Central Cars 2 Discussion (Part 2)

I hate that show so much.

I hate that show too. Nick really should cancel that show sometime soon since it’s barely on the network.

That is such a terrible show, I can’t stand it either. It is almost as bad as “League of Super Evil”. Thank your lucky stars if you have never had to suffer through that. But this is getting kind of off topic, is there a thread on bad kids shows? If not, we should start one!

Yep. There is a thread on that.

Do you mind giving me a link? Or even the name of it? That way I’ll take my off-topicness over there instead. :laughing:

Sure. Here’s the link to that thread.

Talking about the Annies is ridiculous. What a joke that award is now. It’s so horribly biased towards DreamWorks, it’s not even funny. And don’t get me started on the Academy’s boneheaded moves. That won’t end well.

I agree. In recent memory, I completely disagreed with Happy Feet winning Best Animated Film which it absolutely did not deserve.

Yes, Happy Feet has been the weakest winner to date.

But to be fair, that wasn’t a very good year for animation.

A lot don’t like that Shrek won over Monster’s Inc

I wish Monsters Inc had won.

Although I think Shrek is one of Dreamworks’ better films, I think Monsters Inc deserved it that year.

Me too.

Shrek mainly got its way on a diet of toilet humor, which I repel.

PS: I just realized we’re talking less and less about Cars 2. We should get back to topic.

Yeah, we can talk all of the Oscar injustices in the Academy Awards thread! :smiley:
Cars 2 looked really nice. Aesthetically I mean.

It did^^, there’s no doubt Pixar’s visuals are better than ever.

I agree. It’s one of the few bright spots that the movie had.

Yes, I totally agree! I’m still bitter about that, I’ve made it clear why I hate that movie in the past, so I won’t get into it! :laughing:

Yep. I don’t think Happy Feet should of deserved it that year. And if they didn’t want Cars winning, they should of nominated something like Over the Hedge or Flushed Away. I know they weren’t critically acclaimed but they should of nominated true animated films. To be fair, that wasn’t a good year for animation.

I wouldn’t say that Happy Feet isn’t a “true animated film”, just not a very great one.

Flushed Away wasn’t a masterpiece wither, but it probably was the best of the bunch. Over the Hedge I like even less than Happy Feet.

I thought Flushed Away look bad. Over the Hedge looked alright but haven’t seen it yet.