Are Woody and Jesse brother and sister?

Sorry if this is a stupid question that everyone already knows, but I’ve always wondered this. But in Woody’s Roundup, were Woody and Jesse supposed to be brother and sister? Was this ever established?

Now that is a rather intriguing question.

However I read through the body Language and relationship between Jessie towards Woody in the Roundup Cartoons that Jessie and Woody were more along the lines of romance.

But then I could and most probably am wrong.

Their own relationship in the film seems very brother-sister-like, but in the show, I think she was intended as a love interest.

I like how Pixar doesn’t play her off to be romantic with Woody. It makes it like “oh yeah, they’re together in this movie or show, but them as toys don’t really think of each other ‘that way’.” It’s almost as if they’re just professional actors! :laughing:

Hmm, I never thought about that. Good question, Le_Chocolat. I think I agree with what FONY said, that in Woody’s Round-up they had a bit of a thing, but in ‘real life’, they’re just very good friends. The idea of them being brother and sister sort of begs the question- do toys have other toys that they consider as family members? I know you’ve got Zurg and the other Buzz toy in Toy Story 2 acting as father and son, but that seems to be a rare exception.

I think Jessie and Woody are the best of friends in stead of brother and sister or love partners.

That would be an interesting twist in the Woody’s Roundup show. Jesse dumps Woody for Buzz Lightyear! :laughing:

Yeah, I think they are LIKE brother and sister, but toys can’t have biological siblings. I haven’t seen that much of TS2 so I don’t know much about Woody’s Roundup, but I am glad Pixar didn’t go the easy way and make her a love interest in the movie. Plus that would mean dumping Bo Peep, and that would cause complications…

Good question! I haven’t thought of that. It might be, but on the show, they didn’t hint it that much. They are certainly like siblings, or close friends.

I never thought of that! They do kinda act like it, but maybe they themselves dont even know. I cant say I really got the feeling of them being ‘together’ in Woody’s Roundup either.

I had the feeling they were like partners in the ‘cop’ sense in the TV show, but really good pals in real-life. It’s like Slinky is Woody’s longtime best friend (or a real smart pet), Buzz is his newfound sidekick in leading the toys, and Bo Peep his girlfriend.

It looked like that Jessie had a thing going with Buzz in Squeaky’s closing song and dance act. :wink: Maybe we’ll see further developments in Toy Story 3 (I’m hoping for a love triangle to spice things up!).

-*- Love triangle… :frowning:
That’s gonna be really messy. :laughing:

That would be an interesting twist in the Woody’s Roundup show. Jesse dumps Woody for Buzz Lightyear! :laughing:

Yeah, I think they are LIKE brother and sister, but toys can’t have biological siblings. quote]

Well early TS3 story outlines from Pixar (not Disney original idea) suggest that toys do have suiblings… as Rex and Hamm (Though it might be Potato Head) look for thier long lost twins… So possibilities do exist but we shall have to wait and see Summer 2010 for the real answer.

I never thought of that. Hmmm…good question.

My guess would be no. I don’t know why, I just can’t see them as brother and sister. Although, on second thought, they do act like siblings, don’t they? :laughing:

Well from my sources the plotline in TS2 is that Woody & Jessie are siblings. They were originally going to be in a relationship, but then in TS Woody was already “courting” with Bo, and obviously a breakup in a childrens’ movie isn’t possible, so the guys at Emeryville decided that it would be a sibling relationship so they’re siblings. Buzz & Jessie are supposed to be “courting”, as we see in the last scenes.

No although they act like brother and sister at times, they are just really good friends. Atleast thats what I got out of the movie. Sorta reminds me of a guy friend I have named kevin…

i THOUGHT of that once, I don’t think there brothers and sisters. But I think they are related. Maybe they are cousins???

In woody’s round up they are business partners…like if they were real in the real world…Woody is the cop,Jessie is the cops assistant,Bullseye is Woody’s motorcycle and Prospector is a mine digger… They are all good friends. …In Toy Story their just friends…Jessie is in a relationship with buzz and Woody is with Bo Peep.

Oh yes, I like this too! It’s a testament to the toys’ own free will – They’re not bound fatalistically by the laws of their source material or anything like that. :laughing:

Honestly, I think “Woody’s Round-up” looks pretty base in its themes and probably has little development beyond the gags and heroism we were shown in snippets. Meaning, Woody=heroism and Jessie&Prospector=gags in a one-layer show with no time for romance. It’s a chlidren’s show meant to sell breakfast cereal, after all. I think it’s sort of a parody. Ironically, here we are circa 2000 where the plastic figurines have layers and layers more depth than the “original” characters they’re based on. Yes Pixar, thx for this; we know how awesome you are. :wink:

I’ve always wondered if Woody and Jessie were an item on the show (not as toys)
I actually think there’s a better chance of them being an item than family on Woodys Roundup. They don’t look nothing alike.

I don’t think that it has ever been straightforwardly considered that Woody and Jessie are brother and sister. As pointed out by many others, they do seem to have some sort of love chemistry on the show “Woody’s Roundup”. However in the real world of Toy Story, they could be easily interpreted as brother and sister. Disregarding the television show, I think they are just good friends to be honest and nothing more than that. Hence why Woody is romantically attached to Bo Peep just as Jessie is with Buzz Lightyear. [/i]

They don’t seem to have “love chemistry” because in scene that was shown of Woody’s Roundup they weren’t even in the same place.