Angelxo's Signatures :)

These are just a collection of some signatures i have made.
I dont mind if you borrow them aslong as you ask me first!
And yes, they are all different sizes.
Thankyou for looking and i hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

Carl & Ellie. “cross your heart” Such a sweet quoat i think.

Carl “cross your heart”

Dory and Marlin “just keep swimming” ~ Dory. Gotta love Dory!

More to come! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums! I love your currrent sig, I already complimented in the “Who has the best sigs” thread, but I’ll repeat that it’s such a sweet representation of Carl and Ellie’s relationship.

Thankyou TDIT! That means alot! :slight_smile:


Some cute Wall-E ones:

Some Monsters Inc ones: GOTTA LOVE BOO!

Some Nemo ones:

Some Toy story ones:

And last but not least. Ratatouille:

I would LOVE to know what you guys think. :smiley:

Ok, these are some amazing signatures!!! They look pretty professional. In fact, I’d say you have the potential of Pixfan or little_chef_eva09, seeing how you arrange your text, coloring, and lighting. Keep up the good work!

Darling sigs! I especially like the Up ones, too cute!

AWWW! JSWC Your kind words are much apreciated! :slight_smile:
And Thankyou JEJE Glad you like them! :slight_smile:
Will post more soon!

You’ve got some seriously awesome sigs here, Angelxo! My faves are “Dude”, “Always Watching”, “Rawr”, and “My Dream”. I love how professional they look – and of course, how sweet and funny they are! Keep it up!

Thankyou OWPyour kind words are apreciated! :slight_smile:
More to come, so stay tuned!

Just a quick announcment!
I appolagize, I have been rather busy lately!
But I promise I will post some more sigs either tonight or tomorrow!
Any suggestions or requests? Movies? Quotes? Anything you like and I will try my best to do it!
Stay tuned!

Just a few today! :slight_smile: Enjoy!

A few UP ones. :slight_smile:

Some of the loveable Dug! … 183844.jpg

And last one today. I watched Tangled today so heres a TANGLED one! :slight_smile:


Another great batch you’ve cooked up here! Oh gosh, the Dug one is just too darling!! And the Tangled one is so touching! I loooove that line!! X3 The “Wilderness” one is great, too! I love the color scheme it has! Awesome job again! :smiley:

Thankyou once again for your kind words OWP It means alot. :slight_smile:

P.S Here is another Dug one o forgot to upload yesterday! :slight_smile:

You’re so welcome :slight_smile: And that one’s adorable! Dug is just too cute!

Heres another batch! Rather large one but what can I say… I got bored… XD

Some Toy Story ones to start of with…

(This one was SO hard!!^)

Some Wreck it Ralph ones…

Some Nemo ones…

Hakuna Matata! Love this quote!

Gotta love Pooh Bear!

Peter Pan

The wonderful Walt Disney:

And last for now… Some Incredibles!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Fantastic job! My faves of this batch are the “frowny face” and “my greatest adventure” ones! The “greatest adventure” in particular… it’s absolutely beautiful! I don’t know why I’ve never seen anyone use that screencap before! Keep it up! :smiley:

Thankyou OWP You always have the nicest things to say! :slight_smile:

Sorry for double posting!!

I am now also makeing some avatars! :smiley:
Hope you enjoy them.
Oh… and im not sure about sizing but I’ve made them to what I think is okay, if not and you wish to use them feel free to resize.

Okay, heres that latest!


Oh, and if you dont guess, yes I watched Ratatuoulie today so this whole batch is Ratatoulie
I am also proud to say that these are ALL my own screenshots! :smiley: (As its holidays I have more time so I hope that most future sigs will be all my own screenshots!)


It’s cool that you’re doing avatars, but I’m not seeing any here, just boxes that say “image was deleted or removed”. I really want to see them, but there might be something wrong at the moment.