Ask Me Anything About Writing!

I’m bored and in this insane writing mood. I wanna talk about writing and write about writing and writingwritingwriting.

So ask me anything. General writing technique. Personal writing habits. My fics. Why certain things in fic bug me so much. Tips. Tricks. Anything you’ve ever even been mildly curious about pertaining to my writing or writing in general. No such thing as a stupid question. No such thing as too many questions.

I’ll answer them on my blog and link to the answer posts here.

Have at me! :smiley:

Have you ever written a research paper before?

Can a narrator have a personality when he describes his story?

Oh I actually know the answer to that question. But I’ll let Netbug answer. It’s her thread.

I’m asking because one of my more serious novels has a Narrator with a very strong personality.

Well, when you give the narrator of personality, it makes him a stronger character.

ah yes it does, i just wanted to know if you could do that in a novel, because it is the first novel that i ever seen the narrator actually talk to the reader as if he was looking right through their soul.

I think you can. I’m not sure. I’m not an expert. And I haven’t read a lot of novels that did so.

Oh! If anybody else wants to offer their opinion on any questions I get, that’s fine. I’m only one writer, after all, and other writers are going to see things different from me. :smiley:

Anyways, the first Ask a Writer segment is up, in which I talk about getting ideas/keeping a notebook: adventuresinhypergraphia.blogspo … nting.html

More to come! :smiley:

What kind of writing do you enjoy doing the most? Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or something else? And what’s your favorite thing about it?