April Fools Day 2012

Last year we celerbrated April Fools by having sig swap. We would switch sigs to confuse members and ourselves. We had fun doing it and thought it would be cool to do another April Fools again.

Now it’s next year. The question is what should we do this year? There was talk we should all do the same sig and avatar.

Anyone have any ideas?

I like the idea of having the same sig & avatar.

I personally think we should all post in foreign(meaning not English) languages, so everybody has to translate each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure yet. I hope it’s something fun and creative.

Swap avatars?

I don’t know any foreign lanuages. It would be hard for us who don’t know any.

One that I think would be fun but would never happen is that all the mods become reguler members and all the reguler members who get on daily become mods.

Or we use other people’s accounts. we would have to change are password later though.

^ Nope. That would be far too dangerous.

I kind of like the idea of posting in foreign languages, though it would probably get extremely confusing after a while! :laughing:

What if we all role-played Pixar characters that day? So for the entire day, everything you say is in the style of the Pixar character you choose! :laughing:

little chef

The language thing would be funny. Plus, sometimes translators mess up translations, so it would be even more confusing. :laughing:

David: well, obviously, you would use google translate. :unamused: 8D

Yes, RPing would be the best!!!

How am I suppose to know thw language your writing?

How about the logo is called “Dreamworks Planet” With the alien from Monster’s Vs Aliens on the planet.

What if everyone had the same avatar/sig as each another?

We would all have to agree on what sig and avatar we want.

It could still work though.

I know. I’m sating we would all have to work something out on the same sig and avatar. Members be be like “CHOOSE THIS ONE! CHOOSE THIS ONE!”

We could just pick something simple, like just a random screencap. It’s doesn’t have to be anything fancy or anything to vote on.

Woulden’t we still have to agree on the screencap. What if someone didn’t want it.

We should all use Brave pictures, to support the movie’s release.

On the sig board I suggested we do that before the film get’s released. Also make it a contest. Person with the best Brave sig wins.

That could be fun.

So far I think the best one’s are role-played Pixar charcter’s or avatar swap.