film Signature.

Here is my 1st all Pixar’s film signature. Hope you like it! :smiley:

That’s really cool, aey023! I love how you’ve used lots of different colours all blended in for the background, and have chosen the most iconic images to represent each film. And yay for the inclusion of Up! Nice work, looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. :smiley:

Hey, it looks really incredible dude. I love it. You did a really nice job with it.

It looks spectacular, aey023! The colors make it nice and flashy- I like that. And the images are pieced together fabulously. :smiley: It’s just bursting with a fantastic look.

That’s so awesome - the colours in it are SO pretty! And you included Up, too. =D

Very colorful! And I too am impressed that you included Up with it!

OOooh pretty colors. I like it a lot. Great quality stuff!

Wow, all the pretty colours… your sig reminds me of a kaleidoscope.
You may want to look at Pixfan’s sigs, he does some good compilations too. :wink:

aey023 - Ooo, very eye-catching. Normally, I find a collage of colors all blended together to be rather extreme, but this one is quite easy on the eyes. Nice work. :smiley:

– Mitch

oohhhh…that looks awesome! I love that all the characters/films are there, along with the logo. And the colors do make it eye-appealing. :smiley:

Amazing job!! Those are some incredible colors (pun intended) and they really draw one’s attention to it! I see you included Up as well. :smiley: Nice work!

That’s gorgeous! I love all the colors. Great work!

EDIT: Goodness, this thread is kinda oldish