Are you on the autism spectrum?

To celebrate my 100th post since I joined, I’ve decided to make this new thread because I’m on the autism spectrum. Have any of you members here at Pixar Planet also been on the autism spectrum, or do you have other issues like ADHD–or something? (Even my parents are ADHD, and my Dad is also dyslexic.) :unamused:

I have Asperger’s syndrome!Great idea for a thread.

I, too, have Asperger’s. I’m not ashamed of it, but I’m not gonna shout it off rooftops or anything. I only really bring it up when people mention it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when I was 16 months old.

I was diagnosed when I was very young. It’s kinda cool to know how many of us have it!

What are some of your guys ‘symptoms’ if I can say that?
It causes me to be really bothered by certain textures/fabrics (I don’t like wearing any fabric that’s too soft), frequencies of sound (especially voice), and causes me to stand on my toes more than on the bottom of my feet really often. There’s a lot more, especially in regards to my interests, but I won’t bore you. 8D

That’s interesting, I love soft fabrics. I hate coarse ones, especially the carpet in my house. I do not like it when people yell. At all. I’m obsessive towards movies and animated TV series(not stupid ones), collecting things pertaining to shows/movies I like, and I really really love history, especially pertaining to wars. Lately I’ve been very interested in dolls, and varying types of juices. Also I can not jump rope, snap my fingers(I can produce a similar noise by cracking my index finger into my thumb and middle finger)or dance. I can do arithmetic very quickly in my head, but I have to do Algebra manually on paper. I feel a very special attachment to animals, as well as inanimate objects. I think I sort of take Toy Story literally. I love people and talking to them, and I’ve adapted to fit in better, but I can still seem “weird” to them. I also feel very connected to fictional characters, to where I almost feel they are real.

Sorry for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Symptoms, eh? I’m a bit overly sensitive both emotionally and physically, and I tend to not understand the atmosphere. If there’s a thing happening, I can come off as insensitive or blunt. And I tend to talk. A lot. About possibly irrelevant subjects, like voice actors. I have this annoying tendency to change the subject to whatever I like that still seems relevant in some way but isn’t. I’m really working on it, though, to take other people’s feelings into consideration and talk with them, rather than to them. Y’know?

And I’m a few years behind in my maturity at certain aspects. I still get really excited over seeing birds. Not even really special birds. Just… birds. Or rocks.

I’ve been told I’m more mature than others my age. Except by people who judge maturity based on liking cartoons and toys. :stuck_out_tongue: They think I’m very immature. And I talk all the time. Unless I’m reeeeaaally mad, I talk almost nonstop.

^Same here, I always get a mix of “you’re really mature for your age” or “oh well, everyone grows up at different rates…” It’s usually the people that think you need to be ready for driving, working jobs and going into relationships that tell me the latter though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another big one, of course, is finding really strange things completely hysterical and not thinking something everyone else finds funny is especially funny…

I used to have a very odd sense of humor. But I think that’s mellowed out, as people generally think I’m funny. Granted I’m always trying to say funny things. :stuck_out_tongue: I can totally relate! I can’t drive, I’ve been applying for jobs, but I certainly do not want one. My mom wants me to have one. My relationship is actually very serious. Other people don’t take it seriously, but maybe that’s because I’m Autistic. Or because I don’t have a job yet. But, regardless of my sense of humor, I don’t like silly things. I love cartoons, but I dislike things I think are silly or immature. Namely romantic comedies, vampire dramas, and crude humor.

I was diagnosed with Asperger Sindrome when I was 4 years old, my mother didn’t told me about it soon and now I regret being “racist” with Down Sindrome girls, there are some in my school and I hated them when I was little.

I suspect that I may have high functioning Aspergers because of the problems that I have with socializing, as well as several other symptoms I have. I’m going to a psychiatrist soon to see about getting tested.

That’s wonderful! My mom was told when I was in 6th grade, but she had already guessed what I had. I didn’t know until I was in 8th grade, after I had enough of some bullies.

It’s interesting how it seems like most cases (at least on this board) were discovered at older ages; I was diagnosed when I was really little. It’s definitely different for everyone though.

I suppose it just varies. My mom didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t use it as an excuse or a crutch.

Oh, for sure. Although, sometimes it really can be a bummer when you can tell autism is coming into play in terms of something you’re unable to do efficiently/up to someone’s expectations. That’s how I feel about public speaking, or projecting myself :neutral_face: But I don’t like using it as an excuse…

Oh, I have the opposite. I love talking, and voicing thoughts. I have been told many times I lack a “filter”, because I literally just say what I think. I think it’s a good thing as well as bad. I feel no motivation to lie, but sometimes, we must keep opinions to ourselves. 8D


I’m not, no.

Well, c’mon, there had to be at least one ‘no’ answer in the thread, right?

I have Asperger’s, which I consider a superpower. I have a big brain filled with fun facts about all things Disney (especially Pixar) and a memory like an elephant.

I will admit that my Asperger’s has its drawbacks too. I am afraid of loud noises and I really hate opera, and I tend to get distracted easily. But I’d rather have Asperger’s than some gross disease.