An Incredible Christmas

Most of you have already read this story ago last year. Well, I plan to make this a tradition to post this every year. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my story of how the Incredibles celebrate Christmas (in 12 days).

An Incredible Christmas

Premise: Join The Incredibles as they celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas.

Rating: G (PG for a later chapter)

Disclamer: I do not own the Incredibles. The Incredibles belong solely to Brad Bird & Pixar/Disney. I own this story and everything written in it. I do have my own original characters, which belong to me. I wrote this story because I am an obsessed Incredibles fan and writing fanfics is a great way of expressing what you love. I also wrote this for my own pleasurable entertainment. I am willing to let any person use my ideas if they ask for my permission and credit me. In addition, any people at Pixar or owners of the Incredibles are encouraged to use any or all of my ideas, characters, etc in future Incredibles Adventures. Make sure to ask, contact, and credit me first.

Chapter 1: The First Day Of Christmas

“Oh come on!” complained Dash.

It was early morning and Dash was wide awake. He was staring at the calendar in the kitchen. It was the 14th of December. Suddenly, his sister came downstairs. She was groggy and in her pajamas.

“Thanks a lot twerp.” said Violet, a little drowsily. “I am supposed to sleep on my vacation.”

Before the two siblings could argue, Helen entered. “What is going on here? It’s seven o’clock.”

“Dash woke me up!” explained Vi, pointing at her little brother. Both stared at Dash.

“But mom, it’s the forteenth of December! Can’t you see that Christmas is only a couple days away?”

“Twelve days to be exact.” said a voice.

Bob Parr emerged into the kitchen. He too was wide awake like Dash. The two males just gave a joyful look at the two females.

“And why is this important?”

“I’m glad you asked Violet. You all know that Christmas is one of our most favorite holidays right?” Bob asked. Everyone nodded. “Well, I am thinking of trying something new this year. I’m sure you all get pretty antsy each day. So I’m thinking instead of waiting until Christmas to have fun, we can celebrate a little each day. And on Christmas, we shall have a gigantic party! Now what do you say to that?”

Dash proclaimed, “That is a great idea!”

Helen and Violet shook off their drowsiness. They liked this idea too. Helen and Violet nodded with excitement in their eyes.

“Very well, then. We better get busy. This is going to be the greatest holiday ever!!!”


Violet went to her room and took a quick shower before slipping on a lilac jacket and jeans. Dash zipped in and out of his room in a flash. Bob and Helen also went into their room and changed clothes.

“Everyone, on our first day of Christmas, we shall be decorating our Christmas tree. Now I’m going to get a tree! Want to come, kids?” called Bob.

Dash immediately sprinted down the stairs. Violet came seconds later. Both were anxious in picking the perfect tree. Bob, Violet and Dash all got into the car and drove off, while Helen took care of Jack-Jack. Bob drove the car out of the city.

“Hey dad, I thought we were going to get a tree.” said Dash a little puzzled.

“We are son” He laughed. "But we aren’t getting it from the city. We are going to find the perfect tree in the forest.”

An hour later, they arrived at a large forest area. Violet, Dash and Bob got out of the car and entered the forest. They started to search for their tree. Dash sprinted up to one.

“How about this one?”

After a long look, Bob came to a conclusion. “Nope, too short.”

Dash sprinted up to another one. “How about this one?”

“Too crooked.” said Bob.

For many minutes, Dash would sprint from tree to tree. However, it would be either too tall, too short, too skinny, too stout, or too crooked. Then Violet came up to one.

“Dad, how about this?”

Bob looked at the tree. It was about 8 and a half feet high. It was not too skinny, but not too wide either. It was so straight, it pointed directly to the sky. In short, the tree was indeed perfect.

Bob grabbed a hold of the tree and lifted it off of the ground. He then carried it over to the car, then set it down. He got out some rope and tied the tree onto the roof of the car.

“Well kids, that about does it! Let’s go home”


Bob, Violet, and Dash all got into the vehicle. The car then drove out of the forest, and back into the city of Metroville. After a while, Bob parked the car in front of his house. The kids got out and entered the house.
“Hi Vi. Hey Dash.” greeted Helen. “Were you guys able to find a good tree?”

“Are you kidding mom?” asked Dash.

Then, Bob carried the tree into the house. Every step he took, Bob would leave a trail of fallen pine needles.

“I just vacuumed this floor Bob!” reminded a slightly agitated Helen.

Dash sprinted into the family room with a Christmas tree holder. He placed it down next to the corner of the house. Bob placed the tree into the tree holder and fastened it tightly so that it wouldn’t fall. Violet came in with a pitcher of water. She poured it into the holder. Meanwhile, Helen had just finished vacuuming the floor. She glanced at their Christmas tree. She was amazed at how beautiful it looked. Violet went out of the room. She came back, carrying baby Jack-Jack in her arms.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Jack-Jack?” She asked the baby, tickling his tummy.

The doorbell rang. Violet went to answer it. She was surprised to see who was there on her doorstep.

“Hey Violet.” It was Tony.

Violet gave her boyfriend a gigantic hug. “Tony, please come in. We are about to decorate our tree.”

Tony went inside the house. At the same time, Bob came to the family room once again. He was carrying stacks of boxes filled with Christmas tree decorations. He had to make one more trip after that. When he was finished, eight boxes filled with lights, ornaments, and other colorful items, were assembled.

“Come with me Violet” said Helen as she carried Jack-Jack into the kitchen. A curious Violet followed after her.

Bob took one box and brought out strings of lights. They came in many colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and white. Dash grabbed the string of white lights and ran to the Christmas tree. He quickly hung the lights. After that he rushed back to get a new color, and then another one. Ten minutes later, all of the lights had been hung.

“That was fast.” said Tony, giving Dash a puzzled look.

Next came the ornaments. There were many various kind of ornaments, including balls, orbs, rings, miniatures, and sets. Bob hung ornaments in all around the top part of the tree. Tony decorated around the middle section of the tree. Dash, being the shortest of the three, hung the ornaments at the bottom.

Later, Violet and Helen emerged from the kitchen. Helen was carrying a tray of fresh gingerbread cookies. Violet brought out five cups and a pitcher of milk. In addition, she brought in Jack-Jack’s bottle, filled with warm milk. A pleasant aroma filled the air as each person grabbed a cookie and a cup of milk. They slowly devoured the warm and tasty cookies. After that, Helen and Bob carried the dishes back to the kitchen.

“Hey Vi, I got to go. It’s almost dark out there.”

Tony went up to Vi and planted a kiss on her cheek. A sensation of warmth surged throughout Vi’s body. Dash looked disgusted and turned away.

Minutes later, all of the ornaments were hung. Bob, Dash, and Violet stared in amazement at the beautifully decorated tree. The lights lit everyone’s eyes as the colorful ornaments added a crisp hint of color to the tree.

“Well everyone, it looks finished.”

“Not yet.” called a voice. Helen entered the room, carrying Jack-Jack and a star for the top of the tree. Helen placed the baby down on the floor and handed him the star. “You ready Jack-Jack?”

Helen lengthened herself to the top of the Christmas tree, grasping Jack-Jack tightly. Once she reached the top, she brought Jack-Jack closer to the top of the tree. Jack-Jack playfully placed the bright star on the top. Everyone clapped their hands as the star shined brilliantly. Each eye was twinkling at the tree. For ten long minutes, the Parr family stared at the tree as the first day drew to a close.


The Incredibles celebrated one Christmas Day:

The first day, they decorate a tree.

Well, it’s a cute story! I’ll watch it.

Great idea about a twelve days of Incredible Christmas TSS!


Really good…i ilke how dash put all the lights on the tree. I could really see that happening. I also liked the part about the pine tree needles on the floor. We always have that same problem every year.

Thanks for the reviews you guys. Check for updates daily. I plan to post one chapter every day until Christmas.

I like it so far- especially the part where Dash speedily hung the lights around the tree.

Here is day number 2 everyone.

Chapter 2: The Second Day Of Christmas

Dash woke up early the next morning. He raced down the stairs and turned on the TV. The noise of his cartoons woke up the rest of the family. Minutes later, Bob Parr came into the family room.

“Good morning son!” greeted Bob.

“Hey dad!”

Half an hour later, Helen entered the family room with a tray carrying four mugs of hot cocoa. Violet followed her with Jack-Jack in her arms. Everyone sat on the couch, sipping their drinks until every mug was empty. Helen took each cup and brought it into the sink.

“So what are we going to do on the “second day of Christmas”, Dad?” Violet asked.

Bob smiled. “I’ll let you all decide on that. Now think. What do you usually do before Christmas?”

Violet pondered the question, but then Dash yelled at the top of his lungs, “MAKE A WISH LIST!!!”

Bob laughed. “Very well, we shall be making a wish list today!”

“What a stupid thing to do!” pouted Violet. “I thought we were going to do something fun!”

“Don’t hate it until you try it Vi” teased Dash as he ran upstairs.

Violet sighed, “This better be good.”


Dash grabbed some paper and a pen. He immediately began to write his letter.

[i]Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. It’s true! I have only bugged my sister less times then last year. But let’s get to the point. I would like a new baseball mitt, baseball, basketball and football. I would like new running shoes, video games, and a nice watch. I would also love some new toys. Please include new race cars, a water gun, and. . . well anything that you and your elves can come up with. Thank you. Remember, I have been very good this year.

Dashiell “Dash” Parr[/i]

Dash looked at his letter over and over again. He went over to the kitchen and went to get an envelope. He then placed it into the mailbox and sprinted back inside.


“Now let’s see, what do I want?” Violet asked to herself.

She sat at her desk, staring at a blank piece of paper for about an hour. Unfortunately, nothing could come to her mind. She then listed things that she thought would be nice. This included jewelry, clothes and accessories, time with her friends and with Tony. . .

“Tony! That’s it!” exclaimed Vi.

She wrote down the one thing that she wanted for Christmas. Her mom entered her room.

“Hey, sweetie. Did you make your list yet?” asked Helen with a smile.

“Yep, I definitely know what I want. I can’t wait for Christmas!”

“I know, Vi.” Helen laughed.

“What do you and Dad want for Christmas, Mom?” Violet inquired.

Helen said, “The same thing we ask for every single year.”

“And what is that?”

“You’ll see sweetie. You will see.”


The Incredibles celebrated two Christmas Days:

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Good job on Vi’s wish list.

I loved Dash’s list though…its perfectly him.

(i’m going to stop reviewing until the end becuase they are so short and would possibly get lower reviews for that. I might review every two-three chapters just to keep it spaced out.)

I don’t mind that you review every chapter I post Al-Bob. in fact, I encourage it.

Chapter 3: The Third Day of Christmas

It was about ten o’clock in the morning. Helen and Violet started to decorate the exterior of the house. They hung up lights all over the house. An hour later, the roof and windows were covered with lights.

“Well, that should do it.” said Helen, placing her hands on her hips.

“I believe so too.”

After staring at the house for a long time, Helen asked Violet, “Want to go shopping, Vi?”

Violet beamed. “Sure thing!”

“Great, get my purse. I need to call someone real fast.”

Violet went upstairs to retrieve her mother’s purse. She went down stairs and met her mother outside, beside the car. Minutes later, both she and Helen got in the car and drove off.

“Who did you have to call mom?” Violet asked inquisitively.

Helen cracked a smile. “You’ll see honey. You’ll see.”


Helen drove the car to Metroville’s biggest mall. It was very crowded like it is every time on this year. People rushed in and out, trying to fit in their Christmas shopping. Helen had a hard time trying to find a parking space for the car. She was fortunate to find a small parking space after a couple of minutes. Helen and Vi got out of the car and walked up to the crowded entrance. Both pushed their way through the crowd. All of the sudden, Violet noticed a tall, skinny, blonde woman standing in the crowd.

“Hey Mirage!!!” She called, waving her hand.

Mirage found a black haired girl waving at her. She waved back. Mirage pushed herself through the crowd. Once she got to Helen and Violet, they shook hands with each other.

“Mirage, what are you doing here?” wondered Violet.

Mirage looked at Helen with a smile. “Your mother invited me over.”

“So nice to see you again Mirage. But, where is. . .”


People kept getting pushed aside. Violet bent down and saw a small woman pushing her way through people. The small woman crawled under the legs of a man and popped right in front of Mirage, Violet, and Helen.

“My God, it is crowded. . . DAHLINGS! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ONCE AGAIN!!!” greeted Edna Mode.

Hugs were exchanged. After that, the four ladies went into the mall. First, they spent an hour at a clothing shop. Helen, Violet, and Mirage all tried on many outfits that they liked. Edna just observed and judged.

It took a while to satisfy Edna. And everyone who knows her knows that it is very hard to impress her. “That is ugly dahling!”, “That would look good on you. . .TEN YEARS AGO!!!”, “Dahling, TAKE THAT HORRIBLE THING OFF! IT LOOKS LIKE A DEAD ANIMAL IS SLEEPING ON YOU!!!”

First, Helen came out with a peach colored jacket with brown colored pants. Violet emerged from the dressing room, wearing a silk jacket and a nice pair of jeans. Mirage came out wearing thigh high boots, a white dress with a beautifully designed hat. After examining the three girls, Edna was finally pleased with the outfits. The ladies all left the clothing store after purchasing the clothes.

From that point on, the four separated to search for more stuff. Helen went to buy stuff for the family, including Bob, Dash, Lucius, and Jack-Jack. Edna searched for some new material for new Super Suits. Mirage looked around for stuff to buy for the staff and Supers in the NSA, and Violet explored for stuff for her Super friends and Tony.

About an hour later, the four ladies all met at the food court. They bought themselves some lunch. Both Helen and Violet had a sandwich. Mirage and Edna helped themselves to Chinese food.

“So what did you get, Vi?” wondered Helen.

Violet smiled. “It’s a surprise Mom. I can’t just tell you yet.”

“That’s true dahling. But seriously,” said Edna, “I am so happy that the holidays are here. That means more time to relax and to do what I love to do.”

“True,” Mirage added, “Plus, only a couple days left until Christmas. I can’t wait.”

An hour later, the ladies all exited the crowded mall, and once again, had to battle the crowd of people. After pushing a couple people, Helen, Violet, Edna, and Mirage stepped onto the street.

“I got to be back at the NSA Headquarters.” said Mirage. “I’ll see you all later!”

Everyone waved good-bye. All of the sudden, a 20-foot, white limousine pulled up. The door opened and Edna stepped inside.

“Well dahlings, thank you so much for a marvelous day shopping. I hope to see you soon I am a busy woman you know. Bye-bye!”

The limousine drove away, leaving Violet and Helen by themselves. Both of them went over to the car. Helen drove out of the parking space and back home. Before they left the mall, Violet’s eye caught something. On the corner of the street, a man, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit was ringing a sleigh bell. On the ground next to him was a small bucket with money inside. The bucket had a label on it that said, “Please donate, to give a Christmas to those who aren’t able to have one.”

Violet sniffled as a tear dropped from her eye. Helen noticed this and asked her daughter.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“It’s nothing mom.” Violet replied, wiping her tear away. “It’s just that we are so lucky to have a Christmas. You know, we have a tree, decorations around the house, and even more. Yet there are some out there who aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

Helen smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I know how you feel Vi.”

Minutes later, Helen pulled the car up onto the driveway. Suddenly an idea came to Violet. She grinned back at her mother.

“Mom, I know what I want to do tomorrow on the fourth day!”


The Incredibles celebrated three Christmas Days:

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Really interesting! I could actually hear Edna’s voice saying those words! Great job keeping the characters true to themselves.

Chapter 4: The Fourth Day of Christmas

Violet woke up early the next morning. She went down the stairs and found her mom frying some bacon. After giving her a hug, she went over to the refrigerator. She pulled out some milk, eggs, and butter.

Seconds later, Dash came into the room and found both his mother and sister cooking. “Hi mom, and Vi, you aren’t going to kill me with your cooking are you?” He joked.

“Dash, be nice. Your sister is doing something very thoughtful.”

Violet went over to the cupboard and brought out four boxes of gingerbread cookie mix. Altogether, she had four boxes of mix, one carton of a dozen eggs, one gallon of milk, and a couple sticks of butter.

“You are making all of those for ME?” asked Dash with an innocent smile on his face.

Violet sighed. “No, you little twerp. You can have one, but these aren’t for you. Guess what we are doing on the today on the fourth day of Christmas?” inquired Violet. Dash shrugged his shoulders. “Today, we are going to give people a Christmas!” she replied excitedly.

“Excuse me?” said Dash, a little puzzled.

Helen walked up to Dash and rubbed his hair. “Honey, there are some people out there in the world who aren’t as lucky as us to have a Christmas. Some don’t have the money, time, environment, or place to celebrate. So we are going to help.”

“Like how?” wondered Dash.

Helen answered, “Well, donating things is a good way. Giving toys, clothes, and food is a great way to give them a little Christmas. After all, a little is enough.”

Violet smiled. “I’m baking a bunch of gingerbread cookies! And from the looks of this, I am going to bake a lot of them.”

“So if the people do hate your cooking. . .” joked Dash.

Violet glared at him and grabbed an egg. She was about to throw it at him. That was when Dash sprinted out of the kitchen. An hour later, Violet was finished baking the cookies. The pleasant, savory aroma of gingerbread filled the house. Dash sprinted back to the kitchen.

“What do you want?” Violet asked.

Dash’s mouth was watering. He gazed with innocent eyes at five full plates of gingerbread men cookies. He was about to reach for one until Violet threw a force field, stopping Dash in his tracks.

Violet grinned. “You didn’t answer my question Dash.”

Dash sighed. “Uh Vi, may I please have at lease one cookie?”

Violet smiled and put down her force field and handed a cookie to Dash. Dash excitedly snatched the cookie from her hands. The young boy began to devour the tasty treat. He finished the cookie and a smile was placed on his face.

“Well?” wondered an anxious Violet.

Dash grinned. “Well, I’m glad that they aren’t poisoned.”

Violet smacked him in the back of the head. Dash grumbled as he rushed out of the kitchen, nursing his head.

Upstairs, Bob was assembling boxes of clothes. He brought them downstairs to the family room. Just then, Helen emerged from the garage, bringing in some groceries. She brought into the kitchen a nice, plump, juicy turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, fruit, and two boxes of Christmas pie.

“I sure hope this is enough.” said Violet, stacking another tray of cookies. She now had six stacked plates.

“Oh I’m sure we have plenty.” smiled Helen. “By the way, where is Dash?”

Suddenly, a knock came from the door. Curious, Bob answered the door. And right on the doorstep was Dash. Behind him was a giant sack filled with toys. Bob smiled and lifted the sack up and carried it into the family room. The family of Supers all assembled together.

“Well everyone, let’s go.” said Bob.

Everyone went up to their rooms and slipped into their Super Suits. After that, they all loaded the trunk with the sack of toys and boxes of clothes. After placing the cookies and food in the middle of the back seat, everyone got into the Incredibile and drove off.


Mr. Incredible drove the car to a nearby hotel. This was where they were going to hold the Christmas gathering for the homeless, poor, and unfortunate.
They unloaded the Incredibile and brought the stuff into the lobby. The Incredibles were amazed to see the lobby and dinning hall beautifully designed and prepared. Medium-sized decorated Christmas trees were placed in every corner. There was a fireplace with stockings on the top. Lights colored and brightened the vicinity.

Elastigirl placed the food down on a counter. Invisigirl placed the cookies right next to it. Bob placed the sack of toys and boxes of clothes at a corner. Then, Rick Dicker, Edna Mode, and Mirage all entered and greeted the Supers.

“This place is well done Rick.” Mr. Incredible commented.

“You can thank Mirage for this.” grinned Rick. “She picked the place and designed everything here.”

E finally praised, “This is just beautiful dahlings. I have designed many spectacular things in the past, but this is absolutely wonderful Mirage.”

“Thank you E.” replied a complacent Mirage. “Oh, that reminds me. We better get ready. Our guests should arrive anytime soon now.”

The food was set up, the cookies were unwrapped and the toys and clothes were wrapped neatly in five minutes, thanks to Speedster’s speed. Finally, the guests arrived. More and more people filled the room. At last, every seat was filled by a man, woman, or a little child. A sense of excitement filled the hearts and minds of the Incredibles, Rick, E, and Mirage.

“Attention everyone.” called Rick, gently clanging a piece of glass with a spoon. “We thank you all for coming here. You don’t know how fortunate we all are to be here. But before we get this celebration started, I would like to thank one special person who greatly contributed to this occasion. Everybody, please give a warm thank you to, Mirage.”

A loud roar of applause was echoed throughout the room as Mirage step forward and gave a small bow. A minute later, the applause began to die down.

“Well now. I bet you all are starving. So, let the dinner be served!” proclaimed Rick.

Everybody cheered. They all got up from their seats and made their way toward the buffet line. Mr. Incredible sliced up and served a piece of turkey for the guests. Elastigirl spooned them a chunk of mashed potatoes and cream corn. After obtaining a piece of fruit, they all sat back down at the tables. When the last guest was served, the family of Supers, Rick, Mirage, and E served themselves. While eating, the seven of them observed the faces of their guests. Never in their lives have they seen a happier crowd. Smiles were put on everyone’s faces. Never in their lives have they eaten so much. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was elegant.

Half an hour later, Invisigirl got up from her seat and went to obtain her homemade ginger bread cookies. She took a plate and offered them to each person sitting at a table. Minutes later, each person in the room had a cookie to munch on, and Invisigirl had one plateful of cookies left.

Each person took a bite into the ginger bread cookies. A sense of delight filled their entire body. After the people finished their cookies, they all turned to Invisigirl and clapped their hands. A proud and stimulated young heroine stood up and took a bow.

When the applause died down, Invisigirl asked her mother, “Mom, have you seen Dash or Dad?”

Elastigirl shook her head. All of a sudden, a bright green blur sped all around the hotel. People turned their heads, trying to figure out what was going on. Then, in the midst of all of this activity, the blur stopped right in front of the fireplace.

Elastigirl and Invisigirl tried their hardest not to laugh. It was Speedster, dressed up in an elf costume.

“Hello kids!” greeted a joyful Speedster.

“Hello.” responded the children as they all gathered around the fireplace.

“I am so excited to have you all here. Is everybody having an incredible time?” he asked. Every kid in the hotel screamed as loud as they could. “Who has been a good kid this year?” Speedster asked again. Once again, all of the kids raised their hands and screamed. “I hope so.” he said as the noise began to die down. “How many of you would like to see Santa Claus today?” Every child yelled loudly once again. It was probably the loudest cheer of the day.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” came an echo.

All of the kids looked around in bewilderment.

“I wonder who could that be?” Speedster grinned.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” the voice cried louder. “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Suddenly, feet appeared from over the chimney. They dangled in the air. “Ho, Ho, Help me out here!” cried the voice.

Speedster slapped his head and grabbed the two dangling feet. He pulled with all of his strength. Seconds later, Santa Claus landed on his butt in front of the kids.

“SANTA CLAUS!!!” cried the kids.

Invisigirl smiled and giggled. Elastigirl grinned and shook her head. It was really Mr. Incredible, dressed in a Santa suit, with a white beard, red cap and suit.

“Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas!” he proclaimed.

“Uh, Merry Christmas to you Santa, but I am afraid you came a little to early.” said Speedster. “You see, today is the seventeenth of December. Christmas isn’t for another eight days!”

“Really? Oh, I am sorry. I guess I’ll be on my way then.” At once the children started to whine. Santa turned around. “My, my, who might these little boys and girls be?”

“Santa, these are people who were just unfortunate to have a Christmas. Most of these children have never seen you before. We all just wanted you to give these children a wonderful Christmas.”

Santa smiled. “Have you children been good?”

“YEAH!!!” shouted every kid in the room.

“Well that is just excellent news. Come, sit with me, and I’ll see if Santa has something for you.”

Santa took his sack of toys and sat down in a chair. One by one, a child would come up and sit on his lap. After introducing themselves, Santa reached into his sack of toys and gave one to each kid. The boys would receive action figures, sports equipment, and other boy play items. Santa gave each girl a doll, stuffed animals, and other girl toys.

Finally, after the last child received his gift, the children began to happily play with their toys. Tears of happiness and smiles of joy filled everyone’s eyes. This included the adults and Supers as well. Never in anyone’s life have the Incredibles, Rick, Edna, and Mirage made so happy.

After a long day, the crowd started to leave. Before they exited out of the hotel, each person was given a box of clothes and some money to start their life anew and hopefully, jump from the depths of poverty.

Invisigirl sniffed and wiped a tear from her eye as the last guest left the hotel. She turned and was astonished to find a little ten year old girl with long brown hair, curled up in a ball in the corner of the room. Invisigirl walked over to her.

“Hey there, what’s wrong?” inquired Invisigirl. “You shouldn’t be sad on a day like this.”

The teenaged Super wiped the tears away from the little girl’s face. After that, she dove into the arms of Invisigirl, burying her face into the heroine’s chest.

“Santa never gave me what I wanted. I just wished for one thing.”

“And what is that?” Invisigirl questioned.

“All I want for Christmas is to see my mother again. She left me at an orphanage, saying to me that she will find a better life for me and her. I haven’t seen her in five years.”

And with that, she began to sob into Invisigirl’s Super Suit. The teenaged Super couldn’t help but cry with her. At that moment, Elastigirl walked up to the two, and embraced them.

“Oh little one. Don’t cry. Trust me. Everything is going to be okay.” She consoled the little girl.

Then, in the lobby, Rick called out to the three females. “Well, looks like we got ourselves a late arrival!”

A woman in her mid thirties stepped was greeted by the family of Supers and the NSA workers. The woman then saw Invisigirl and Elastigirl. She walked over to them. Just then, the little ten year old girl caught her eye.

“Vanessa!” the woman cried.

“Mom!” gasped the girl.

She ran and jumped into her mother’s arms as the two hugged and cried with each other. Smiles were put on everyone’s faces. Tears of joy filled everyone’s eyes


.The Incredibles celebrated four Christmas Days:

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

Very good…i liked how you incorperated Edna and Mirage into the fray of characters. Nice job…a rather correct edition of what might happen if Vi, Helen, Mirage, and Edna went shopping together. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the review Al-Bob. Make sure to read chapter 4 as well. I just posted it up.

Just finished the new chapter…wow. Its just like i imagined something like that to go. The part about the mom coming in is a stretch but is perfect for the storyline. I really enjoyed the whole teasing about the cookies scheme that Dash puts on and the little elf and santa part. Those were the best.

Review for Chapters 3-4

A heartwarming story of Family and the real Christmas spirit that should be in the hearts of the world. More of this style of doing would make the world a better place…keep giving us the vision.

Thanks for the review Al-Bob. In this story of mine, I wanted to have a mix of every type of feeling out there. I guess I hit it on the spot with heart-warming happiness on chapter 4 (According to your reivew and others on my account)

Here is the next chapter you guys.


Chapter 5: The Fifth Day of Christmas

It was about noon on the fifth day of Christmas. The family was sitting around the house doing nothing. Helen just emerged from the kitchen.

“Well, that is it. I called everyone. They are all coming!”

Violet smiled. “Really? I can’t wait until tonight!”

Everyone agreed. Tonight, they were going to go into the streets of Metroville and have one gigantic singing performance. Everyone was going to be there. Rick and Mirage were in charge of the event, E hosted the show, and each member of the Incredibles were going to perform solos, duets, and join together in the finale.


Later that night;

“Test, test, one two three.” Mirage spoke into the microphone on a stage in the city of Metroville. “How is everyone doing out there?!”

The crowd screamed at the top of their lungs and clapped their hands loudly. After a minute, the crowd began to die down.

“Well, I can see we have an exciting crowd with us!” said Rick. “I am so glad that you all have come here to this great event. Now how many of you out there are excited that Christmas is only one week away?!”

The crowd roared.

“Very well then.” smiled Mirage. “And now, the moment you all have been waiting for. Please give a warm welcome to THE INCREDIBLES!!!”

The crowd gave a tremendous amount of applause as the lights of the city all went down. A spotlight shone on the family of Supers in their Super Suits, posing. The music started. The family started to sing the song “Jingle Bells”. After that, the Incredibles sang the song “Deck the Halls”.

The crowd applauded as the lights turned dimmed and the Supers exited off of the stage. The host, Edna walked on to the stage. “Dahlings, how are you doing this evening?”Once again, the crowd cheered. “Well, I hope you loved the opening, because this is only the beginning!”

Mr. Incredible started things off. He sang the songs “Winter Wonderland” and “Let it Snow”. After that, Elastigirl came on stage. She performed “Santa Baby” and “All I Want for Christmas is You”. The crowed applauded for her singing, and then it was Invisigirl’s turn. She sang “The First Noel”, and “Silver Bells”. Everyone was in awe of her beautiful voice. Speedster was next. He sang “Here Comes Santa Claus”, and “Frosty the Snowman”.

“How about that folks, give them a round of applause dahlings!” said Edna, coming on to the stage. “Well, before we enter our intermission, I would like to invite Mirage up here. She shall be performing a Spanish Christmas song called “Feliz Navidad”

Mirage sung it to perfection. The crowd roared, then took a forty minute break. The audience helped themselves to concessions, snacks, souvenirs, and other stuff. After a while, the show resumed.

The second act started with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl singing “I’ll be Home for Christmas” and “Sleigh Ride”. After that, Elastigirl left the stage and Invisigirl joined her father. Together, they sang the tune “Here we Come a Caroling” and “Oh Christmas Tree.” When that was done, Invisigirl exited the stage and Mr. Incredible’s son came on. Both performed “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and “Up on the Housetop”. After that, both father and son left the stage. Elastigirl and Invisigirl went on. Together, thy sang “Silent Night” and “Away in a Manger”. Speedster joined her mother as Invisigirl left. Both performed “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” and “Little Drummer Boy”. Finally, Invisigirl and Speedster sang together “Twelve Days of Christmas” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said Edna, coming on to the stage, “we thank you for attending our Caroling Festival. We would now like to conclude with this number. Good night everyone. Merry Christmas.”

The whole family, Mirage, Rick, and even Edna went onto the stage. Together, they performed the final medley. They first sang “Joy to the World”, then “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”, next was “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, and finally, they all concluded with “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”. People applauded louder than ever before. They gave them a standing ovation. The Incredibles, Edna, Rick, and Lucious all gave a bow as the crowd continued to cheer.


The Incredibles celebrated five Christmas Days:

Fifth day caroling,

Fourth day, they’re giving,

Third day, they’re shopping,

Second day, they’re wishing,

And the first day, they decorate a tree.

very nice…i can’t picture the entire family doing that kind of singing but i guess they do have some talent for singing. The one song i never saw was “O Holy Night”…i love that one. But that won’t go on the review so anyhow. I really like how you tried to incorperate the family members with the songs they sang.

Al-Bob: I only put in songs I I either really loved or liked. I never really liked O Holy NIght. It isn’t my favorite Christmas song.


I have three versions of it i like so its one of my favorites.

Can’t wait to see what the sixth-last day of Christmas are going to be about…they are very intruiging and keep the reader plugged in.

You’ll enjoy it. I know you will Al-Bob. :wink:

thanks…i’m sure i will :wink: .