AussieFan's Art

Hello! thought

I’d start putting a bit of pixar fanart up here.

First of all, here’s a couple of random sketches of

some of the Ratatouille characters. Just trying to get used to drawing them at this stage, hopefully I will do

something more creative later on haha, when I have



Aussiefan: I am not sure if the link to that page is

working. I realy want to see it though.

Hmmm…ok, I changed the link -

does it work now?

There we go. it’s working now. I must say, you are a really exceptional artist. I love your

drawing of Linguini, Collete, and Remy. Nice work. Please draw more.

Wow nice drawing AussieFan I can’t wait for some more!!!


Great balls of fire – dude, I love your artwork! It’s absolutely fantastic! The

way you add depth and shadows to your drawings is just beautiful. Colette has to be my favorite so far. Keep up

the good work! :wink:

Oh man, is that good. Absolutely wonderful. Please draw more. :smiley:

whoa I love it! Great Remy and you got Linguini’s face down pat. very cool! Keep it up!

Thanks guys! I will hopefully get something else done in the next week or so, I have a couple of assignments coming up right now so things could be a little slow. Anyway, thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

yeah I know that feeling. I wanna draw so bad but school just has to get in the way…and Guitar Hero II. :smiley:

Anyway I look forward to whatever’s next!

[size=92]AussieFan - wow, you are EXCELLENT at shading! Your sketches make me happy. :smiley: Keep up the good work![/size]

you are welcome. you take your time. We will wait for it.

Cool! Those are some really nice drawings. :smiley:

Great work, AussieFan!

Remy looks spetacular! So organic…

That’s amazing, AussieFan!:smiley:
I love the way you did the shading, it’s spectacular! :wink:
Keep it up!

Very nice, AussieFan! I love the expression on Linguini’s face, and your sketchy style works well.

Just a quick sketch, a bit of fun. For all the Linguini fan girls out there…L’Amour! :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha. Go the sunglasses!



That…is…[size=150]AWESOME[/size]!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I love the way he’s looking at us, looks like he’s saying “Wanna go for a date?” :laugh:
Help me, I’m falling for an animated character! :laughing:
Please do more Linguini, AussieFan!

;-p Oh dear.

Kezza, this rocks. :sunglasses:

Join the club. :wink:


Puh-ha!!! Oh man, that’s just great… I’m giggling like crazy. :laughing:

Dude, you’ve got style! Nice work, AussieFan. :wink: