An Incredible Christmas

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Chapter 6: The Sixth Day of Christmas

Dash woke up on the sixth day. He rubbed his eyes and looked out the window. His eyes immediately darted open from what he saw. He rushed to everyone’s room, waking them up.


Violet, Helen, and Bob all jumped out of their beds and made their way toward the window. They were astounded to see white snow flakes falling from the sky. Even Jack-Jack was awed by the falling snow.

“What are we going to do today dad?” Violet asked.

Bob smiled. “Get changed everyone.”

Everyone was quite puzzled of Bob’s plan, but they went to their rooms and put on some warm clothes. Bob went into the garage and started the car. Helen placed Jack-Jack inside and then took a seat in the front. Violet and Dash followed after her. Bob drove the car out of the garage and into the snowing Metroville. They drove a couple minutes down the road until they came across a huge frozen lake. Helen, Violet, and Dash smiled at Bob’s idea.

They got out of the car and went to the ice-skate rental shop. Half an hour later, the family exited the place with some skates. After putting them on, the family stepped on to the ice and began skating. Helen carried Jack-Jack in her arms, holding on to her husbands hand. Violet skated calmly and placidly behind her parents. Dash, however, sped around the lake as if he were in the Olympics. By the time he made one revolution around the lake, his mother grabbed him by his shoulder.

“Dash, please stick together. You could get tired. Don’t use all of your energy.”

Dash sighed. “But going slow bores me.”

Violet giggled. She then bumped into someone. She landed on her behind with a thud.

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry.” she apologized, stumbling to her feet, nursing her behind.

“You don’t have to Vi.” said the person.

Violet looked up and her eyes began to glitter. “Hi Tony!”

She gave him a huge hug. Tony looked around, embarrassed. “Violet, there are people staring at us.”

She giggled. Both stared in each other’s eyes. After that, Vi grabbed Tony’s hand and both skated happily together.

Helen and Bob witnessed the whole thing. “Isn’t this romantic honey?” asked Helen.

Bob grunted. “Just so long as he doesn’t take her so far.”

“Bob!” gasped an exasperated Helen.

“What? I’m just concerned.”


A couple hours passed. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Then, Dash skated to his parents. He was panting heavily.

“Mom, dad. . . help.”

Helen placed her hands on her hips. “Well, I told you not to go all out.”

“No mom. . .” huffed the young boy. “Someone. . . needs help. . .”

WHAT?!” wondered Bob.

“HELP ME!!!” someone cried.

Jack-Jack saw the person in need and started to reach his arms out to him. The baby began to wail. Helen noticed this and gazed her eyes at what Jack-Jack was reaching to.

“Bob, look!”

In the middle of the frozen lake, a young boy was drowning. Apparently the ice broke from under him. Bob, Helen, and Dash ran and found a place to change.


“Oh my God! Someone’s gotta do something!” said Tony. He looked around but noticed one thing missing. “Violet. . . Violet. . . Violet where did you go?”

Inside Tony’s mind, he wanted to panic. There was a boy, crying for help. He was too afraid to move. He then clenched his fist and raced out to help the boy. Tony dashed to him. The ice started to crack from under him. It isolated, stranding the teenaged boy in the middle of the lake. The boy grabbed on to the ice that stranded Tony and he pulled him on.

“Hang on there boys.” said a voice.

It was Mr. Incredible. He grabbed the isolated ice and lifted it up before it could drift any farther. He lifted them up in the air. Unfortunately, Tony lost his balance and fell into the lake.

“TONY!!!” cried Invisigirl.

She jumped into the lake and swam after Tony. The water was freezing cold. She had to summon all of her courage and energy to swim under after him. Once she got to him, she grabbed his body and clenched to him tight. From above the surface, Elastigirl reached under and grabbed the two teens. She fished them out of the water. A drenched Invisigirl and Tony landed on the ice. They were shivering and freezing. Mr. Incredible carried Tony and Elastigirl carried her daughter inside the ice skate shop. Inside, there was a blazing fireplace. The two Supers placed the two teens in front of the fire. Elastigirl then wrapped the two in thick blankets. Soon enough, Invisigirl’s and Tony’s body temperature began to rise. Speedster then came in with two cups of hot cocoa. The two began to sip on the hot drink. When that was finished. Tony and Invisigirl gave each other a nice tender hug.

“Thank you for saving my life.” whispered Tony. Invisigirl simply blushed.


Meanwhile, everyone outside was relieved that the boy was going to be okay. However, they were quite saddened that the lake was now broken and unsafe to skate on.

“Hey everyone, chill out. I got this problem fixed.”

It was Frozone. He walked up to the lake and fired a beam of ice from his hand. The second it touched the water, it became frozen solid and sturdy. The people cheered as Frozone skated away.

An hour later, the Incredibles were applauded by everyone there. Smiles of joy were planted on everyone’s face. Each member of the family took a bow and headed into the Incredibile. Mr. Incredible started the car and drove away.


The Incredibles celebrated six Christmas Days:

Sixth day, ice skating,

Fifth day, caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Chapter 7: The Seventh Day of Christmas

Snow continued to fall the very next morning. Dash looked outside. He saw cars trying to move along the slippery road. He saw neighbors shoveling their driveways and walkways. Dash looked at his own driveway and saw his father shoveling.

Bob dug into a large chunk of snow and shoveled it out on to the lawn. Dash continued to watch his dad. Finally, Bob was finished. The Parr family driveway and walk was clean and clear. Bob went into the garage and put his shovel away. Dash ran down the stairs to greet his father.

“Nice job dad. Other driveways are still covered in snow. Some folks have given up already.” he said.

Bob smiled and rubbed his son’s hair. “You know, one should not be working at a time like this.” said Bob. “The snow is beautiful. We should enjoy this.”

Suddenly, a thought struck Violet. “I know! Today, why not play in the snow?”

“How?” wondered Dash with a perplexed look.

Helen grinned. “Honey, there is so much we can do. Go skiing, sledding, have snowball fights, make snowmen. . .”

Dash was convinced enough. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!!!”

Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack got dressed into some warm clothes, then made their way to the car. Bob placed an old sled and even a snowboard in the trunk. Then, he drove it out of the garage and on to the driveway.


The drive was a half an hour long. Soon, Bob drove up to a wide open area of snow. There were two small hills and one large one, about the size of a house. Later, another car drove up, two people stepped out of the car.

“Yo Bob, Helen, Vi, Speedo, Jack-Jack.”

It was Lucius. He went up to the family and shook hands with them. Then, a very small woman walked up to them.

“Dahlings, just because I’m short, doesn’t mean I don’t exist.”

The family smiled and greeted Edna Mode as well. After that, Bob went to retrieve their stuff from the trunk. He placed the sled and snowboard on the snow. Everyone made their way to the vast open of snow.

First, they all had a snowball fight. It was Bob, Dash and Frozone versus Helen and Violet. Edna did not want to participate, so she decided to take care of Jack-Jack and watch.

First, the five Supers constructed two forts, one for Bob’s team, another for the other. With Bob’s strength, Dash’s speed, and Lucius’s ice powers, they created two of the most indestructible snow forts of all. The two teams went behind their own forts.

Helen and Vi might have been out numbered, and it might been guys vs girls. However, this snowball fight turned out to be a pretty even match.

First, Bob hurled giant snowballs at the other team. They were about the size of boulders. Dash rapidly threw small snowballs at them. And Lucius blasted his ice beam at the other team.

The two females’ strategy was simply this: Violet’s force field would be used as the first line of defense, blocking any and all ice particles projected at her and her mother. The force field was not only used as a shield, but a distraction. All the while, Helen had been scooping and rolling an abundant amount of snowballs. When the guys ceased their fire, Violet’s and Helen’s offensive plan was put into action. Helen clustered all of the snowballs together, wrapped her arms around them, and flung it to the opposing team.

“INCOMING!!!” shouted Dash, pointing up at the sky.

The snowballs rained down on the male Supers. Vi and Helen laughed hysterically. All of the sudden, a large clump of snow hit Helen in the face, she fell backwards and landed in the snow. Violet turned around, but too late. A large snowball smacked the front of her face. She landed right next to her mom. The two got up and brushed the snow off of their face and body.

“Dash, no throwing snowballs in the face.” Helen chastised, staring at the young boy.

A second of silence followed. After that, came laughter. Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, and Lucius resumed their snowball fight, without Super Powers.


Meanwhile, Edna grew bored of watching the five pelt each other with snowballs. She stood up and picked up Jack-Jack.

“Gosh dahling, I grow tired of this, insignificant snowball fight. Come on little one. Let’s have some fun.”

Edna carried the baby over to the sled and placed him on it. She then pulled Jack-Jack around the snow. The little baby was enjoying his little ride as he cooed and laughed along the way. Edna smiled at Jack-Jack’s reaction. She then pulled the sled up a tiny hill. She sat on the sled with Jack-Jack and held on to him tight.

“Ready dahling?” Edna asked. Jack-Jack joyfully clapped his hands. “Very well. One. . .two. . .three.”

Edna and Jack-Jack rode the sled down the small hill. Edna held on to the baby with a firm grasp. Jack-Jack laughed in excitement and exhilaration. Finally, the sled decelerated to a stop.

“Wasn’t that fun dahling?”

Jack-Jack laughed and clapped cheerfully.


Bob took the snowboard and made his way up the really huge hill. Lucius followed after him.

“Bob, aren’t you a little. . . you know. . .”

Bob just laughed. “Nonsense old buddy. I can do this. Back in the day, I used to perform cool moves like you.”

Lucius smacked his head in annoyance. Finally, the two reached the top. Bob strapped the snowboard to his feet. Lucius put his Frozone boots on. Both gazed down the hill. It was pretty steep, with some small hills to get a little elevation.

“Okay, look out below!” said Bob.

Bob made his way down the hill. Lucius just watched. Bob accelerated down the slope. He was going so fast, he lost control of his board. It wasn’t long before Bob fell flat on his face. He rolled down the slope until he reached the bottom.

“Amateur.” sighed Lucius, shaking his head.

He jumped off, and two silver ice skis popped from his Frozone boots. He landed on the downslope and began to ski his way down. Lucius decided that the steep hill wasn’t fun enough. He discharged his ice beam from his hand and created a little ice ramp. He jumped off of it and performed many tricks and spins in the air. Lucius then formed another ice ramp with his beam of ice. Once he launched off of that, his skates converted to his ice disk. Lucius then glided down the rest of the slope. He stopped right next to a dumbfounded Bob.

“Bob, if it’s from you, then it is not cool. If it’s from me, then it is cool. Got it?”


Meanwhile, Helen was helping the kids make a snowman. She rolled a huge chunk of snow into a base. Violet rolled out a middle section. Dash rolled the head. Violet placed the middle section on the base and Dash placed the head on top. Dash collected stones and placed them on the snowman’s face. Violet took off of her scarf and wrapped it around its neck.
“It looks good kids.” commented Helen.

“Thanks mom.” recited the two in unison.

Finally, the sun started to set. The whole family, Lucius and Edna all felt exhausted. After loading the stuff into the car, they all left. Helen, Vi, Dash, and Jack-Jack began to fall asleep as the sun disappeared behind the horizon.


The Incredibles celebrated seven Christmas Days:

Seventh day, with snow,

Sixth day, ice skating,

Fifth day, caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree

Wow…i love the snowboarding episode…absolutely perfect. I can just see Mr. Incredible literally rolling down a hill. You could even have a couple walking up a nearby hill stop and watch him “roll” down.

Review for last 2


They are now starting to remind me of what holiday favorites are about and the fun that kids get at Christmas time. I loved the E and Jack-Jack part and the Bob/Lucius boarding.

Chapter 8: The Eighth Day of Christmas

Violet looked out the window. Snow wasn’t falling from the sky. She looked up into the sky. The sun was out and was shining down on the Earth. Vi got changed and met her family in the kitchen. Helen placed a bowl of oatmeal in front of her daughter.

“So Bob, what are we going to do today?” Helen asked.

Bob placed his hand on his cheek. He thought and thought. Ten minutes later, he shot open his eyes with an idea.

“Why not go for a sleigh ride? You know, like in the song Jingle Bells.”

Every person in the room looked at him with a puzzled look.

“Bob, what are you talking about?” asked his wife.

“Yeah dad. Where we are going to get a big sleigh? And the reindeer?”

“Hang on there, Dash. Just stay calm. I know what I’m talking about.”

Bob walked over to the telephone. He dialed a number. The rest of the family continued to look at him with an inquisitive gaze.

“Hello? Brandon’s Sled Rentals? Yes, I would like to rent one for my family and a couple of friends. Yes. . . yes. . . Bob Parr. . . eight to nine people. . . none please. . . I’m sure. . . I’m serious. . . thanks. . . be there in two hours. . . thanks. . . bye.”

He went back to the table.

“So what’s going to happen dad?” inquired Violet.

Bob smiled. “You just wait.”

After breakfast, everyone put the dishes away. Violet had been told by Bob that she could invite any person that she wanted. Violet raced up the stairs, grabbed her phone, and dialed a number to a friend’s house. Helen called the NSA and invited Mirage, and Edna. Bob called his friend Lucius.


An hour later, the Parrs got into the car and were on their way. They drove for forty five minutes until they arrived at a gigantic forest area. Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack all got out of the car. They found a large barn area with a lot of reindeer and a lot of sleighs.

“Hey Bob! Over here!” called a voice.

It was Lucius. The Parr family walked over to him. Five minutes later, Edna and Mirage arrived. After greeting each other, they all went to get their sleigh. Everyone except Violet. She stayed and waited.

“Hey Vi, you coming?” asked Helen.

“I’m just waiting for someone mom.”


A car horn was heard. A young boy exited out of the car.

“Thanks dad, I’ll be done in a couple hours.”

The boy walked up to Violet. Violet was so elated, she couldn’t move, or speak. Finally, after staring in each other’s eyes for about ten seconds, she spoke.

“Thanks. . . f. . .for coming. . .T. . .Tony.” stammered Vi.

“Thank you for inviting me.”

After the two gave each other a hug, Vi and Tony went over to join the rest. Both were rather surprised to see a huge sleigh, but no reindeer. Everyone glared at Bob.

“Is everyone ready?” he cheerfully asked.

Dash gave him a peculiar look. “Is this a joke dad? Where are the reindeer to pull the sleigh?”

Bob smiled. “You’re looking at him.”

Everyone’s eyes widened in curiosity and astonishment. After a minute of silence, a sound of a giggle was heard. It came from Dash. Violet was also laughing. Tony then joined her. Soon enough, everyone was laughing.

Lucius place a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Okay big man. If you want to carry all of us, be my guest.”

Bob went and got some strong sturdy rope. He tied it to the front of the sled and then tied the other ends around his chest. Everyone got on the sled. It had two rows. Helen, Dash, Violet and Tony sat in the front row. Lucius, Mirage, and Edna, carrying Jack-Jack, sat in the back.

Bob pulled the sled. He didn’t have to try, as he used half of his effort to easily pull and maneuver the sleigh. They went at a normal pace. Everyone enjoyed the scenery. The bare trees stood tall like soldiers. A large cushion of snow blanketed the ground. The sun peered from the branches of the woods.

Violet clung tightly to Tony’s body like a giant teddy bear. “Isn’t this beautiful Tony?”

Tony just gazed at Vi with affection in his eyes. “Yes, incredibly beautiful.”

Violet stared into his eyes and began to blush. Dash looked disgusted, but Helen glared at him just in case he opened his mouth.

After hours of sleigh riding, Bob pulled the sleigh back to the stable. He loosened the rope and threw it away before the owner discovered anything suspicious. When the owner exited his office, all he saw was a giant sled, right in the middle of the parking lot, with no reindeer nearby.


The Incredibles celebrated eight Christmas Days:

Eighth day, sleigh riding,

Seventh day, with snow,

Sixth day, ice skating,

Fifth day, caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Very well done…a beautiful chapter for the Parr family. I somewhat feel responsable to leave them alone and not comment to much about it. I liked how you got the “reindeer” figured out. I wonder if Dash could do that when he gets older. Another great job of getting “Viony” into the storyboard.

Thanks Al-Bob. Expect a chapter update some time in a few hours.

sounds good…

Chapter 9: The Ninth Day of Christmas

Jack-Jack awoke from his sleep. He opened his eyes and could not believe where he was.

“Good morning Jack-Jack.” greeted Helen, taking him out into the open.

The family looked around. They were at Disneyland. The Parrs looked around. The entrance was rather crowded, although the park wasn’t opened yet. Finally, a voice was heard over the speakers.

“Good morning everyone! This is Mickey Mouse speaking. I hope you are having a swell holiday! And welcome to the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland!” he welcomed. Everyone cheered. Mickey continued. “Me and the rest of the gang hope you have a swell time here! And don’t forget! At tonight’s Holiday parade, we shall be having special guests joining us! So be sure to check it out! Thank you! And have a fun and magical day inside the Happiest Place on Earth!

The doors were opened as the crowded filed inside. Twenty minutes later, the Parrs arrived at Main Street USA. Dash turned to his parents.

“Special guests for the parade? I am so excited! I wonder who they are? Will we get a good seat? Where is the best place to. . .” he asked to rapidly.

“Slow down Dash! Not so fast please!” pleaded his annoyed sister.

Bob laughed and ruffed through Dash’s hair. “Don’t worry son. I promise we shall get the best seats in the entire parade.”

Dash gazed at his father with innocent eyes. “You promise?”

“I promise.”

First, the Parrs went on Small World. It was a slow ride, so everyone went, including Jack-Jack. The songs “It’s a Small World After All” and “Jingle Bells” played throughout the entire ride. Jack-Jack laughed and cooed throughout the entire ride. After that, Violet and Dash went on the tea cups. Helen and Bob watched, smiled, and took pictures of their children on the ride. After that, Violet and Dash rode the Matterhorn Mountain ride. Helen and Bob took their turns playing with Jack-Jack, while waiting for their kids to finish with their ride.

“You enjoying your holiday cutie?” asked Bob.

Helen tickled the baby’s tummy. “You are enjoying yourself aren’t you honey?”

Finally, Violet and Dash came back. Both decided to go on one more ride together, then would settle down for some lunch. After waiting in line, the kids finally got on board. They rode the Space Mountain ride. Afterwards, they got off. Dash felt incredibly dizzy. Violet felt like she was going to throw up. They stumbled over to their parents.

“Feeling okay?” asked Helen.

“We’ll be alright.” said a woozy Violet.

The Parr family went over and got some lunch. Bob, Helen, Violet, and Dash each had a slice of pizza. Jack-Jack was given his own baby food. After that, the Parr family went on some more rides. First, they went on the adventurous Jungle Cruise. After that, Bob and Helen browsed a store while Violet and Dash went on the Indiana Jones ride. After that, Helen and Violet watched Jack-Jack while Bob and Dash went on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride. Helen and Violet then went on Splash Mountain while Bob and Dash took care of their little infant. The last ride they all went on was Pirates of the Carribean. Dash decided to stay and watch and play with his baby brother. Soon after, the entire Parr family all assembled back together and headed back to Main Street.

“Hey everybody!” said a voice. “Mickey Mouse here speaking! This is just a reminder that our Holiday Parade is about to begin in exactly thirty minutes! And don’t forget. We have a very special guests joining us for this parade! So I hope you will be able to join us!”


Thirty minutes later, the parade started. Animated characters from the movies Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, and Mulan were first. The characters waved to the excited and awed audience. After that, the classic characters of Disney followed. Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Chip, Dale, Pluto, Minnie and Micky all followed.

“Hey Everybody! Glad that you all can make it! And I am so happy that you are having a swell holiday!” proclaimed Mickey.

“Oh Mickey.” Minnie says. “What a wonderful holiday it has been. And now, it is time to introduce our special guest. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give a warm welcome to…THE INCREDIBLES!”

On the float behind them, stood the Incredibles. They waved at the crowd happily and cheerfully. The float was 20 feet long and 12 feet high. The first half of the float was mainly a city with buildings pointing out in different direction. On a building-like platform stood Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, waving to the people. On the other half of the float was mainly a Nomanisan-like jungle platform with trees and bushes planted in it. Invisigirl and Speedster walked all around and waved to the crowd. Jack-Jack was strapped securely on a balcony. He waved to the crowd as the parade ended.


The Incredibles celebrated nine Christmas Days:

Ninth day, Disneyland,

Eight day, sleigh riding,

Seventh day, with snow,

Sixth day, ice skating,

Fifth day, caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Very fun…a great holiday vacation for the Parr family. Did you ever think about putting in that new Toy Story theme ride? It sounded really good since you were able to get Minnie and Mickey into it as well. Good job depicting the voyage to Disneyworld.

Review for 8-9

Really enjoying this fun filled story. Can’t wait to see 10-12 days and what happens on those days.

Thanks for the review. I would put that TS ride in this chapter, but this story was written two years ago. So kinda too late to put in the TS ride in.

Kinda ironic that TI is property of Disney and they are celebrating the holidays in Disneyland.

Awesome! The Incredibles going to Disneyland was a surprise for me to read. Their days of Christmas are so amazing…they are so lucky!

Thanks for the review BDD.

Expect an update tommorow everyone. THis chapter involves a little crime fighting. So for all of those who like action chapters, you’ll like the next one.

Chapter 10: The Tenth Day of Christmas

The entire family woke to the sound of the Incrediphone ringing. They all dashed downstairs. Bob picked up the receiver and answered.


“Incredibles, we need your help!”

Bob hung up the phone and turned to his family. “We are needed everyone! Suit up now!”

Helen and Violet dashed into their rooms to change. Dash stood there with his arms folded.

“Dad, do we really have to? We are on vacation right now!”

Bob sighed and ruffled Dash’s hair. “I know son. But we don’t have a choice. Crime never rests.”

Dash wanted to stay, but he reluctantly slumped into his room and changed.


The Incredibles arrived at Downtown Metroville. They ran inside a toy shop. Inside, three robbers held shoppers and workers hostage.

“Don’t move!” commanded a robber, “or else this girl gets it.”

He grabbed the arm of an 8 year old girl. He pointed the barrel of the gun to her temple. The little girl bawled in horror. Her parents wept in tears, helpless to save their daughter. Slowly and carefully, the robbers loaded their sacks with money. They kept their eyes on the Incredibles, who hadn’t moved a step since they entered. Minutes later, the robbers had their sacks filled. The little girl was released. She ran toward her parents.

“Now don’t you think of doing anything stupid.” said one as he and his other cronies moved together toward the exit, aiming their guns.

They were getting closer and closer. To the exit. Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Invisigirl, and Speedster just stood there and smiled. The people stared at them, confused. The only ones who were more confused were the robbers. Normally, the Incredibles would spring into action.

It didn’t take long to find out why. As soon as the robbers walked out of the store, they were greeted with a swarm of police officers. The robbers were outnumbered 3-to-12. They had no choice but to drop their guns, weapons, and surrender.

Back in the mall, a police officer came up to the family of Supers.

“Well, there is three naughty people added to Santa’s list.” joked the officer.

“And we didn’t even have to move an inch sir.”

Just then, another cry for help came inside the mall again. The four Supers dashed back inside. They were quite surprised to see Santa Claus and his band of elves at his side. Santa was carrying a big plasma gun with him.

“Ho, ho, ho Incredibles!” he guffawed. His laugh of “ho, ho, ho” became an evil “ha, ha, ha”. Santa Claus took off of his costume, revealing his true identity.

“SYNDROME!!!” cried the family of Supers.

“That’s right Incredibles! It is I!” he declared. “Well, technically, it is only a robot clone of myself. You see, just in case I encountered some sort of. . . fatal accident, I would. . .”

Syndrome continued his monologue. The family stared at him without moving a muscle. Nobody noticed Invisigirl turn invisible and slip away.

“. . . now, in this new body, I plan to. . .”

Speedster interrupted, “Yeah, yeah. Just shut up will you? You have messed with my family and our lives for the last time!”

Speedster came running at Syndrome with blazing speed. He leapt into the air in an effort to tackle him. Syndrome pointed a finger at him and discharged his immobi-ray at the young Super. Mr. Incredible was about to run and save his son, when his wife pulled him back. Syndrome grinned at the two and viciously threw Speedster into the air. He collided against a tall Christmas tree. He, as well as ornaments and lights, came crashing down to the ground. Before he could get to his feet, Syndrome fired his beam again and lifted the immobilized Speedster into the air.

“Stop it this instant!” cried Elastigirl, on the verge of tears. “Leave him alone!”

Mr. Incredible clenched his teeth and clenched his hand into a fist. He wanted to hurt the robot Syndrome so dearly. But with his son as a hostage, Mr. Incredible was basically powerless. Well, not entirely powerless.

Invisigirl had been surveying the situation from behind a food stand. She quickly formulated a plan to not only save her brother, but to save the mall from the menace of Syndrome. Invisigirl dematerialized her head and arms. Elastigirl saw her daughter. The young heroine made some arm gestures, explaining her plan to her mother. Elastigirl nodded and ran to the tree, where a bunch of ornament shattering took place.

Syndrome looked at Elastigirl, then took a quick glance behind him. Fortunately, Invisigirl disappeared just in time. Syndrome placed an evil smile on his face. He forcefully threw Speedster onto the food stand, where Invisigirl was hiding. The food stand collapsed to the floor on impact, but no sign of Invisigirl.

Speedster was whimpering in pain, and a look of horror was shown on his face as the robotic Syndrome made his way slowly toward the young Super. Mr. Incredible couldn’t hold his anger any longer. He charged at Syndrome, roaring in rage. Syndrome smiled and used his other hand to fire his immobi-ray at him. He levitated Mr. Incredible into the air. He was about to fire his beam at Speedster

All of a sudden, Invisigirl reappeared a couple feet away from the three. She leapt in front of her brother and formed a spherical force field. Syndrome’s immobi-ray reflected off of the field.

“NOW, MOM!!!” shouted she.

Elastigirl hurled a bunch of ornaments at the robot. Glass ornaments came crashing and shattering on the robot. As a result, Syndrome released Mr. Incredible from immobilization. Mr. Incredible leapt a couple feet backwards. Invisigirl dropped to the floor. Unfortunately, the daze Syndrome regained his focus and fired his immobi-ray at the teenage heroine.

“Nice plan little girl, but not good enough!”

This was all the distraction Speedster needed to dash into a nearby store. He returned with a long string of Christmas lights. He sprinted circles around the robot, entangling him. Invisigirl was released and the tied up Syndrome fell to the floor. The Incredibles all assembled together.

“Stand back everyone.” commanded Mr. Incredible.

He took the loose end of the string of lights. He held it firmly as he spun around and around. Like the hammer throw, Mr. Incredible hurled the robot Syndrome up into the air until he disappeared into the sky.

Elastigirl went over to her son and took him in her arms. Mr. Incredible and Invisigirl joined her. Speedster began to cough a little. He slowly opened his eyes.

“Mom. . .dad?”

“Oh thank goodness.” sighed Elastigirl.

“Have I been a good boy?” Dash faintly asked.

The whole family laughed as another day came to a close.


The Incredibles celebrated ten Christmas Days:

Tenth day, crime fighting,

Ninth day, Disneyland,

Eight day, sleigh riding,

Seventh day, with snow,

Sixth day, ice skating,

Fifth day, caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Very well done…like how you incorperated Sydrome into the story…no Incredibles story would be complete without Syndrome. Good fith scene too…liked how the plan didn’t work as well as they hoped but still worked in the end.


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Chapter 11: The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Violet and Dash were found laying around the house on Christmas Eve. They were in the family room. The Christmas tree was glowing beautifully. The fire was burning brightly and warmly in the fireplace. Dash glanced at the clock.

“Seven o’ clock?! Only four hours left? I don’t want to wait that long!”

Violet sighed. Dash had been complaining about Christmas nearing each second… “Well, if I could change time little twerp, I could, but I can’t, so just shut up.”

Bob came down the stairs and found his two children lying on the floor, carrying Jack-Jack. He walks toward the kids and smiles.

“I see kids are waiting for Santa Claus right?” he asks.

Violet and Dash nodded. Bob sets the little infant next to Violet. He then went to the kitchen and poured milk into two glasses and coffee in his cup. He entered back to the room and handed the kids the milk. The three of them took a long drink. Dash glanced back at the clock and watches it for a moment as the minute hand on the clock moved.

“Ah! I can’t stand this waiting!” Dash screamed.

“Well sorry Dash.” sighed his irritated sister. “Can I do something for you?” she asked sarcastically.

Bob got up and went over to the bookshelf. He took out a picture book with a toy soldier like doll on the cpver.

“Why not a story?”

“BORING!” proclaimed Dash.

Violet asked, a little more interested, “What kind of story dad?”

“It was your absolute favorite story when you were a little girl Vi.”

“The Nutcracker?!” wondered an excited Violet.

Dash had a puzzled look on his face. “The Nutcracker?”

Bob opened the book. “Just sit there and listen. I promise you will enjoy this story.”

Bob flipped the book over, showing the kids the pictures. Helen Parr came in, carrying a nice cup of tea. She sat on her soft chair and listened to her husband read.


Bob read, “This is the story about a young girl named Clara. Clara and her parents are hosting a big Christmas celebration at her house. All of her friends and family members will be there. Each person found themselves playing and dancing with each other.

Then a surprise guest showed up. It was Clara’s mysterious godfather, Drosselmeyer. He was a clockmaker, and toy maker. Drosselmeyer presents a life-sized Raggedy Ann Doll, Clown Doll, Ballet Dancing Doll, and Toy Soldier Doll. The members of the party are even more surprised when the dolls begin to dance with each other.

After that, Drosselmeyer presented the children of the party with gifts. But Clara’s gift was special. It was a beautiful Nutcracker. Clara’s brother, Fritz, was extremely jealous. Being the mischievous child he is, he grabbed Clara’s Nutcracker and quickly breaks it, leaving his sister in tears. Drosselmeyer fixes the Nutcracker by wrapping a piece of cloth around it. The guest began to leave. Clara and her brother went to bed. But Clara dashes down the stairs to check on her beloved Nutcracker. She falls asleep under her Christmas tree as the clock stuck midnight.

After the clock struck, some magical things began to happen. Clara began to shrink until she was the size of a mouse. She woke up. An army of toys and an army of rats filled the room. The rats were lead by the fearsome Rat King. The Toys were lead by Clara’s own Nutcracker. The battle continued on. The Nutcracker battled the Rat King. It seems that the Nutcracker’s army and the Nutcracker would be defeated. Clara took off her slipper and slapped the Rat King on the back of the head. The Rat King turned around, only to have himself impaled in the back by the Nutcracker’s sword. The Nutcracker’s army celebrated as the rats retreated in defeat.

The Nutcracker transforms into a handsome prince. Together, he and Clara journey through the Land of Snow. Snow flakes, snow angels, and the Snow Queen herself danced in the air.

Clara and the Prince arrive at the magical and enchanted Kingdom of Sweets. They are greeted by many citizens, and the Sugar Plum Fairy herself. The Prince explained to everyone the great battle with the Rat King and his army. He explained how he was almost defeated, but Clara saved her life. People applauded, and they accepted her as a hero of the Kingdom. They rewarded her with a huge celebration. Dances were performed for her and the Nutcracker. First was The Spanish Dance, next The Arabian Dance, then The Russian Dance, after that, The Chinese Dance The Flutes Dance, and The Waltz of Flowers. As a finale, the Sugar Plum Fairy dances her solo.

The festival is over. The Prince kisses her hand and waves goodbye. The Kingdom of Sweets and the Prince disappear into the distance.

Clara suddenly wakes up and realized it is morning. She gets to her feet, realizing she was lying under the tree, next to her Nutcracker.”


Bob closed the book. He and Helen glanced at their three children. Jack-Jack was lying asleep on the ground. Dash too was also sleeping. Violet tried to stay awake, but her big yawn gave away her drowsiness.

“Come on Violet honey.” said Helen, picking up Jack-Jack. “Tomorrow is Christmas! And you don’t want to be tired tomorrow.”

Violet dragged herself into her room. Bob carried Dash into his room. Helen placed Jack-Jack into his own crib. Everyone slept soundly, as Christmas, and the Twelfth Day slowly crept into Metroville.


The Incredibles celebrated eleven Christmas Days:

Eleventh day, they’re waiting,

Tenth day, crime fighting,

Ninth day, Disneyland,

Eight day, sleigh riding,

Seventh day, with snow,

Sixth day, ice skating,

Fifth day, caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Chapter 12: The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Dash was the first to wake. He slowly opened his eyes. Then, his eyes shot wide open. He jumped out of his bed!

“IT’S CHRISTMAS! IT’S CHRISTMAS!” he screamed. He dashed into Violet’s room. “Wake up Violet!” he said, shaking her roughly.

Violet moaned. “Dash. . .”

The ten-year-old boy jumped all around Violet’s room. “Come on Vi! It’s Christmas!”

Dash sprinted into the living room. He gasped when he saw a large amount of presents under the Christmas tree. He turned his head toward the chimney. He was surprised to see his stocking was full of toys.

“Good morning Dash.” said Helen, carrying a cup of hot cocoa into the room. She set her cup down and gave her son a big hug. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas mom!” said Dash.

Bob came into the room. “Happy Holidays everyone!”

Then, the doorbell rang. Bob went over to answer it.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!” proclaimed the large crowd.

Bob was greeted by Lucius and his wife Honey, Rick Dicker, Edna Mode, and Mirage. Bringing up the rear was Tony Rydinger.

“Merry Christmas!” joyfully said the Parrs.

Everyone exchanged handshakes. After that, Violet came from her room in her purple PJs.

“Hi Violet! Merry Christmas!”

Violet stopped in her tracks. Everyone stared at her. Violet didn’t pay any attention to it. She just stared right into Tony’s eyes. Her entire body was frozen.

“Uh, Violet,” said Tony all of the sudden, “are you okay?”

Violet ran back into her room. Everyone had an extremely blank look. Then, Violet emerged from her room. She had on a nice pair of jeans with a collared peach shirt and a pink headband. She walked up to everyone with a charming smile.

“Merry Christmas!”

Bob cleared his throat. “Well, what are you all waiting for? Let’s open some presents before we all forget.”

Everyone made their way to the Christmas tree. First, the kids opened their gifts while the adults watched happily. Jack-Jack got himself some new clothes and some new toys. His favorite one was a giant brown teddy bear. It was twice his size.

Dash ripped open his presents with lightning speed. Wrapping paper flew everywhere. To make a long story short, Dash got everything he wanted. Everything that he placed on his wish list, he got.

Violet had a less presents, but she was happy for what she got. This included new clothes, a new hat, money, stuff for her room, and other things. After that, she thanked everyone for the gifts. She gave a hug to Tony last.

“Thanks for coming Tony. All I wanted for Christmas was you.”

Tony smiled and gave her a small box. “Here Vi, this is for you.”

Violet took the box with trembling hands. Her mouth was opened wide. She stared at Tony, then at her present. She slowly removed the ribbon and ripped the wrapping paper. She opened the box and saw a silver necklace with purple beads and a large violet flower hanging. Violet gasped at the sight. Tony took the necklace and placed it around Vi’s neck.

“Merry Christmas.” he said, kissing her on the cheek.

Violet stared into his eyes and planted a kiss on the lips. Tony felt a sensation of love flow throughout his entire body.

“Merry Christmas Tony.”

From that point on, everyone began to exchange gifts with each other. E gave each person some “special” clothes. Rick gave each person money and gift cards. Lucius and Honey didn’t bring any gifts, but their famous Honey Cake would make up for anything. Lucius cooked and brought all the food that everyone would consume later. And finally, Mirage sung a classic Christmas song for everyone. Everyone applauded after that.

“Wonderful Mirage! Simply wonderful.” complemented Helen.

“Well honey,” said Bob, placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder, “it seems like we got what we wanted for Christmas.”

Dash and Violet gave their parents puzzled looks. “What is it?” wondered Vi. “You told us on the second day you would tell us.”

“I didn’t see you get any kind of special gift.” said Dash.

Bob laughed. “Dash, you don’t need presents to be happy. All I wanted was four our family and friends to be together. But most importantly. . .”

“What?” Violet inquired.

“Your father and I wanted everyone to be happy.” concluded Helen. “Like I said to you before Vi. We ask for the same thing each year for Christmas, and each year, we always get it.”

Both Violet and Dash looked at their parents. They went up to them and gave their mom and dad a huge hug.

“Merry Christmas! We love you!” both said simultaneously.

“We love you too.” Helen and Bob replied back.


And together, Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash, Tony, Edna, Lucius, Honey, Mirage, and Rick sang,

“We have celebrated twelve Christmas Days:”

“Twelfth day, it’s Christmas!” caroled Rick.

“Eleventh day, we’re waiting!” Mirage crooned.

“Tenth day, crime fighting!” sung Honey.

“Ninth day, Disneyland!” Tony sang.

“Eight day, sleigh riding!” rapped Lucius.

“Seventh day, with snow!” spoke Edna.

“Sixth day, ice skating!” Dash caroled.

“Ga da gee kak kak!” cooed Jack-Jack.

(“I think you mean Caroling dahling!”)

“Fourth day, we’re giving!” sang Violet.

“Third day, we’re shopping!” caroled Helen.

“Second day, we’re wishing!” Bob crooned.

And finally, each person harmonized together, “AND THE FIRST DAY, WE DECORATE A TREE!”


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An Incredible Christmas captivates the true meaning of Christmas all in a superhero world. The Parr family has taken off their suits and dawned elf and santa suits instead. This story captivates family, love, romance, and a responsibility that many other stories just tend to forget. It is well written (for a Christmas special) and would fit perfectly along side “The Night Before Christmas” and “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. Another great Incredibles fiction from TSS that will captivate many for years to come.

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