Anyone else thinks kids channels suck today?


Thats AWESOME! do you think they will do the same with other old shows?

I hope. Rugrats is turning 20 next year. I heard rumors of a 20th Annivercy special. Dexters Lab is back on Cartoon Network.

Agreed. I dispise all of them shows, especially Suite Life on Deck. Why did they have to make a second Suite Life show? As if the original one was bad enough. All they did was take the same crappy show concept and put it on a cruise ship. Where’s the originality in that?

Even Spongebob is bad now. The stupid new writers ruinted the show and just don’t wanna give up. A few new epsiodes are good but theres not enogh to buy it on DVD. Seasons 1-3 were great. The movie was good. And Season 4 was okay. It was supposed to end after the movie like the creacter wanted to, but Nick being the cheap people they are made more seasons. If it wosen’t for Spongebob and ICarly, Nick would be bankrupt by now and be faceing there last days on TV.

Dont forget the stupid big time rush :angry:

Are thery even a real band. It’s like the Naked Brothers Band, there not real bands. I also been watching Hey Arnold on Youtube. Good times, good times. I hope they at least show the old cartoons Chritmas specials. I think the Hey Arnold one was play at least once last year.

The Hey Arnold Christmas special is beautiful. Unfortunately they stopped playing it for the first time one or two years ago.

Can’t stand them either. You’re right. They’re not a real band. They’re just a bunch of talentless sell-outs, like the Jonas Brothers.

Yeah , and their jokes are terrible with all those stupid sound effects

Has anyone been watching Ren and Stimpy on nicktoons. it’s back for on;y a month only. They don’t censor it alot to, an a episode yesterday called The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen had the word hell in it ( bleeped out) and had an large intestine in the sky with blood coming out of it
Heres the song.

Haha, I remember that episode, one of the few Ren & Stimpys I like.

You know what modern cartoon I like? The Regular Show.

All kids love Log!

Used to watch Ren & Stimpy religiously at college (many years ago).

Most cartoons today are repetetive, visual/audio noise mashing, anime/manga rip offs. Bring back Battle of the Planets I say!

I was watching Nickelodean a few days ago and I saw all the godforsaken shows they have on nowadays…and I cried. I cried.

90’s Nick/Disney Channel/Cartoon Network was where it was at. The best shows in the world played during those times, hand to God. The channels now are not even broken husks of their former selves…they’re just not even real.

I agree. One show from today i like is Phineas and Ferb. Good story, character, songs and more.

Yeah, Phineas and Ferb is a pretty good show. It’s not one I watch, but it’s 10x way more acceptable than those HORRIBLE live-action shows.

The only shows that I’ve watched on the kids channels that I loved were Unnatural History and Tower Prep. Live action shows on Cartoon Network. People hated it, but they were good shows.

While I"m not crazy about a lot of the stuff that’s on the air today, I do think that a lot of kids growing up today, will be making threads like this one, ten to fifteen years from now. When it comes to nostolgia, a lot of times, we tend to remember most of the good stuff. Are memories also makes some things seem better than what they really were. I didn’t realize this until the advent of YouTube and tv shows on DVD, and I was able to watch a lot of shows I grew up watching. The first thing I remember checking out on YouTube, and watching with my mouth open in shock because of how bad the show is, was the 80’s TMNT. I use to love that show growing up. I think the new version that came on in 2003 is much better.

But I think there’s a lot of good stuff on today. I enjoy or love, Spongebob (I’ve been watching it through season DVD releases since season five, and I’m not enjoying my Season 6 Vol. 2 DVD as much as my other DVD’s from the show, but overall I still love it), Phineas and Ferb, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, Mad TV, Young Justing, Tuff Puppy, GI Joe, Wolverine and the Xmen (to bad it was cancelled), the new Scooby Doo, Sym Bionic Titan, just to name some of them.

Goshdang, I agree, do most kids channels SUCK these days! Why, I’ve found it more interesting to look up old episodes of that cheesy Donkey Kong Country TV-series than to watch one minute of anything they air on this so-called ‘Disney XD’. Only thing I can tolerate these days is Spongebob. Ugh! I miss Fox Kids. They’d air the most awesome cartoons!

Actually, I’ve been watching more Animal Planet than cartoons in my whole life, so I really dunno if my opinion is justified, though. xD

Take off your nostalgia goggles, people.

There was never a time where television was perfect.

We still have good stuff like:

Phineas and Ferb
Regular Show
Adventure Time
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Sym-Bionic Titan
Fish Hooks

So stop complaining. Even in the 90s things weren’t perfect.

Ren and Stimpy is my favorite cartoon, NOT COUNTING the Games episodes.