Anyone else thinks kids channels suck today?

I dont know about you, but i simply cant find anything funny or entertaining on kids channel anymore, of course im now grow up and all that, but i have always enjoyed kids channels , In my opinion

Disney sucks because they are full of “Sitcoms” and teenage garbage, Im a teenage myself and i dont find that funny. They dont make good cartoons anymore, in my opinion Phineas and ferb sucks too, but everybody else likes it so ill just shut up

Nick sucks because its full of stupid sitcoms too

Cartoon network haves bakugan, a stupid rip off of Digimon , yugi oh and Bdaman, their normal cartoons are awfull, except for maybe adventure time.

I dont know if im alone in this, does anyone else think kids channels sucks today?

You’re not alone. :wink:

Nickelodeon is the worst today. There are literally no good shows. Even the animated ones are really unfunny and poorly made.

Disney Channel has Phineas and Ferb, which is pretty good in my opinion. Sadly Disney is already planning to make it a multi-million dollar franchise and it will undoubtedly follow Spongebob’s path. I haven’t seen most of the live action shows, but I assume they’re disastrous if Suite Life On Deck and Hannah Montana are accurate representations.

Cartoon Network actually has a few good shows. They’ve been improving lately. Symbionic Titan is pretty neat and actually has good animation. I find Regular Show and Adventure Time pretty funny at times, and Flapjack was good before they canceled it. Unfortunately they also have a bunch of terrible shows and lame live action ones.

I still find shows from the 90s hilarious today. I doubt anyone’s gonna look back on most of these shows and think “those were the days”.

Yeah, my toughts exactly

Right now, I’d say Nick is the best to watch. Even if some of their shows resemble possesed demons that crawled out of the desolate pit of Dante’s Inferno, iCarly has some pretty good episodes, and at least their are re-runs of Avatar.

I…dont like Icarly, their humor depends on doing weird stuff and abuse the laugh track buton, it has lines like:

Spencer :He makes socks, so i made him … A SOCK CAKE!(laugh track)

I agree with you, I don’t watch anymore animated shows on TV (besides South Park , but that’s not childrens!)

Even Boomerang and Nicktoons are showing modern cartoons, what’s up with that? Boomerang was suppose to show Hanna Babera and Looney Tunes,and Nicktoons was to show 90s Nick shows sighs

Yeah, they changed Boomerang because stupid little kids dindt like the good oil carttons from hannah barbera, and they turned it into another teenage channel :angry:

I hate Disney Channel with a passion. It’s full of teen crap like Hannah Montana and Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and these shows are all exactly the same with different characters and themes. They all have horrible acting and annoying laugh tracks when something isn’t even funny. Phineas and Ferb is the only show that’s decent. At least that isn’t live-action. And the live-action shows on Nick like iCarly suck as well.

Personally, I think watching rain fall is more pleasant than watching Disney Channel.

Exactly. If I’m bored, sometimes I’ll look up an old episode of Pepper Ann or Darkwing Duck. I didn’t watch these when they were on back when I was little, yet I still find them very entertaining and funny. The pop star/sitcom shows they have on now aren’t going to retain any of their charm when ten years have passed. I’ll miss you, Disney Channel.

YES. I agree completely. I like MAD and P&F, which I watch strictly on the internet.

I know.

Nick only puts money into iCarly and Spongebob. Spongebob is compltely diffrent then he was in 2000 and Carly is a crinimal who teachs kids it’s okay to do bad things. They only have live shows about stupid teens. Fanboy and Chum Chum has earned by rights as the WORST KID SHOW OF ALL TIME! It should of been cancelled after like 3 episodes. They cancell the good shows early on and renew the bad shows. I heard rumors of a possible 20th annivercy for Rugrats in Augest 2011, let’s hope it’s real.

Disney is all about singing. Suite Life series is good and soo is WOWP. Phineas and Ferb is cool. They don’t do alot of animations anymore. Like Nick everything is based on stupid teens.

Cartoon Network has REAL SHOWS! What idiot thought of that, I would fire him if I was the CEO. They took away Toonami cause they think anime is “over rated”. They runied Fridays then took them away. They put all there good cartoon on Boomerang expect Couage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo where are you?, Ed Edd n Edd, and rently bringing back Dexter’s Laboratory. Which was my favorite show on it. So they are improveing. I heard Toonami may come back too.

I haven’t watched cable for awhile, but I think Cartoon Network has the best shows so far. I just started watching The Regular Show and Adventure Time, and they’re really great with their subversive (and sometimes adult) humour. MAD is also another great show that parodies pop culture (and as I have mentioned in its thread under ‘Feature Films’, it even spoofs a few Pixar films!). I also enjoyed a few Chowder and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends episodes, and I want to check out Flapjack when I have the time.

Nickelodeon is unremarkable the last time I saw it. I have no idea what is iCarly and I have no interest to find out. I used to love Spongebob, but I heard it’s gone down in quality recently.

Disney Channel is too teen-oriented nowadays. I remember when they used to show weekend movies on The Wonderful World of Disney, and they should really bring back classic movies and TV shows for the new generation to discover. A lot of their shows are disappointingly in typical high-school settings with dated jokes (unlike the timeless storylines of shows in the 90s).

Contemporary American children programming needs to have a paradigm shift from the whole ‘teen-becomes-a-pop-star-while-surviving-high-school’ mentality. Even shows like My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, Camp Lazlo, and Total Drama Island have pedestrian, real-world settings. If it’s not those, it’s ‘bash-em-ups’ like Ben 10, Jake Long, Danny Phantom, and The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, which are a tad violent and repetitive for my taste.

Adventure Time is the closest show to epic, fantasy settings. Whatever happened to ‘grand-adventure’ shows like Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Rescue Rangers and Aladdin the TV series?

Nickelodeon should also bring back its game shows, and sketch/vignette shows such as All That and Kablam! They had brilliant, family-friendly humour without resorting to action theatrics and scatological jokes.

And when are Western animators actually gonna attempt something as ground-breaking as Avatar The Last Airbender, or anime like Full Metal Alchemist or Cowboy Bebop? Instead of exploring the heavens of imagination, they’re stuck in the quagmire that is teen comedy sitcoms. :unamused:

I’m not too keen on modern Cartoon Network.

My younger brother was watching it while I was making lunch and I heard from the TV set

“I’m going to stick to kidnapping little girls, it’s something I’m comfortable with”

I don’ tknow what the show was called, but it had a kid wearing blue with a white thing on his head. Anyone know what this show is?

I think that may be Adventure Time, and it was the pilot episode. The character you saw was the hero, and most probably that line was said by the villain. :slight_smile: You should really give it a shot, eje, it’s a bit trippy, but it has a very playful and childish sense of adventure to it. I prefer watching that over Total Drama Island or Hannah Montana. :unamused:

Yes I do. I’m not sure if its because I’m getting older, and sometimes older people dont like what the kids like. Or if its because I like what I grew up with, so I’ll probably always think its better, no matter whats on. You know, that nostalgia factor. But yeah, the old Disney Channel, the old Cartoon Network, and even the old Nickelodeon (although I cant say I watched Nick as much as the other 2) seem so much better than how they are now. Heck, I remember when Disney Channel and Cartoon Network used to have things more geared for adults (and I dont mean adult swim) or families, rather than strictly kids/teenagers.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the themes in shows nowadays are not universal enough. Most viewers of the Disney Channel are from overseas, and they may not be familiar with the American education system or the high-school culture, so it may be polarising to those (I have been fortunate enough to have studied in an American-education school for a year… or should I say unfortunate, but that’s another story). I mean, there’s cliques and growing pains in high schools all over the world, but some of the pop-culture jokes and references might be lost on foreign audiences.

Whereas with shows like Foster’s Home or Chowder or Ducktales, their storylines are more broad and inclusive in nature. Their stories take place in imaginary, fantasy worlds, with no contemporary references or ‘flavour-of-the-month’ jokes. That’s probably what is most appealing about them.

Anyone haves noticed that we dont have any adventure shows today? all the shows are triying to be “funny”

I havent watch generator rex, but it seems that is one of those shows with no plot like the first ben 10, im gonna give it a chance thought

That’s it! That’s it!!! That’s!!! THAT IT!!! I hate TV today! God! Like seriously! It’s Disney Channel I hate the most (except Phiness and Ferb). The shows I hate on Disney Channel are: The Suite Life on Deck, Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, Good Luck Charlie, Sonny With a Chance, Wizard of Waverly Place and more. And what ever happen to Mickey Mouse? The only part that The wretched DC hasn’t taken over is the parks. If they do it’ll be one hell of a bloody.

Now to Cartoon Network, I’m not that mad about this channel in fact it’s getting back on it’s feet. My favorite show on there is Regular show. Lots of comedy. Mad is okay but not bad. Adventure Time is great. And also they’re starting to show Dexter’s Lab again!

And now Nickelodean, and wow it is just not that entertaining. It’s just not even about Nicktoons. I hate Big Time Rush,iCarly,TJVP, and the new Spongebob Squarepants. I love all the old Nicktoons. What happened to Doug,Rugrats,Rocko,Aaaahhh! Real Monsters, Invader Zim, and all the others. But to let u guys know that CatDog will return on Jan.3, 2011.

But to get to the point just please anybody can give me the adress to Disney Channel and Nick so I can write them a letter to make it all better.

CatDog is coming back? Reruns or new episodes?