Are the movies set in the same universe?

They can easily connect some of the films together.

Perhaps. But it’s not like I think they’re all taking place simultaneously. I think there are different timelines going on. And Cars, definitely is not taking place on the same planet, anyway. I guess I cant prove there’s not a Cars planet somewhere :wink:

I remember we talked in quite some depth about this some time…I think the conclusion was that although most of the Pixar worlds can be connected in some way, Cars was the big exception, as lennonluvr9 pointed out. And they can’t really take place simultaneously as if we are to include WALL-E in this, then WALL-E obviously takes place well after the events of films such as A Bug’s Life or Toy Story.

The Incredibles is also a difficult one as well, as to fit in with Toy Story, for example, there is the assumption that supers were also present where Andy lived and that sort of thing and if that were the case it’d be strange for them not to be mentioned at some point. But, once again, there are indicators that the time periods of the films are different.

Yes, Cars for definite. Could Monsters Inc. fit into this category too? Maybe something parallel to the human world, since monsters can freely go through closet doors to scare so :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for responding. :slight_smile:

Maybe one timeline could go like this?
Ratatouille - The Incredibles - Up - Wall-E

Actually, The Incredibles took place earlier than Ratatouille, if I’m not mistaken. :wink: But yeah, Up could’ve came next, then WALL-E. And I think the upcoming The Bear and the Bow, Pixar’s first fairy tale-style story, would take place the earliest out of all Pixar films we know of so far.

There are possible crossovers…for example, Linguini may be a fan of The Incredibles, as they can be spotted on his boxers. :laughing: Not to mention the kid waiting for the dentist in Finding Nemo was reading a The Incredibles comic book, and The Incredibles may have actually existed in the same dimension, and became legendary enough to allow comic books to be published about them. [/i]

Mitch showed me a post she made a long time ago in a similar thread last night, super amazing crossover fandom writing of awesome. An absolute treat to read, some of the older members like lizardgirl and TSS might remember, I lost the page for it. I’d like to find the link, but don’t have time right now. You guys should see it, it’s awesome.

Yeah, I remember that ffdude1906! It was quite the masterpiece and linked all the movies together so well. I’ve had a little look but I can’t find it at the moment.

I would like to think that each movie was set in a different universe from all of the other Pixar movies.Each movie has a different time period, and some (like Cars and MI) play in an alternate dimension.

I’m thinking MI is probably a parallel world that can be going on at the same time as this one. They are connected through those closets after all :wink:

ffdude & lizardgirl: Aren’t you guys talking about Archibald’s Crossover comic? IIt is located in his Archibald’s Sketches thread in the Fan Art section. Look at the first post.

Pixar’s long tradition of in-jokes (while always fun to look for) have actually caused some confusion with this very question. Back when there was only Toy Story and A Bug’s Life you saw that the Pizza Planet guy lived in the trailer home above the bug city that Flik goes to, which easily implied that they existed in the same world, but then when they made Toy Story 2 there were a bunch of references to A Bug’s Life thrown in implying that it was actually fictional (such as Buzz running by toys of the characters in Al’s Toy Barn or Mrs. Potato Head reading a book of their story) yet at the same time Heimlich could still be seen in the film when Buzz chops through the leaves before they cross the road. It kind of creates a paradox, doesn’t it? :confused: It’s really from there that the connections between films seem to be all over the place.

I would say Monsters Inc. would fit into the Toy Story universe since Monstropolis is really a parallel world from the human world. Boo of course had her own Jessie doll and at the beginning of the movie a monster goes into the room of someone who had the same Paul Bunyan poster as Sid, the same door that had to be shredded cause he couldn’t scare a six year old girl (maybe he was trying to scare Sid’s sister Hannah, but I doubt that she’s six). However the real confusion comes after Randall is banished to the same trailer home as A Bug’s Life with the Pizza Planet truck still outside, only now it’s in a swamp with gators and the delivery guy is supposedly living with an older woman and small boy (his family, perhaps). And if Bug City is still underneath the trailer, does that mean that Flik would have run into gators on his way over there? :smiley:

Cars is obviously a separate universe from all other films since everything is cars. It’s especially obvious from the end credits where there are car versions of the characters from Pixar’s other films. Of course, that doesn’t explain why there’s still the real birds from the For the Birds short.

The Incredibles to me seems like a separate universe as well. The whole story was really an outside project before Brad Bird brought it over to Pixar, and it’s pretty clear in the film from his resistance to add in those same in-jokes like the Pizza Planet truck in plain sight that Brad still wanted to keep the story his own.

Finding Nemo didn’t have too many in-jokes, but I’ve seen plenty that show that it could be in the same world as Toy Story or Monsters Inc. In fact the kid reading the Mr. Incredible comic book kind of confirmed that The Incredibles was a fictional comic book universe before the film even came out.

And finally in the case of Wall-E… I’m sure by now everyone’s noticed in the Toy Story 3 trailer that Buzz’s batteries were made by Buy 'N Large, implying that their world will one day be covered in trash (and in the film Rex and Hamm are seen to have ended up among all the things Wall-E had collected), but then when you remember A Bug’s Life it would be hard to connect that film to Wall-E since he actually has a pet cockroach that’s a very realistic insect, while Flik and all the characters of A Bug’s Life are anthropomorphic talking insects. It does imply though that it’s in the same world as Finding Nemo since they showed the dried up lagoon where Nigel was (but that’s only because Andrew Stanton directed both films).

Overall, I very well know that Pixar’s in-jokes are always put in merely for fun and aren’t trying to suggest that all these stories somehow co-exist. To quote an episode I saw once of Static Shock: “If you think about these things too much, your head’s gonna explode!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

That wasn’t what I was referring to, TSS, though Archibald’s crossover comic is another good example.

Flik-E- Interesting ideas there, I hadn’t thought about some of the in-jokes. Haha, yes, maybe Flik did bump into a few gators on his way to the city! :laughing:

I like to think the Pixar movies take place in the same universe. Minus Cars and The Incredibles.

Also, (potential Toy Story 3 trailer spoiler, I suppose) [spoil]didn’t Andy have a postcard from Carl and Ellie on his board at the beginning of the trailer?[/spoil]

Yeah, and [spoil]there was a reference to BnL[/spoil]

I did not, actually. Could someone post a screencap?

Well, I’ll be. It is.

I’m pretty sure all films, except for Monsters Inc. and Cars take place on earth.

Well, let’s look at the facts. Obviously there are two movies that cannot exist in the whole same universe thing: Cars and WALL-E.
Cars is a completely different universe and WALL-E seems to be the real world as all the humans on Earth were live-action and well, you can’t have computer animated characters and live-action (the blobby decendants in the Axiom excluded) together. I mean, all videos in the past were real humans. From the Buy n Large shorts to the clips in the movie to the BnL website to even savepoints in the WALL-E video game that have a picture of a live-action human. Personally, I think that all Pixar movies are separate, but those two definitely are.
Check out these for yourselves: …

Who said Cars has to be in a different universe? Why can’t they be in the same universe, but exist in different planets?