Anti-Creationist Slur?

I’m currently reading a book called “The Year of Living Biblically” and there’s a chapter where the author visits a Creationist museum. The curator of the museum shares a list of movies that are considered blasphemous and one of the films is Finding Nemo. When asked to elaborate, the curator cited the scene where Marlin and Dory are racing through the jellyfish forest and Dory shouts “Give it up, old man; you can’t fight evolution! I was built for speed!” I wonder of the curator realizes that Dory probably doesn’t know what Creationism or Evolutionism are. I also wonder how he would feel about Wall-E; in terms of Pixar, that seems to be the film that continually upsets religious groups. How do you all feel about all this?

Sounds like the curator missed the point and maybe focused on the wrong -ism. A line like that is meant for those who might find humor in it. It’s reminiscent of those T-shirts that read, “When God created Man, She was only joking.”

The good news is that there are plenty of religious folks out there who can find humor in such things without angst. Some can even tolerate a pie in the face where their specific religion is concerned…always a healthy approach–in moderation, of course, as in all things.

Eh, I wouldn’t think to hard on it. I’m a member of a Christian denomination that believes in evolution and sees the whole 7-days thing to be a metaphor, but I can tell ya even then that some people can get…over-zealous, I guess? Some people just like finding reasons to get offended.

I read some WALL-E reviews from an extremely Christian site once out of curiosity (you know, like the kind that accuses Harry Potter of trying to convert kids to Satanism) and their whole miff with it was that it portrayed humans leaving Earth beyond God’s control or some crap like that. It was dumb. Now, I’ve seen movies, even family movies, go out of their way to portray some themes or stereotypes centered around religion that have offended me (I still like them, though), but they were a lot more explicit and intentional than “they said that evolution exists! JERKS!” Personally, I wouldn’t trust anyone that has something like a “list of blasphemous movies,” particularly ones including a movie as harmless as Finding Nemo. I could only imagine what they would think of some of the shows I watch. :laughing:

Oh please, it was such a minor line in the film! :unamused: I’m a Christian too and that is pretty silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a bit confused as to how WALL-E could stir up religious groups. There’s so many blatant Biblical analogies in the film!

I read that book and I remember that part. I thought maybe the guy AJ was talking to was taking things a bit to the extreme there. Its just one line after all, said in the heat of competition. Granted they were racing to get out but I think winning was first & foremost, in Dory’s mind at least

Just wanna drop a note here and say be careful when it comes to discussing religion, I think we’re matured enough to not start flame wars or anything, but as a Mod, I owe it to you to give this notice.

Anyway, I think some people read too much into some Pixar films. It’s just a throwaway line, nothing more.

That came to my mind. How could a Christian find Wall-E offensive? But honestly, I don’t think that line was meant as a religious statement at all. It was just Dory being silly.

Exactly. But what if she was just being serious. Can’t one simply believe in evolution without offending people? I don’t get offended when somebody throws a creationist line.

Can’t we just get along? :frowning:

Personally, as a Christian, I do believe in evolution. I refuse to be ignorant to scientific fact just because I believe in God. But some people just can’t adapt to reality I suppose.

I’m pretty sure it was just meant to be a funny line. I’m sure offending someone is the last thing Dory would want to do, probably also because she knew she’d forget to by the time she got a chance.

Is the person making these accusations just ignoring the fact that Andrew Stanton is a very vocal Christian whose filmmaking has been heavily influenced by his religion?

Honestly, an anti-creationist slur based on that one innocent line. People read into things way too much.

As Chet would say, “That is a good point!”. Thank you for bringing that up!

Who cares? “creationism” is nothing but a “theory.” What a bunch of whack jobs!